Indoor Wall Murals

Are you keen on using indoor wall murals, but aren’t sure what will work best in your home or business? Indoor custom-made wall murals offer an affordable, eye-catching, and stylish way to liven up your walls. They are easy to apply and can be customized to suit your tastes and complement your existing decor. 

But it can be difficult to know what design will best suit your home or brand. That is why we put together this style guide full of the best ideas for you to draw inspiration from. So keep reading to discover the top 7 ideas for indoor wall murals. 

7 Ideas for Indoor Wall Murals

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Faux Niche Mural

Decorative elements like cornice moldings and niches are common in some older homes. If you love the look but your property doesn’t have these gorgeous features, don’t despair.  

You can recreate the look without major expense or effort. A customized faux niche wall mural will give a blank wall some depth and interest. It can be made to look like a niche in the wall complete with a small statue “inside”. 

This would be an elegant touch for your dining room. And even for a cozy and intimate restaurant, this will add a sophisticated touch. 

Dado Wall Mural 

A decorative waist-high molding around the wall of a room, otherwise known as a dado, is common in some period homes. But you can create that vintage look without heading down to the local hardware supply store. 

To get the look without all the labor, create a horizontal mural to break up the bare wall. A colorful dado can liven up an empty corridor in your home.  And a geometric pattern such as a greek key pattern, or a classic design like the fleur de Lis motif, is ideal for this purpose.

It looks just as fantastic in commercial settings, so consider this if you need a creative retail store wall mural. It can add interest to an otherwise uneventful corridor to the change rooms at your clothing retail store. 

Mural With a View 

That lifeless room in your house will instantly seem brighter with the addition of an indoor wall mural like this one. Made to look like an open window, this customized wall mural will offer stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere, 24/7. 

Even if you live in the city, you’ll look out on a beautiful meadow, pristine beachfront, or even a glorious sunset. But if you use this in a room that you use daily, decide on a “view” that you won’t tire of looking at, easily. 

This would also be ideal for a travel agency, or tourism bureau, featuring an image of a popular vacation destination. Your staff will have a beautiful view to look at and your clients have a glimpse of the vacation you can offer them. 

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Log Fire Wall Mural

Do you crave the ambiance of a log fire in your sitting room or guest house? Well, you can have it, and without chopping any wood or subjecting your house to the smell of smoke. 

Any room in your home will come to life with the burst of color and warmth that a log fire offers. This can also make a big impact on a property that you rent out on Airbnb. 

An indoor wall mural can look just like the real thing. It will add the beauty of scarlet and amber hues without the danger of real flames. 

Collage Wall Mural 

When your college student son or daughter returns home on break, welcome them home with a revamped room. An idea that they are sure to love, is to create a collage that contains images of their school days and family memories. 

Include pics of their sports achievements, hobbies, and whatever memories they hold dear with a customized mural collage. But there are other exciting ways to implement this idea. Pics of products could just as easily be turned into an artistic collage mural for a trade show exhibit.

Summer Beach Wall Mural

Are you located in an area that doesn’t get much sunshine? Or perhaps you have a room or office that just seems to be in shade all day long?  Well, you can experience the joy of summer all year round with a wall mural made to look like a summertime outdoors scene. 

Not only will this brighten your spirits, but it will also brighten up the darkest of rooms, even on gray winter days. Sandy beaches and sunshine are wonderful images that you will always enjoy looking at. 

If you prefer other outdoor scenery, you could try spring blossoms or cheerful park scenes. But should you tire of it, an indoor wall mural can be easily removed and replaced.

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Library Wall Mural

Many of us dream of having a floor-to-ceiling library, but not everyone owns enough books to achieve this. If you have ever fantasized about floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves, lined with books, a library-themed wall mural is perfect for you. 

Perhaps you dedicated a room as your home office, but your busy work schedule doesn’t allow much time to shop for shelves and books. While you’re still building your collection of fine literature, get the look with a wall-size mural. 

Now you will have the look of carefully curated tomes that you desire. But without having to fork out an arm and a leg for books.  


Decorating your walls can be a lot of fun. It can also take more time, effort, and money than you can afford to spend. But our custom indoor wall murals are so versatile and easy to use. 

Indoor murals allow you to create a whole new look in minutes and are suitable for your home or office. Contact us for assistance with recreating any of the ideas in this article. Or design something of your own. Because when you decorate with customized indoor wall murals, the only limit is your imagination. 

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