Gym Window Decals

If you are looking for something to spruce up your gym windows, gym window decals are a great way to create a feature within a space.

These vinyl adhesive stickers can cover entire windows and offer some privacy. Better even, they can hide an unappealing outside view.

Window decals are easy to apply and can transform any interior or exterior window into a beautiful art piece or marketing opportunity.

But which gym window decal will be most suitable for you? Don’t fret, we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for gym window decals below. 

Top 3 Ideas for Gym Window Decals

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Brand-Specific Window Decals

If you want to use your window as a way to market the business, then brand-specific window decals are the way to go. 

These can be featured on inner or outer windows or as a perforated vinyl window decal, which prevents people outside to see what’s going on inside, giving gym members some privacy. 

Name Window Decal

This may seem like an obvious choice but one of the most popular window decal designs is one that features the name of the business. 

Whether you place this on the outside or inside, it makes sense to inform clients and passers-by of who you are. 

Gym window decals featuring the name of the gym are no different than branded nail salon window decals doing the same. 

Both use a window for marketing and branding purposes with the added benefit of becoming an interior or exterior design feature.

Logo Window Decals

Logos are also a very popular option for a branded window decal. 

If you look at beauty salon window decals, you may notice that they often feature both the name and the logo of the business as a way of turning a window into a more personalized element of the space. 

You also do not have to print the logo exactly as it appears on the website. Be creative with the design and perhaps break it into various sections for a more artistic feel.

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Decorative Window Decals

If you already feature your brand enough and want a window decal to serve a decorative purpose, you have a few options to choose from as well.

Customized Photo Window Decals

Photos can bring a sense of personalization into the space and lift the atmosphere of an entire room. 

No wonder photos are often featured in window decals for a dentist’s office. They can lift the mood of anyone entering the space. 

You will want to make these appropriate for a gym space so feature photos of people exercising or using gym equipment. You can also feature personal photos to create a homey feel.

Coloured and Patterned Window Decals

Of course, there is nothing wrong with decorating a window in your favorite colors or patterns as well. 

For example, decorative beauty salon wall decals often feature feminine colors as a way to create an inviting space for females, whereas pediatric wall decals might feature bright contrasting colors that will appeal to children. 

Vinyl swimming pool decals may make use of certain patterns to improve the look of a pool.

There are many ways to make these types of window decals work for a gym. For example, using colors associated with your logo and interior or incorporating thematic patterns.

Frosted Glass Window Decals

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Frosted window deals feature frosted glass vinyl graphics which depict a design against a frosted background. 

The background means that this type of decal creates total privacy from the outside world. 

But bear in mind these types of window decals often work best with minimalistic designs, so they are not necessarily appropriate for colored or intricate designs.

The perfect minimalist design element for a gym space, which also allows members to exercise without people from outside looking at them. 

Informational Window Decals

Informational window decals can be a good way to get needed information across, which is why they are a popular option for wall decals for medical offices as well.

And you can choose to design it in a way to make it more appealing to clients and to the gym space as well. 

Contact Details Window Decals

If you want to ensure your contact details are front and center, try opting for a window decal that features your email address, phone numbers, and social media handles. 

This means that existing and prospective gym members can easily reach you.

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Services Offered Window Decals

Many clients will want to know what their membership at the gym include and which services are available and this way you can easily point them in the right direction. 

For example, some informative nail salon wall decals feature all the services offered and the price of each. 

Similarly, you can also include additional information next to the services offered such as who teaches a certain class or what it entails.

Other Informational Window Decals

Of course, there are many other types of informational window decals you can include as well. 

Something like a liability waiver (which is a popular option for exercise room wall decals) or a class schedule can also easily be printed on a window decal and featured in your gym space.


Ready to invest in the perfect window decal for your gym yet? 

Once you have decided, all you need to do to get your hands on large custom window decals is to submit a design of your choosing or even something you designed yourself, and send it for printing.

Then, sit back and watch as your window gets transformed into a customized feature of the space.

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