How to Store Window Decals

Dealing with window decals can seem like a pain, but with good maintenance, they can be useful and rewarding. From spicing up a bland room in a hurry to turning the front of your store into an eye-catching promotional opportunity, window decals are great for their accessibility and price.

However, if you’re buying a window decal any amount of time before you plan on applying it, you need to know the correct way to store it.

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What this article covers:

Storing Window Decals

how to save window decals

Keeping window decals to ensure you can use them for months is all a matter of proper storage.

There are also several rules of sorts for maintaining them. When storing vinyl decals, ensure that you lie them flat out. This prevents wrinkles and creases from forming in the vinyl that are difficult, if not impossible, to get out later. 

If you need to get wrinkles out of your vinyl decal, one thing you can try is to lay it flat out in the sun to get it soft and then flatten the decal out with something heavy. This only works some of the time, though, so it’s better to prevent it outright.

If they end up a bit dirty in storage, make sure to use proper cleaning methods before storing them in dust-free containers. 

Alternatively, if you have the space, you can hang them on racks or in binders. This keeps them straight and taught so they keep their shape. Binders also keep the dust away from them, so they’re a great solution all-around.

However, this method is only good if you can ensure they stay clean while hanging. They’re good for storerooms, but it’s not something you want to use if you’re keeping the decal near an active construction site.

If you’re working with large window decals, it’s good to use wax paper as a separator between different layers of decals. 

There should be two layers of wax paper on each side of one vinyl decal to protect your vinyl decals

After layering them with a sheet of wax paper between them, store them in plastic bags. Ziplock bags work perfectly for smaller decals that fit in a tight space. 

Keeping Window Decals Clean

how to apply window decals

Depending on the type of decal you’re working with, there are different ways to clean them.

Hand washing decals are usually the safest and best method. Scrubbing, using utensils, and power washing are out of the question.

Scrubbing and utensils run the risk of damaging the decal, shortening its lifespan. Scratches and other damages to the decal are irreparable.

Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions, your best option is some good old soap and warm water. You should look at a solution of about 5% soap to water to make sure you don’t damage the vinyl or sealant.

After washing, dry them off with a soft, clean, and lint-free towel or paper towel. If you need to get sticky residue off your vinyl decal, wiping the surface with alcohol will get the job done. 

After they’re cleaned and dried, get them into their plastic storage as quickly as possible to avoid dust or fluff from getting on your clean decals. 

Manage the Temperature of your Decals

Temperature is a crucial aspect of maintaining your window decals. If stored in a warm area, warping or damage can occur. 

Swelling or shrinking can occur, and their appearance may also seem distorted due to the heat. Try keeping it out of sunlight or direct light, or you’ll find that your vinyl is bubbling

Fading can be a big problem with window decals because you’ll want them to be as bright and colorful for as long as possible.

It’s good to note how much light hits them when and where you store them. 

window decals to save

Heat also affects the stickiness of your decals, so if you want to be able to reuse them, you need to keep them cool.

To keep your decals from peeling off walls, they need to maintain their stickiness. Try to place them on windows that aren’t in direct sunlight all day.

Window Decals Tips

Good window graphics or decals can last for years with proper care and maintenance. By practicing our simple tips and suggestions, your decal can last for three years or more. 

Decals need to be in cool areas as often as possible. Regular cleaning ensures dirt doesn’t build up around the edges. 

Dirt around the edges of a vinyl decal can cause the edges to fray and deteriorate. 

If you’re worried about a decal taking up window space or blocking light from entering your space, try our perforated decals, these allow the inside of the window to remain see-through.

Perforated decals provide one-way vision with micro-perforations, allowing your graphic to be seen clearly from the outside while also allowing the inside to see through it.

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