Hospital Wall Mural Ideas

A hospital wall mural can make all the difference for patients and staff alike. These artworks are a fantastic way to brighten up break rooms, reception areas, and wards. 

Hospitals have a reputation for looking cold and sterile, making patients of all ages feel uneasy. Incorporating relaxing colors, images, and designs into healthcare facilities can serve as a valuable tool.

Wall murals can create a calm environment and provide a welcome distraction for visitors, staff, and patients.

Consider adding custom-printed wall murals to your hospital. High-quality custom wall murals can make going to the hospital a less stressful event. 

9 Ideas for Hospital Wall Murals 

patient room wall murals

Market Your Brand

Vinyl murals can be used on outdoor walls for marketing purposes. Choosing an exterior wall that sees a lot of traffic could be ideal for marketing your hospital’s special services. Images of health professionals interacting with patients are suitable for helping people feel less intimidated by hospitals. 

Custom-printed murals can attract attention to a specific department or service. In addition to this, they can be used to provide privacy. Opaque murals on windows may be an excellent and unique alternative to curtains or blinds. This idea is often used in wall murals for hair salons

Make It Informative 

Murals can serve as eye-catching directional signage. With these at a hospital’s first point of entry, you can help patients and visitors navigate the facilities. 

An easy way to help people find their way around hospitals is to color code the different departments. The hospital reception area could have a mural that associates each department with a particular color.

For example, A wall or pillar at an entrance can be painted yellow. Visitors can simply follow the yellow markers, and find their way! 

Wall murals are ideal for wayfinding. Unlike hanging signs that can get knocked off the walls, murals adhere to the surface and last for years. Wall murals do not damage the paint beneath, so signs are easy to peel off and replace if information changes. 

Abstract Designs

While the color white may be associated with cleanliness and hygiene, drab white walls can also make hospitals feel more intimidating. Breaking long white corridor walls with colorful abstract designs can create a more inviting atmosphere. 

Abstract designs have also been used as wall murals for retirement homes. Wall surfaces featuring contrasting colors can make areas easier to navigate for seniors with dementia. patient room wall mural

Bring the Outside in

Many hospital areas do not have windows or doors leading to the outdoor world. Long corridors of artificial light and no glimpse of the outdoors can feel oppressive.

An excellent way to overcome this is to use scenic wall murals in hospital corridors. Landscape artworks of open fields or light-filled parks can help to give a more spacious and airy feel.

Sense of Calm

Hospital waiting rooms are often stressful places for family and friends of patients. These people can spend a long time waiting for news of sick or injured loved ones. 

Scenes of lush jungles, paths through bamboo forests, or clear streams flowing through the woods can be calming. 

Images of tranquil waterscapes like large lakes and flat seas instill a sense of calm. This is because of the association between water and life. Restful nature themes are reminiscent of spa wall murals.

Subdued Pastels 

Murals with soft shades and pastel colors are well suited to areas where you want a calm, tranquil environment. 

Softs sunsets or misty fields of flowers can work well in a maternity unit or delivery ward. These can give expectant or new moms a sense of quiet. Subdued pastels also make a relaxing theme for swimming pool wall murals.

Engaging Detail 

Isolation rooms in hospitals are often very bland and dreary – which is not the best way to encourage healing. 

For patients who need to be isolated in a single room, wall murals that include more detail keep patients and visitors engaged with the image for longer. 

Underwater murals can be mesmerizing yet still subdued. Picture the sun shining through the water, exciting corals, and schools of fish. Two other great ideas are a beautiful sunset or a park in Autumn. 

Treatment room wall murals should be filled with details. Busy images can distract patients from procedures they are undergoing, or are about to undergo. 


wall mural for hospital

A wall mural of motivating words is ideal for a physical therapy department. A word wall featuring inspiring quotes encourages patients who are trying to regain their full range of motion.

Wall murals of bold and vibrant color remind patients and therapists of the goals that they are working towards. These also add an attractive feature to the wall space. 

Patients who see these will be reminded of the motivating graphics they typically see as murals for gym walls

Enchanted Forest

Children’s wards can feel frightening for moms and kids. When a parent suffers from anxiety, they can transfer it to their child.

Interesting wall murals in a children’s ward will provide a welcome distraction for parents and children alike.

There are endless possibilities for murals in pediatric wards. For example, an enchanted forest can take up meters of wall space. It can include anything from tiny critters on the forest floor to toadstools full of fairies. 


Wall murals are an excellent way to help people perceive hospitals as supportive places. 

Sterile and intimidating spaces do not have to be the norm in medical facilities. Adding colorful images or designs will contribute to a calm and caring atmosphere.

Do you want to decorate a single wall in a specific department or incorporate a theme throughout your facility? Coastal Creative can custom print wall murals to your requirements.

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