How the Top Biotech Companies do Branding Well

Biotech companies are growing at amazing rates throughout the world and are creating amazing new innovations. Right here where our company is based in San Diego, there is a hotbed of biotech companies. Today we’re going to take a look at how these top companies do branding right.


1. Novo Nordisk – Danish Biotech Worldwide Leader

With roots dating back to the 1920s, Danish biotech behemoth Novo Nordisk was the largest biotech company in 2013 by market capitalization. The company had a market cap of $85.335 billion according to GEN. The company focuses on diabetes medication and care but is also involved in growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Let’s take a look at their branding.


Novo Nordisk building sign
Image via Flickr user blue_quartz

Here they’re using a large building sign showing off their unique logo. The logo is interesting in that it’s all lowercase but also has a strangely huge trademark sign.


novo nordisk trade show booth
Image via Flickr user Manny Hernandez

Trade shows are a huge deal for global biotech companies, and as the largest Novo Nordisk must attend hundreds a year around the world. Here they show off an interesting trade show booth that looks like it has some custom modular design. I like the hanging Novo Nordisk sign with spotlights shining on it.


novo nordisk fire grill
Image via Flickr user klaeui

This is one of the coolest branded objects I’ve ever seen. A custom cut logo into some type of column of a fire pit. Not sure if this was a promotional product for a lucky recipient or part of a larger campaign. In my opinion this goes a lot farther than some free pens.


 2. Amgen РAmerican Biotech Giant

Listed as the largest independent biotech company in the world, Amgen is a biotech giant based in Thousand Oaks, California. Their two largest product lines are anti-infection drugs for patient undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Founded in 1980, it had a market cap of $78.6 billion in 2013 with about 18,000 employees worldwide.


outdoor dimensional sign
Image via Flickr user Richard Masoner

Amgen makes a strong statement at their corporate headquarters in Longmont, Colorado with this large outdoor dimensional letter sign. These large exterior signs are made with materials like PVC, aluminum, wood, acrylic, or other synthetic materials.


amgen vehicle ambulance wrap
Image via Flickr user Kelly Huston

As the title sponsor of 2010’s Amgen Tour of California bicycle race, Amgen got huge brand exposure. It’s the little things that make a statement, and with a custom AMR ambulance vehicle wrap, they pushed their logo a little more. I think this is a good looking vehicle wrap with an assortment of custom photographs and window decals. Many of these large biotech companies sponsor bicycle and car races.


amgen step and repeat
Image via Flickr user City of Santa Clarita

Amgen seems to have been sponsoring this race for years as the winners are shown at the 2007 Amgen Tour of California. The huge backdrop behind the riders is called a step and repeat banner and is plastered with the Amgen and Tour of California logos. When you’re the title sponsor, you’ve got to make your sponsorship dollars go as far as they can.


3. Celgene РNew Top 5 Biotech Company 

New Jersey based Celgene was ranked the #7 biotech company in the world by market cap in 2012, but quickly rose in the ranks to be #4 worldwide in 2013 with a market cap of $52.5 billion. The company produces drug therapies for inflammatory disorders and cancer. Celgene was ranked the #2 best drug company of 2013 by Forbes, with factors beyond market cap influencing the rankings.


celgene outside sign
Image via Flickr user octoferret

Celgene’s large exterior sign graces the windows of one of their corporate buildings. These exterior dimensional signs are usually made of aluminum, PVC, or other element resistant material.

celgene trade show exhibit
Image via Flickr user Jeremy Boyce

Celgene invest heavily in their trade show exhibits, this one produced by b2 Exhibition Specialists. Notice the huge presence of this trade show display with lots of space for movement and space to sit in the booth. They have literature racks attached to the sides of the walls with more information. Biotech companies spend a ton of money and time making huge, grand trade show exhibits every year.


celgene step and repeat banner
Image via Flickr user Mingle Media TV

The International Myeloma Foundation 7th Annual Comedy Celebration was presented by Celgene and other sponsors in 2013. Biotech companies often sponsor fundraisers for foundations of diseases that their products help alleviate. Here is a large step and repeat banner with Celgene and other sponsors’ logos in the background.


Celgene Backdrop
Image via Flickr user Mingle Media TV

Actress Alex Meneses at the Myeloma Foundation event in front of the Celgene logo on the red carpet backdrop. These red carpet backdrops can be custom printed with any logo.

Biotech companies invest millions into research and development every year, and spend millions on marketing their innovative products. The brand name of the company is important in securing the trust of patients and medical personnel prescribing the drugs. It’s important for these companies to promote their brands in a way that garners trust and security from the general audience. These are three of the top biotech companies showcasing their brands. What are you doing for yours?