Garden Wall Mural

Your outdoor space may be filled with beautiful living plants, but you might feel like there’s something missing. Maybe that one garden wall feels too barren. To give it that wow factor, a garden wall mural is exactly what you need.

With the help of our team of experts, you can have whatever image you want up on a wall in no time. Plus, vinyl-printed murals are easy to take down, so if you feel like switching murals, you’ll be able to do so with very little hassle.

Minimal, bold, inspirational, you get to choose what fits your garden best. In this article, we’ll guide you through our top ideas for custom wall murals, so that you can personalize your garden wall with whatever your heart desires.

What This Article Covers:

Outdoor Wall Murals For Any Garden 

Spiritual Mural Designs 

A spiritual garden is a symbolic place. These spaces need to be calm, and any murals need to enhance the sense of tranquility. 

When choosing a spiritual mural design for your garden wall, select a design symbolic of your beliefs. This mural should carry meaning for you.

You may draw inspiration from religion or a concept such as Yin and Yang. Temples, cathedrals, and mandalas can work for this type of design. White doves or dreamcatchers are also good ideas. 

Cultural Heritage Mural Design

garden wall murals

If you want your garden to be a symbol of cultural appreciation, it can be done. The right mural can be used to honor your culture and history that is important to you. 

Images of buildings, traditional clothing, and monuments are all representations of heritage that can be used in wall murals. 

Human creativity like traditional craftsmanship can also form part of cultural heritage. This would include paintings and sculptures. If your roots are Italian or French for example, then a famous work of art (such as the Mona Lisa)  might be a good fit for your garden wall mural. 

Sheet music that is important to your heritage, or depictions of a dance that is central to your culture, are good ideas. You may also look toward a holy parade, or traditional carnival, for inspiration. 

A mural that is inspired by heritage and culture can remind you of your ancestry, and your roots. Choose a mural that has meaning.

This type of design can also be used for an elevated exterior wall mural if you’re wanting to show your heritage to the world.

Romantic Floral Garden Mural

There is nothing more beautiful than walking into a garden that is filled with colorful flowers. Florals, fountains, and statues along with winding paths all set the scene for a romantic garden. 

But, you might not have the space to accommodate all of this. That does not mean you can’t have it all, though. If this is the case for you, a garden wall mural is a perfect solution. 

There are excellent ideas out there to keep up the romantic atmosphere. Perhaps incorporate a man rowing a gondola down a river, or a couple taking a romantic walk. Consider a mural depicting some beautiful swans floating on a rippled pond. 

Romantic quotes, beautiful scenery, delicate florals, and maidens with angels. Or you could keep it simple with a flower design depicting roses or daises. All of these murals can add to the romantic feel, and work to soften the mood.

If your garden is small, it’s a good idea to display your mural so that it’s in clear view when you enter the garden.  And if there is no overhang or protection from the sun, make sure it’s a weatherproof garden wall mural.

Secret Garden Mural Design

wall murals gardens

With a secret garden mural, you’re going to want to capture mystery. A mysterious secret door would create a bewitching feel. Incorporate an old wishing well or a beautiful golden gate to add character to the mural.

Winding paths to an entryway covered with florals and trees, or a woman deep in thought on a bench would also create this same effect.

Outdoor wall murals for the garden act as an extension to your garden and make it look bigger. To get the result you want, including an abundance of greenery. To do that, add colorful flowers. A cobblestone footbridge mural would look beautiful in a secret garden.

Perhaps add misty trees in the background, or arched windows and walkways to give it a storybook feel. 

Serene Garden Mural

A serene garden should be a peaceful, relaxing space. To accomplish this, keep your design on the minimalist side of things. Simple outdoor wall murals will work best here. This can be accomplished with a two-tone palette. The colors green and white will work well.

A water fountain is always a winner in a garden. But if you don’t have the space, a garden wall mural of a water fountain will work just as well. If you don’t have enough space for a variety of greens, incorporate them into your mural.

The different shades of green and textures will provide contrast in your garden. Look for the best spot in your yard to mount your mural. If you have space for a bench position it is where you can see your mural. 

Place the mural in a spot protected from sunlight. A shady spot is perfect, preferably where it’s not windy. This is important because you will spend lots of time here.

Whimsical Mural Design

Creativity is key for a whimsical garden. Think humorous and quirky, perhaps taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland.  The caterpillar puffing away would bring a magical element to the garden space.

Create a mural of cats sitting on a fence or funny birds on a wire. You can also do oversized flowers with extra-long stems, or animals with exaggerated features. Choose a mural that is colorful, interesting, and fun; something that will bring a smile to your face and to that of your visitors. Go for something optimistic and cheerful.

Add a magical effect to your garden with a mural of fairies. A wheelbarrow with plants growing out of it could be the mural your whimsical garden needs. 

Water Mural Design

murals for garden walls

Although you might not see the movement, or hear the splashing, a water mural can bring a sense of calm to your garden space. This is a great option if you don’t have a water feature. 

You want it to be a focal point. Place it in a clear view of the garden entry. You want it to be in a well-lit area. If it does not get natural light, have lighting installed so that it can be seen. And if you place it where the elements reach it, make sure you waterproof the wall mural.

The water mural could be a stream flowing from a high edge, falling into a pool of water. It could also be water flowing from a fountain. Looking at water encourages relaxation and peace, which may be perfect for the garden space you’re trying to create.  A koi pond, or a frog on a lily pad, are two ideas for murals where water isn’t the only focal point. 

Destination Mural Design

Be inspired by a city you like. Print a mural of the Eiffel Tower for your garden wall and be reminded of Paris every time you see it. Have a mural of Big Ben and envision the streets of London. Create a mural of  Burj Khalifa and think of Dubai.

City murals are stunning and can put you in a different headspace. There are endless opportunities for this. You can use the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong, the Grand Canal in Venice, The Opera House in Sydney, or the  Pyramids in Egypt. 

To have one or multiple murals of famous landmarks in your garden allows you to travel the world in your backyard. Have images of the ocean so that you feel like you’re on an island and imagine the freshness of the sea breeze.

Imagination is a wonderful thing. To have images of places you aspire to go to or to remind you of time spent there is therapeutic.

Sunset Wall Mural

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? The orange hues are relaxing, especially after a long day or week. But maybe you don’t have the time to go find a nice spot to watch the sunset. So why not bring it into your own garden?

With a sunset wall mural, you can do exactly that. The mural can be a photograph of your favorite sunset, or an artistic rendition of it. Whichever you prefer, sunset is an easy, and stunning, design to accomplish.

It can also work for both large and small gardens. For a large garden, it can take up a big feature wall. For a small garden, it’ll bring some light and the illusion of space into it.

Animal Wall Mural

If you’re an animal lover, then this one is for you. Even if you’re not, animals can be a fun way to brighten up any outdoor space. Plus, because there are so many animals to choose from, the options are endless with this one.

If you want a more tropical feel, you can go with parrots or toucans. Because they’re so colorful, the mural will also liven up your garden if it’s small or doesn’t have a lot of light.

Maybe you don’t like birds. You could go with a jungle cat, for that same tropical feel. Or cats for a softer, more homely environment. Or even fish if you want to go for more of an underwater motif.

You can really get creative with this one.

wall mural garden

Forest Mural Design

This works regardless of whether or not you have a lot of plants. If you do, you can use this to create the illusion of your garden continuing into an endless forest. And if not, it will add that splash of green that you might be needing.

And no two forests are the same. Do you want a dark, brooding forest with an overcast sky? Or do you want something a bit more bright and magical?

Whatever you choose, this design is sure to bring your garden to life.


At Coastal Creative, our murals are of high quality and true value for money. Our matte wall vinyl features vibrant colors using fade-resistant UV inks to bring your vision to life. Upload an image or have one custom-made by us.

Digitally printed custom wall murals can completely transform your garden. They are designed to easily stick to non-porous wall surfaces and are simple to remove whenever you want.

Garden Wall Mural FAQs

How much does an outdoor wall mural cost?

When going for printed vinyl wall murals, like those provided by Coastal Creative, the cost will be the same as an indoor wall mural.

We set our prices starting at $500 for a mural. Things like design, size, and accessibility of the wall when it comes to installation will all affect the price.

Do you need to seal outdoor wall murals?

We recommend waterproofing and weatherproofing your garden wall mural. You can do this by adding a laminate layer, a service that we provide, or by using a sealant once the wall mural is up.

For outdoor use, it’s best to use a sealant that protects against UV, such as varnish.

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