Custom Healthcare Industry Signage Solutions

Hospital Signage for Patient Comfort

There’s no doubt the nation’s hospitals have an unquenchable need for a variety of signage and displays to serve the needs of their patients. From directional signs pointing patients in the right direction to custom wall murals highlighting the wonderful hospital staff – the needs are great. The ultimate goal of every hospital is comfort and healing for their patients. By making their stay enjoyable and less painful, hospitals are completing their mission.

At Coastal Creative Reprographics, we want to work with your hospital to create the best signs, graphics, and displays for your hospital. We provide a variety of products custom printed with your branding and graphics. More and more hospitals are moving away from stark white walls and towards a more comforting, homely feel.

Featured Hospital Signs & Displays

Arrow/Directional Hospital Signs

Guide your patients in the right direction with our custom arrow and directional signs. These can be placed strategically in your hallways or outside to ensure patients find their way safely. Easily customizable with your own branding and graphics.

HP PVC-Free Wall Murals

One of our most innovative new products is HP PVC-Free wall murals. Creating custom wall murals for your hospital, especially in a children’s wing, is a popular new hospital design trend. We have an in-house graphics design team that can work with your staff.
Pop Up Banner Stands
Quickly display more information and promotions on our pop up banner stands. These are very portable and easy to deploy anywhere in your hospital. Announce new services or additions to your hospital, display in the food courts, or use for events.

More Recommended Hospital Products

Medical Office Signs and Displays

We provide all of the custom printed products a medical office needs to grow and be easy for patients to find. Your goal is to make your office space easy to find and comfortable for clients to be in – our goal is to help you make this happen with our custom printed products.

Medical office signage and graphical products differ from hospitals in that there is more of a focus on outdoor banners and signs. Medical offices tend to be less open and spacious compared to hospitals, so the indoor display space is limited but there are still some great ideas for creating a great environment for patients.

Featured Medical Office Signs & Displays

Etched Window Vinyl

Create the look and feel of etched window glass without the permanent change and at a fraction of the cost. This would be ideal in offices and windows that need a little bit of privacy but not a completely closed off area.

Wall Murals and Wall Decals

As with hospitals, wall murals show the values and culture of your office. Medical office wall murals would be especially wonderful in offices that have a lot of children patients.

Outdoor Vinyl Banners

We can custom create outdoor vinyl banners announcing a grand opening or new services. Outdoor vinyl banners are an inexpensive way to get your office notices by customers driving by.

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