Gym Wall Mural

With a gym wall mural, you can find a creative way to energize your clients, who are pushing their bodies to the max, and establish your gym brand with a unique look and vibe. 

A wall mural with the right look can completely change the atmosphere inside your gym. But you wouldn’t use the same murals for retirement homes and hospital walls as you would a gym. 

Below, we’ll discuss five wall mural ideas that you can tailor to your gym, to create something uniquely yours. Let’s get right to creating a mural that will help establish your gym’s brand identity and motivate clientele. 

5 Murals Ideas for Gym Walls 

wall murals for gym

Gym Logo 

The easiest and most effective gym wall mural is, of course, your gym’s logo. If you have a big wall available, you can blow up the logo until it completely fills it. 

What’s great about using a gym logo for a wall mural is that this can be used inside the gym and outside. With your gym logo on an exterior wall, prospective clients will clearly be able to see what services you offer. 

This is a great space to utilize for advertising gym rates, your website, promotions, or ways for consumers to get in contact with the gym to start their own membership. 

Gym Equipment Instructions

Many people avoid gyms because of the intimidating equipment. Nobody wants to start their fitness journey while awkwardly trying to figure out a piece of machinery that probably only has faded – if any – instructions. 

One way to solve this is to create wall murals dedicated to showing newcomers, or even gym veterans, how to properly use equipment and how to get the most out of the equipment.

With the right designer, it will be easy to create an epic and brandable instruction design. There is no need for it to look like a boring instruction manual. 

Another pro of using a wall mural in this way is being able to establish some gym etiquette, like cleaning equipment after using it or putting weights back on their racks. 

This will also work as a swimming pool outside wall mural. It’s a great way to establish some common ground rules in the swimming pool with cool designs. 

Motivational Quotes

Motivations quotes aren’t just for spa walls or hair salon murals. In fact, they are quite important in a gym. 

Most members are pushing their bodies beyond anything they have before. When the urge to give up strikes, a well-placed motivational quote can give them the last bit of strength they need to push through. 

wall mural for gym

Covering the gym walls in motivational quotes is a great way to create an atmosphere that can be super motivating to gym-goers. It can be the usual ‘no pain, no gain’ quotes, or more personal ones from athletes about perseverance and their journey to becoming who they are. 

Anatomy Lessons

While it is impossible to create a mural with every single workout and the muscle groups it targets, there are some basic moves that every gym-goer uses at least once – squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. 

Many people don’t know the proper form or aren’t sure which muscles are supposed to be activated with certain movements. 

But with a gym wall mural dedicated to showing members what they should be feeling and tips on how to get the most out of their movement, there is bound to be an improvement. 

This mural can also educate on some general forum rules. For example, slow, controlled movements and their benefits over fast, sloppy repetitions. 

Like with the gym equipment lessons mural idea, anatomy lessons don’t have to be bland or boring. With the right designer, it will be easy to create a wall mural that gets the message across, fits your brand, and still looks awesome in your gym.

This idea can also be moved around the gym and placed in locker rooms or added as treatment room murals. 

Gym Goals

Every person that finds themselves at the gym has a goal, whether that be to lose weight, bulk up, or be a bit more healthy. But as anybody new to working out can tell, mustering up the motivation to work out can be hard. 

 A great way to motivate your clients is by covering the gym walls in murals of fitness models working out or showcasing their gym ‘gains’. Every time somebody starts to give up, they will be surrounded by inspiring models who will motivate them to do one more rep. 

You don’t have to stick with one type of model. People have different goals and your gym wall murals can reflect the diverse range of what fitness means. This will give everyone the chance to find someone to look up to and create an environment that makes everyone, especially newcomers, feel comfortable.  

 murals for gym walls


Gym wall murals are a great way to energize your clientele and brand your gym as uniquely yours. It’s a big undertaking but with the above ideas, we hope you feel comfortable getting a little creative when designing your gym wall mural.  

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