How Much Does a Wall Mural Cost?

Because wall murals are so large and striking, you might think they are costly.

So, how much does a wall mural cost? And does this add to your interior space have to break the bank?

Well, there are many factors that can influence the cost of a wall mural. And, it is actually quite possible to install a wall mural on a budget.

In this article, we will look at the average cost of a wall mural so that you can find a solution that suits your budget and needs.

What This Article Covers:

How Much Do Wall Murals Cost?

how much does it cost for a wall mural

Wall murals are often charged per square foot for printing and/or installation.

The reason for this is to accommodate the work that goes into printing and installing the mural over a certain surface.

Obviously, a large mural in a skyscraper or office building will be more expensive than a small feature wall in a country kitchen.

On average, people will charge about $10-$20 per square foot. Although not as common, this price can increase significantly for hand-painted murals and will vary from one artist to the next. Most murals are printed using a custom or existing design.

In general, most mural projects will cost you over $800 at a conservative estimate.

But, the good news is that Coastal Creative’s custom printed wall murals remain unbeatable as your mural order can start from as little as $500.

That being said it’s important to note that this price will be affected by a variety of factors. This includes whether you’re just having your mural printed, or if you’re paying for someone to install it as well.

You should also ask yourself: what type of mural are you looking at? Is the wall easily accessible? What does the design entail?

Luckily, an understanding of what drives the price of a mural up, or down, can lead you to choose the most appropriate mural for your budget.

Let’s look at some of the most notable features that will affect the price of your mural below.

What Affects The Cost Of A Wall Mural?

The Size of The Mural/ Wall

The first and most pertinent factor that will affect the price of your mural is obviously the size.

Naturally, because murals are often charged per square foot, a larger mural will cost you more.

So, if you want to stay within the limits of your budget, you can always consider using a smaller wall for your mural as an easy way to cut costs.

Alternatively, you can opt to cover only a part of one wall although this is not a very popular option as it does affect the overall look and interior feel.

how much is a wall mural

The Level of Detail

The best murals use eye-popping colors and complex designs. In fact, many people are attracted to more detailed murals as they can brighten up and enhance any interior (or exterior) space in a flash.

Unfortunately, a more detailed and complex design will drive up the price.

This is because these types of murals take a keen eye to be correctly installed and will require more time to complete.

So, if you have limited resources, consider opting for a simpler design over a more complex one.

You may find that wall murals for bedrooms or wall murals for living rooms are often simpler in terms of design. 

The Type of Mural

It is important to also think about the types of wall mural you wish to install as all types vary in price.

As mentioned earlier, murals can be hand-painted or designed using software and printed on vinyl which is then carefully attached to the wall.

Printed wall murals are by far the most popular option these days due to the fact that it is more economic.

The reason why this option of more economical is because software design requires less time and effort than hand-sketched design.

Also, the process of attaching a mural is less time-consuming than painting it by hand.

This means that hand-painted murals will cost you far more than a mural that is printed out and attached to a wall.

Accessibility To The Mural

how much should i pay for a wall mural

Some walls that people want to have painted are hard to reach. Imagine a double-story wall on the exterior of a building. Or an underground wall with a narrow entryway. If your wall is a bit hard to access or reach, the price will go up.

This is because the people who install your mural may have to hire additional equipment, such as scaffolding or lift equipment, to access your wall. Difficulties with accessibility can also drive up transport costs.  So, choosing a wall that is easily accessible and in a central location will save you a few pennies in the process.

The Type of Wall

If you have considered a mural, you are probably wondering if a wall mural needs a smooth wall, or if any type of wall will work.

Most types of walls need to be prepped and primed before a mural can be painted or applied unless this has been done prior to the wall mural installation.

But, this process can be time-consuming if the wall is old or if the exterior of the wall has some wear and tear.

People sometimes opt to prep and prime the walls themselves but it is better to leave it to the professionals.

If you want to save money in this regard, rather ensure that you choose a wall that isn’t too rough in texture or one that hasn’t suffered too much damage over the years.

After all, you don’t want to be removing wall murals before their time. 

A new wall will also be slightly easier to prep and prime than an older wall. So, keep these factors in mind when choosing the wall that you wish to feature your mural on.

The Mural Design

Last, but not least, comes the element of design. This is perhaps the most important element of your mural since this is the image and style that you wish to imprint on your wall.

Remember, the main difference between wall mural and wallpaper is that a wall mural is a piece of art specifically designed for a wall. So, design is one of the most important elements. 

Now, choosing a predetermined or pre-set design is your cheapest option here. But, many people are never entirely satisfied with pre-set designs or they do not find anything that suits their tastes.

For this reason, many companies, including the team here at Coastal Creative, give clients the option to submit their own designs.

how much to charge for wall mural

Having your own design gives you the freedom to present your own unique flair on your chosen wall. But, this can also drive up the costs.

Oftentimes, a client’s design must first be rendered using software or hand-sketched before the final product can be delivered.

Naturally, this means extra hours, extra labor, and extra effort. As a result, it will cost you more.

So, if you are hard-pressed for cash, it is best to choose an already existing design.

How To Save Money On A Wall Mural

So, you have considered all the factors above and you still think a mural is too expensive.

Luckily, we also have some additional tips and tricks for ensuring that you can save some money and get the mural of your dreams.

Before committing to a mural, consider the following options as ways to save money:

Install All Your Murals At Once

If you have more than one mural or if you are a part of a corporation with many walls that need to be covered, you can opt to save costs by negotiating a package deal.

Keep It Simple

It can be tempting to make murals as intricate as possible but large murals, especially ones that are seen from a distance, don’t need to be as intricate to make an impact.

Remember, simple design takes less time.

Ask For A Quote Before You Begin

It is better to know what to budget for before being hammered with a string of unexpected and hidden costs later.

Also, compare quotes to find the mural that can suit your budget and needs best.

Do Some Research

By reading this article, you have already familiarized yourself with some of the costs that drive up the costs of murals.

But, it is good to research some other aspects too, like how to protect a wall mural to ensure it lasts. 

You can also look at the best wall murals in your local area and ask for advice from specialists and clients. You can also draw inspiration from social media or corporate buildings.

how to price a wall

Provide Your Own Design In The Correct Format

If you can provide your mural installation specialists with a pre-existing design that is already in the correct format for printing, you will only end up paying for the actual installation costs.

This will save you all the money you would have spent on them re-appropriating your design. If you are not tech-savvy enough to do this, ask a friend or local designer to help you out.


The cost of a mural is not as straightforward as it might seem. 

Many people imagine that decorating with wall murals involves simply buying a mural upfront and transferring it to a wall. 

In reality, it’s a bit more complicated.

A mural has to be designed, resized to fit a specific wall perfectly, and then printed.

The installation of a mural is no small task either as the wall needs to be prepped and primed first.

High walls can be difficult to access, which may drive up the price even further.

Then, you also need to consider how the look, feel and size of your mural will affect the price.

But, the good news is, that the variety of factors that affect the price of a mural means that there are many things that you can alter in order to ensure that your mural suits your budget.

Whatever you choose, you are sure to find a mural that can suit your budget.

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