Exterior Wall Swimming Pool Wall Murals

Whether you like to actually swim or not, a trip to the pool is always a good time. But there is nothing worse than a pool that looks dull on the inside or the outside. 

The best solution to this? Exterior wall swimming pool wall murals. Our murals can transform your swimming pool at home, at a hotel, or at a public swimming pool. 

We can create any mural, for any occasion or setting you to have in mind. 

If you are not sure what you want, we have some awesome ideas lined up for you.

8 Ideas for Exterior Wall Swimming Pool Murals

swimming pool wall murals exterior wall

Abstract Mural

An abstract mural is the best choice for anyone who is not sure how to elevate their swimming pool space.

Abstract murals can be used in many different settings, such as a patient room wall mural or as a wall mural for a fitness club. It is a versatile design also fit for holiday resorts and public swimming pools. 

You can choose between numerous designs from shapes to abstract flowers and leaves. Color block designs also work well as abstract murals. 

Blue abstract designs could work well because they would fit the sky-blue pool water perfectly. It makes the swimming space cohesive and appealing. 

These simple designs work for most settings that just need an extra something to spruce up the space. 

An abstract mural is also a great choice for anyone who does not want a particular theme in their backyard. You could host various gatherings without a clear theme on your walls. 

Balcony Views Mural 

A balcony view mural can turn a plain swimming pool area into an exceptional space.

You can use inspiration from real balcony views from various locations in the world. Paintings of balcony views are another terrific source of inspiration.

These range from luxurious hotel balcony views or classic art balcony views that overlook a vineyard.

The type you choose can make it feel like you are sipping a cocktail from the highest floor of the hotel. 

You could also feel like a royal, waking up to the fresh air of the green grass from outside your balcony.

All these feelings from a mural in your swimming pool area seem like heaven to us.

Beach-Themed Mural

swimming pool wall murals

Beach-themed murals make swimming pool spaces feel like a family day out in the backyard. 

It also means that you do not have to deal with all the packing stress when it comes to going on a beach trip. You have a beach view right in your backyard! 

You do not have to deal with sand in your toes and your hair, but you can still enjoy the sunny skies and the cool water. 

You could use paradise beaches as a mural, or rocky beaches because they are just as scenic. 

Desert-Themed Mural

Cool off in the pool with a mural that could make you feel the heat. 

Desert-themed murals create a warm perception in your swimming pool area. This means that while it looks hot, you will still have the pool water to cool you down. 

You may not even have to settle for the typical scorching sun and sand images. 

You could have a mural of cacti all around the walls of your swimming pool. It is a subtle link to the desert theme but still ties in with the perception of hot weather and cooling down in the pool. 

A Tropical Island Mural 

Make your swimming pool area feel like a holiday resort with a gorgeous tropical island mural. 

This is a popular mural choice for anyone wanting to install a swimming pool, whether it is for your home or public pool. Who would not want to see a tropical island as they swim and cool off? 

It is also a go-to theme for party celebrations. This means you will never be short of luck when it comes to hosting spectacular parties. 

Inspiration for this mural can be drawn from any tropical island. You could go with the main elements, such as palm trees, a beachfront view, and coconuts.

Sunset or Sunrise Mural 

wall murals for swimming pool

Sunset or sunrise murals create a romantic atmosphere. Realistic sunset or sunrise murals work best to enhance that atmosphere. 

You could also use this theme as a relaxing spa wall mural. It creates the perfect, soothing atmosphere for anyone wanting to relax. 

Abstract sunset or sunrise murals are a fantastic option for those who want something subtle. It pairs well with the glimmering pools and creates a warm feeling in the swimming pool area. 

Under-the-Sea Mural 

Your imagination will thrive with the endless possibilities an under-the-sea mural can provide.

This is another popular mural choice, and kids love seeing the underwater creatures recreated on the wall. 

Kids could pretend they are mermaids or fish and the mural behind them will set the perfect scene. 

If you are looking for an interactive mural, this is a brilliant choice. A detailed underwater print image would be best to capture the amusement of this mural. 

This is a wonderful mural choice if you have young kids or if you are looking for a design for a public swimming pool. 

Waterfall Mural 

A waterfall mural can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your swimming pool area.

You can create an illusion of the water in the mural falling into the pool, which is always a neat option. For more traditional waterfall murals, you could draw inspiration from mountainous waterfalls. 

wall murals for swimming pools


Murals are not limited to any design. You can be as creative as you want or stay in the theme with the location of your mural.

With swimming pools, it is easy to focus on the aesthetics of the water, which is what our ideas provide. 

We have ideas suitable for all ages, basically, anyone who loves visiting the pool. 

Here at Coastal Creative, we focus on providing the finest custom-made wall murals for you. We can do everything from wall murals for hair salons to murals for retirement homes. Just call us and we can create a design based on your needs.

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