Math Classroom Wall Decals

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your learning space, why not opt for math classroom wall decals? These are easy-to-apply wall decorations that can transform any classroom into a bright and fun space for children.

As a bonus, there are so many ways to make the most of classroom wall decals, from keeping them educational to purely bringing some fun energy to the space.

And if you are looking for a few ideas, you have come to the right place because we are going to break down the best ideas for math classroom wall decals below. 

All you need to do is pick your favorite idea, submit your design for printing, and allow your custom-made wall decal to do the rest. 

10 Ideas for Math Classroom Wall Decals

best wall decals for math classroom


Decals have become a popular option in educational settings, as seen in college window decals or window decals for daycare centers because they serve a decorative and practical purpose. 

This is probably one of the most obvious additions to a math classroom wall and you will be hard-pressed to find a math classroom that does not have a description or presentation of the timetables somewhere against the wall.

This makes it the perfect option for a wall decal. Kids can easily use this as a point of reference for doing calculations and it will make teaching a lot easier too.

Order of Operations

Most math teachers know that the order of operations is one of the most difficult things for kids to remember and understand in maths. 

This is often portrayed through the acronym BODMAS and serves as a guide for the order in which an equation is to be approached. 

One way of imprinting this into students’ minds is having a gentle reminder of it on the classroom wall. Who knows? Perhaps a visual representation that they see daily will allow them to better remember it.


best math classroom wall decals

Quotes are not limited to the English classroom wall or classroom door vinyl decals. In fact, there are many fun and quirky math quotes that can bring some motivation and energy to the math classroom. 

For example, one popular quote is “Mistakes allow thinking to happen” which is an acronym for math. Or perhaps something like “the best angle from which to approach a problem is a try-angle” will better serve as a gentle word of encouragement to students. 

For many students, math can be extremely challenging, so having some words of wisdom on the wall couldn’t hurt.


Like timetables, formulas are also something that often appears on math classroom walls. And why not? There are so many formulas to remember, having them on the wall will only assist students and teachers to better navigate the content they have to work through. 

And you don’t have to be boring and display these in black and white on the wall. There are some designs on the internet that uses a more creative font to display formulas, which may make the idea more appealing to students as well.

Angles and Lines

Geometry can be overwhelming. This is mostly because it requires a strong foundational understanding of the various angles and lines and how they intersect and interact with one another. 

So, to lessen the pressure of remembering it all, why not display some helpful information on a math classroom wall decal? You might find that students can much easier navigate their way through this field.

wall decal for math classroom

Volumes and Surface Area

Like the various angles in geometry, it can also be tricky to remember the various formulas for volume and surface area. So, including a design on your classroom wall that gives students the basic formulas for calculating volume and surface area may also be helpful.


For younger students, a wall decal featuring the most basic shapes can be a fun way of introducing it into the lesson plan. 

Shapes are one of the first things children need to learn to get a basic understanding of the world of math and what it is made up of, so placing a reminder of this on the wall can only be helpful, especially in their younger years.

It is no wonder then that shapes also feature on stick-on-wall decals for nursery and daycare centers. 

Mathematical Terms

We all know that there is a certain lingo to math that can be hard to grasp at first. It will be difficult to navigate through the math year without knowing the difference between addition and subtraction. 

For this reason, younger students may benefit from having some of the most important terms on the wall. 

math classroom wall decal


This may be a less popular option for teachers, but it could be wise to place pictures of some famous mathematicians on the wall. 

Not only will this inspire students to achieve greater heights but it can also serve as a fun conversation topic in math class. 

Besides, isn’t it wise to show students where the world of math started? It may even spark their interest in the subject a bit more.

Mathematical Signs

Apart from formulas, language and an array of other knowledge sets that math students need to be familiar with, they also need a firm understanding of the various mathematical signs and symbols. 

With repetition, these become very easy to remember, but young students may be overwhelmed at first. 

So, place these on the wall in a creative design to make them feel more at ease and to prepare them for what lies ahead.

best math classroom wall decal


It is clear that there are many ways to incorporate math classroom wall decals in a variety of fun and educational ways. 

Wall decals are easy to apply and remove and the perfect decorative addition to a classroom for someone on a budget. 

In fact, high school window decals and wall decals for dorms in colleges have only been rising in popularity. 

So, shouldn’t you join the movement and breathe some new energy into your math classroom as well?

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