Industrial Wall Murals

If you have ever come across an industrial wall mural, you will know that it is a great way to give any space an urban feel.

In fact, industrial wall murals have become so trendy that you will be hard-pressed to find an office space or corporate building that does not feature some sort of industrial wall design.

Unlike your typical wall murals in church, industrial wall murals feature a modern design with distinct architectural features.

But this does not mean they aren’t suitable for a home or even an educational space. Many modern apartments or lofts use this type of mural to enhance already existing industrial features

Some people use them to add an industrial feel to an otherwise non-industrial space.

If you are interested in trying out such a mural, read on to find our top picks for the best types of industrial wall murals.

9 Ideas for Industrial Wall Murals

industrial wall mural

If you are looking for the perfect industrial wall mural, you need to opt for a printed custom wall mural that can easily be pre-designed and applied to a wall.

This is because these types of murals, much like certain construction wall murals, often use photos or artistic design to create that industrial feel.

Lucky for you, Coastal Creative offers these types of wall murals on a budget and lends support during the entire process, from inception to installation. 

Now, you may be wondering, what makes an industrial wall mural, industrial? Well, the art of industrial design relies on incorporating elements of construction and building into the design.

This is why they are often suited to large open spaces with a modern feel. 

But these designs are versatile enough to be applied to a more cozy home setting too if you choose the correct type of mural.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some ideas for the perfect industrial wall mural:

Concrete Wall Mural

Many industrial wall murals feature concrete objects or are designed to give a wall a concrete look.

If you choose a concrete wall mural, you will transform any room into an urban hub. In fact, using concrete elements in interior design is a key part of the industrial design movement. 

Concrete walls make spaces appear more modern, making them a popular option for commercial spaces as well as trendy lofts and apartments.

Stone Wall Mural

industrial style wall mural

If you want something that creates a slightly warmer look and feels than concrete, a custom wall mural featuring stone materials may be the best option for you.

These types of wall murals usually feature stones that are stacked on top of one another, creating the feel of a stone wall.

They may also be designed to feature stone material in different ways and what you choose will be dependent on the type of look you want.

Wood Wall Mural

If you need an industrial wall mural, but you want something with a homier feel, try opting for an industrial wall mural that features wood.

Industrial wood murals may incorporate or feature wood in the design or make an entire wall appear wooden. Some even feature wooden furniture or windows.

This is a great option if you have a modern space with an industrial feel but you are looking for an appropriate mural to balance those cold features, without compromising on design.

Brick Wall Mural

industrial style wall murals

Another option for making an industrial space seem a bit cozier is opting for a brick wall mural. Industrial wall murals that feature bricks most often feature some or other industrial brick wall.

This can give your space a homey feel, making it a very popular industrial wall mural for residential spaces.

Metal Wall Mural

Industrial wall murals that feature metal can make walls appear metal.

This is a cheaper option than actually incorporating metal elements into your interior, which is often very costly.

But, this is a less popular option since it will create a big transformation in space. Luckily, you can easily be counteracted by choosing the correct type of metal featured on the mural.

And trust us, there is a large variety of designs to choose from. Either way, this is the industrial wall mural for the daring among us or someone who wants their wall to make a statement.

Wall Murals Featuring Buildings

This industrial wall mural is also a type of architectural wall mural that gives space a new and modern breath of fresh air.

Some wall murals feature aspects of buildings often taken from a variety of angles. Others feature scenes from cities or representations from cityscapes.

This is the perfect addition to any room that features industrial decor and its application is quite versatile.

Bridge Wall Murals

industrial wallpaper murals

Wall murals featuring bridges are very popular industrial murals. These may feature images of famous bridges and often present stunning photographic scenes.

This is a great way to turn any simple wall into a striking feature and it can also provide a scenic feel in buildings that don’t have large windows or a view over the city.


After reading this, you probably have your heart set on the perfect industrial wall mural for your home or office space.

And why shouldn’t you? Industrial designs are on-trend, and can easily transform any space for a fraction of the cost of re-design. 

In fact, industrial wall murals are amongst the most popular types of designs when it comes to installing wall murals in commercial buildings. But, they can also add an edgy feel to any residential space.

You can even opt for some of the softer industrial designs, such as those featuring brick or wood if you don’t want to go too modern.

If you are a fan of industrial design and you choose to opt for one of these types of industrial wall murals, we can guarantee that you won’t be regretting it anytime soon. 

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