How to Remove a Wall Mural

Whether you’re updating an old wall mural to reflect a new style, or you’re moving to a new house or office, you’re going to need to know how to remove a wall mural.

This can seem like a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done it before. You’re going to want to do it correctly and carefully to ensure that you do not damage any of the walls or structures underneath. 

Well, don’t worry. Because in this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step breakdown on removing a wall mural, and take a look at whether or not they’re easy to remove. You’ll be equipped to do it yourself in no time.

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How To Remove A Vinyl Mural From A Wall

how to remove wall murals

Removing a vinyl mural from a wall does require a specific process that is completed one step at a time, and it is important to do each stage carefully to get it off the wall without any damage. 

The first step is to clear the room where the mural is located. Either move furniture and other items out of the room for the process or cover them well with plastic so that it is not damaged. 

Cover the floor, either with paper or plastic, to avoid any damage to carpets, tiles, or wood. 

Next, use paper tape to tape along the bottom of the wall that will be worked on, as well as the edges of said wall, so that the floor and the other walls do not get messed up or damaged. This is especially important if you have to protect other wall murals.

When beginning the work on the actual mural, you should start by trying to pull at a corner of the vinyl to see if it gives way easily without ripping off the paint underneath. 

If it is not easy to peel off, you begin the process by using a hairdryer to apply heat to the corner of the vinyl. After some time, the heat should loosen it up, enough to start peeling it off. 

Continue to apply the heat from the hairdryer as you peel off the loose vinyl. This may take a while, so set aside a significant amount of time to get this done. You may rather want to do a little bit at a time over a few days. 

Continue this until all the vinyl is off of the wall, and you have a plain white surface for whatever new design you would like to put onto the wall. 

If there is any residue adhesive, you can try to remove it with soap and water first, and if that does not work, try an adhesive removal agent. Before you apply this, test a small amount out on a corner area to ensure that it does not damage the wall or the paint. 

You are then free to paint the wall a new color, or even decorate it with a new wall mural

how to remove a painted mural from wall

Are Wall Murals Easy To Remove?

The removal of wall murals can be a time-consuming task, as it requires a few hours between cleaning and paint layers to dry out, but with the right materials, the actual task is easy enough for anyone to take on. 

It is essential to ensure that you are using the right method of removal for the right type of wall mural

A peel-and-stick mural is similar to wallpaper and can be removed easily.

It is key to get all the necessary materials and equipment beforehand so that when you begin, you can complete it without having to stop and start.

For mural designs that are easy to remove, you can explore some of the best peel and stick wall murals.


An old or outdated wall mural can be a real eyesore in a property, and one that you will want to get rid of as quickly and effortlessly as possible. 

The removal of a painted mural does require a significant chunk of time, sometimes spanning over two days, due to the time required for the cleaning and primer to dry well. However, the actual process just requires a good pot of primer, a roller, a brush, plus tape and plastic to protect walls, floors, and furniture. 

The task is easy but can be tedious. Yet it will be well worth it in the end when you have a fresh white wall with which to work.

How To Remove A Wall Mural (FAQs)

How are wall murals installed?

At Coastal Creative, we offer wall mural installation anywhere in Southern California. For certain corporate projects, we can also fly out to your business.

But installing a peel-and-stick wall mural yourself is easy. As the name suggests, it’s as simple as peeling off the backing and sticking it to your desired wall.

 how to remove a wall mural

Can you cut wall murals?

Yes, you can. If the mural ends up being too big or there is any excess material, you can simply cut it down to your desired size.

To do this, you’ll need to use a straightedge sharp blade.

Can you reuse a wall mural after removing it?

Absolutely. It’s easy to reuse a wall mural after you’ve removed it, as long as you’re careful during the removal process and store it properly.

Check out our guide on reusing wall murals for a full tutorial.

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