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As artists, interior designers work with a notoriously challenging an inaccessible medium. Instead of paint on a canvas, interior designers must complete their artistic vision by working with furniture, decor, and other design elements that already exist and were (typically) crafted by another artisan professional. But lucky for the field of interior design, there is a powerful and flexible way for designers to meet their client’s needs, no matter what they be.

Enter custom printing. Interior designers rely on custom printing to help them customize furniture with custom printed textiles, decorate wall space with custom printed decals, and a whole lot more. In general, good interior designers work closely with custom printers because printers allow designers to create their vision from scratch, and work with custom colors and palettes that they can’t find anywhere else. Custom printing lets designers visualize an artistic goal and reach it, and without high quality custom printers, interior designers wouldn’t have the flexibility to create like they do now.

Here are five of the most important products that custom printers can offer interior designers, with a description of how each helps the two fields work together.

  1. Wall Murals
    If you’ve always wanted a full wall mural in your home or outside of your property, an interior designer can help you select and create a mural that will fit your project’s looks. And a custom printer will help you and your designer realize your artistic vision on a budget. Our high quality wall murals are digitally printed, fade resistant, and usable both indoors and outdoors. Custom printed interior wall designs are becoming more and more popular.
  2. Wall Decals
    While digitally printed wall murals aren’t permanent by any means, if you and your designer decide that you want a quicker solution with less time investment, a wall decal might be the right choice for your project. A good wall decal can help you highlight existing attributes of your paint job and interior design, and our high quality decals won’t break your bank. Wall interior design has transformed from looking at pictures and furniture to becoming much more complex and interesting.
  3. PVC-Free Wall Murals
    Whether you and your designer are big fans of environmental sustainability, or your need a custom mural printed for a project like a school or hospital with extra sensitive environments, you can go green and still meet your design needs with a PVC-free wall mural. This product makes wall interior design environmentally-friendly. This is a premium product that will cost a bit more than other wall murals, but the vibrant colors and environmental friendliness makes it worth it for many.
  4. Etched Window Vinyl
    If you want to decorate your business or even business vehicle, an interior designer can help you find the perfect vinyl design to turn your boring windows into vibrant works of art. Our window vinyls are hassle free and easy to apply to any glass surface, and they won’t hinder visibility from the inside.
  5. Floor Graphics
    If there’s one big canvas in your home or business that you probably aren’t using, it’s your floor! An interior designer can discuss with you what parts of your floor would be ideal for extra embellishments and decorations, and our high quality floor graphics will help you customize your floor space with durable prints that stand up to wear and tear.

As you can see, interior designers are incredibly important in helping home and business owners realize their creative visions. A good interior designer will bring an artistic sensibility to every project, and help you coordinate with a custom printer to get exactly the right design elements to make your decor dreams come true. So here’s a thanks to interior designers: for helping clients realize their dreams and making buildings beautiful since the 1900’s, we salute you!

Featured Interior Design Industry Displays

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are one of our newer products, but requested often by interior design customers. Print your digital graphic onto anything canvas-based: artistic canvases, huge wall mural canvas, and even canvas pillows. Go crazy with these.

Wall Murals

Wall murals add extra dimension to any room. Digitally printed murals have exploded in popularity for offices and single-family homes – and interior designers are commissioning more and more of these.

Etched Window Vinyl

Clouded glass with lettering is a luxurious look businesses employ for meeting rooms and lobby areas. There is a better way – etched window vinyl are more vivid and vibrant in color than paint, easier to apply, remove, and cost less.

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