Gym Wall Decal

It can be a daunting task to make gyms appear appealing to customers. There is little space for design elements and most of the area needs to be used for practical purposes.

But, luckily, gym wall decals can make any gym appear a little more inviting to guests. 

Decals are the perfect addition to a gym wall as they can serve as a decorative element or provide gym members with much-needed information or motivation.

If you want to improve the appearance of your gym walls, then decals are the way to go. In this article, we provide some of the best gym wall decal ideas for you to choose from.

8 Ideas for Custom Gym Wall Decals

Below we have listed the top three categories for gym wall decals and some ideas for each. 

exercise room wall decals

Informational Wall Decals

If you want your gym wall decal to serve a practical purpose, you can opt for an informational gym wall decal. This will ensure that information is easy to see and access. 

Throw in a funky design and it doubles as a decorative element on an otherwise empty or uninspired wall.

Terms and Conditions

Any place where people use equipment or engage in activities has certain terms of conditions that need to be adhered to.

Often, these protect the company from liability when people injure themselves. If you want your gym members to be aware of these, print them on a wall decal and place them on a wall for all to see.

These kinds of decals can be seen in practical nail salon window decals or exterior barbershop window decals as well.


Similarly, many places of exercise have a set of rules to ensure that everybody can exercise together in harmony. What better way to inform clients of these than to place them against the wall? 

You can even make a wall decal for each area to ensure people know how to use the equipment by, for example, placing vinyl decals for swimming pools in the pool area.

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Name and Logo

If you have ever seen wall decals for medical office or dental office window decals, you probably know the importance of placing the name somewhere people can see it upon entering.

This will ensure that clients know they are in the right place and it is an important part of branding.

If you want a name and logo decal for your gym, consider placing it near the entrance for the best effect.

Or you can take a page from wall decals for hair salons and beauty salon window decals which often feature the contact details underneath the name and logo. 

Photo Wall Decals

If you want to make your gym a bit more homey and personal, try opting for a custom photo wall decal. There are many types of photo wall decals to choose from and these will surely make your space feel more inviting. 

In fact, photo wall decals are often featured in colorful pediatric wall decals as a means of creating a calming effect.

Action Photos

If you choose photos to feature on a gym wall, you will probably want something with dramatic effect. 

Action photos can serve this purpose and perhaps feature people engaging in the activities that the gym offers. 

Of course, you can opt for stock images from the internet but why not use photos from your own gym? This provides a personalized feel and makes your wall decals unique to you.

custom gym wall decals

Gym Photos

Another type of photo decal can feature aspects of your actual gym or gyms in general. 

For example, you can feature the equipment or photos of the exterior. Or you can choose more neutral photos with a gym-related theme. 

As long as these are subject-specific, you will surely be able to easily incorporate them into the rest of the gym’s design.

Decorative Wall Decals

If you want to make the gym walls appear less bland, you can opt for decorative wall decals. These types of decals can uplift any space or room by adding some much-needed decorative features.

Patterned Wall Decals

Most gyms aim to look attractive without having an interior that will distract gym members. So, patterned wall decals can be a good way to uplift your design without being too flashy. 

You can aim for a small botanical design or something more characteristic of a gym such as icons of dumbbells and other exercise equipment.

custom wall decals for gym

Picture Wall Decals

If you don’t want a repetitive pattern, you can opt for a wall decal featuring one or more larger pictures. 

These can be quirky or true-to-life sketches that are themed around a gym. This allows for a lot of creativity in design and may boost the mood of gym members when they walk in.

Motivational Quotes Wall Decals

Who doesn’t appreciate a good motivational quote at its time? And where better to place it than among people who are pushing their bodies to their limits? 

For example, something like “the real workout starts when you want to stop” or “push through the pain” can serve as a reminder of the hard work members are putting in and inspire them to continue when they want to give up. 

Be creative with your font and design here for an added decorative feel.

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After reading this, you should have a good idea of some viable options for gym wall decals. 

Gym wall decals can upgrade your wall design game all the while motivating gym members of providing them with much-needed information.

You can even go the extra mile with some customized gym window decals and take your windows to the next level as well.

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