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Hotel and Hospitality Industry Displays and Signage

The hospitality industry contains broad category of fields within the service industry that includes hotels, cruise lines, motels and more. Most of us have some kind of experience and direct contact with the hospitality industry in our daily lives. You can’t miss the hotel monument and backlit signs peppering every city, big and small. The cutthroat industry needs signage more than most industries to compete for eyeballs on the roads. From the sign out front to the ones inside the rooms, they inform guests of vital information and make things go smoothly.

Here are the top five must-have hotel signs that can be considered important for both hotel owners and visitors:

  • The Main Backlit Sign – This is the big lighted sign out front that lets people know a hotel exists. For a hotel, this sign can be at the top of a pole large enough to allow it to be seen from the freeway.
  • Lobby Signage – The lobby that lets guests know important aspects of their hotel stay, like prices, checkout times and room options.
  • Room Number Signs – These basic hotel signs are often custom made to reflect the hotel’s style, and they all have the same design. Room number signs are also expected to be large enough easy reading and create a hospitable experience.
  • Emergency and Exit Signs – Emergency exit hotel signs are another necessary part of hotel signs hotel signage. They make it easy to evacuate the hotel in case of fire or other emergencies.
  • Retractable Banner Stands – Most decent sized hotels offer event and conference options to businesses and groups. Pop up banner stands are used for directing people to events and for presentations.

Featured Hotel & Hospitality Industry Displays

Arrow Signs

Arrow signs are crucial for an enjoyable guest experience at hotels. Arrow signs are designed with consideration of the distance from which they will be viewed. These signs used for special events and parking lots connected to hotels.

Wall Murals

Wall murals add extra dimension to any room. With an unlimited variety of subjects to choose from, the hospitality industry now has the capability of transforming any room into any art form imaginable.

Etched Window Vinyl

Clouded glass with lettering is a luxurious look hotels employ for meeting rooms and lobby areas. There is a better way – etched window vinyl are more vivid and vibrant in color than paint, easier to apply, remove, and cost less.

Recommended Hotel & Hospitality Industry Display Products

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