Dorm Room Wall Decals

When you first enter a dorm room, it is a blank canvas for you to put your stamp on it. The good news is, that this process does not have to be time-consuming or expensive.

By investing in a dorm room wall decal, you can easily decorate your dorm room walls and transform the entire space effortlessly.

As a bonus, dorm room wall decals are easy to apply and remove so you can easily leave the room exactly as you found it. It is no wonder then that college window decals have also risen in popularity. 

Below we have listed our top ideas for the best dorm room wall decal designs. Simply choose your favorite, submit your design for printing and enjoy your new and unique dorm room.

12 Ideas for Dorm Room Wall Decals

college decals for walls

Name Wall Decal

You might think featuring your name on a wall only belongs in personalized nursery wall decals but this can be a nice way of creating a welcoming space in your new home away from home. 

This gives you an opportunity to literally leave your mark on the space and will make people aware of who the space belongs to. 

You can also get creative with interesting and unique name designs to add to the creative feel. If you have a roommate who likes the idea, you can always add both of your names too.

Subject Specific Wall Decal

If you want to put your unique stamp on your dorm room, why not opt for a wall decal that relates to the degree you are studying for? 

Teachers use classroom window decals and classroom door vinyl decals as a way to create a coherent theme and make their classrooms more appealing to students. For example, featuring math equations in a math classroom wall decal.

This is because it creates the optimal environment for studying and it looks great. So, why not try it for yourself? 

Majoring in Chemistry? Why not place the periodic table of elements on the wall? Studying music? Why not celebrate it on the wall with a decal featuring your favorite sheet music?

This is the perfect way to personalize your space all the while reminding you of the reason for attending college in the first place.

Comic Strip Wall Decals

wall decals for college dorms

Some of the most popular wall decals for teenagers and college students alike feature popular comic strips or comic book characters. 

This is the perfect addition to your space if you are a fan of comics and would like to feature unique artwork on your wall. 

Besides, this can be a great conversation starter when guests come over and are sure to win over fellow comic book fans out there.

Movie Poster Wall Decal

Not into comics? Why not grab a vintage movie poster of one of your favorite old-time classics to feature on your wall? 

Vintage movie posters can give an authentic feel to a space while also exhibiting some of your personal tastes and interests. 

And if you are more of a modernist when it comes to film, you can still feature your favorite movie poster or just choose one with a cool design. 

Decals work better than actual posters because they won’t tear or fall off the wall. They also provide a smooth finish which means they can seamlessly be incorporated into the surrounding decor and space.

College Pride Wall Decal

When you are off to college, it is often difficult not to get absorbed in the school spirit. Especially in your earlier years. 

If this is the case, feel free to spruce up your dorm room wall with some of that collegial spirit. You can add the college logo, slogan, or mascot as a means of creating a space that reflects the surrounding area. 

In fact, custom school decals may even create a sense of feeling at home in your new surroundings. 

You can also incorporate some of the college colors into your bedding and other decorations to tie your entire dorm room together.

Motivational Quote Wall Decal

college decals for walls

Motivational quotes are very effective when you put them in a place where you can see them every day. 

Placing your favorite motivational quote on your wall in the form of a decal can encourage and motivate you throughout your college career. 

You can also submit a creative design featuring elements that relate to the specific quote or your life in general. 

This will ensure that your motivational quote not only serves as a source of inspiration but also a decorative feature that adds to the overall design of your space.

Floral Wall Decal

There are many varieties of floral wall decals, especially because they are so popular. Some feature a variety of smaller flowers scattered across a wall whilst others a single prominent flower to make a statement. 

So, if you have a flower that means something to you, you can opt to feature it on your wall in a wall decal design. Or, if you just like flowers in general, why not look around for a design that appeals to you and suits the rest of your interior? 

Better yet, you can design your own floral piece to feature on your dorm room wall.

Trailing Plants Wall Decal

Flowers may be a bit too soft and feminine for some people. If you like the botanical feel but want something a bit more muted you can opt for a wall decal featuring trailing plants. 

This is often a great way to bring some greenery into a space without actually having to include plants. If you already have plants, this can be a great way to echo the green theme throughout the space. 

Greenery and plants create a serene effect, which is why they are often featured in window decals for daycare centers. This type of wall decal may be the calm you need in times of exam stress.

Art Work Wall Decal

removable wall decals for dorm rooms

Most people have at least one piece of art that they have come across that appeals to them. Whether it be a timeless Van Gogh or a more modern Banksy print. 

Of course, art prints can be expensive and hard to come by, especially if you have to have them framed to be put on a wall. 

If you are an art lover, why not invest in some artwork wall decals of your favorite art pieces? 

It is sure to bring some class and taste to your dorm room. And that at a fraction of the price you would have paid for an art print.

Dandelion Wall Decal

When you think of dandelions in a wall decal, you are probably imagining a wall design that features a dandelion with some of its petals floating away. 

This is a popular option for a variety of reasons. It creates a sense of movement and also brings a bit of soft energy to a space that may otherwise appear a bit bland. 

Some people choose this design because dandelions represent power, strength, and growth. But of course, you can choose to feature dandelions in a myriad of other ways.

Tree Wall Decal

Wall decals featuring trees come in many shapes and varieties. Some feature the tree of life whereas others take on a more literal representation of various types of trees. 

Trees symbolize stability and growth and have a deep symbolic meaning for many people. It is also a good way of incorporating some elements of nature into your space. 

Tree wall decals are often neutral in design which means they are loved and appreciated by many. 

This is the perfect addition if you are undecided and want something that can work with a variety of other design elements.

Photo Frame Wall Decal

dorm room removable wall decals

It can be difficult to feature photos on a wall if you don’t want to frame them or physically stick them on. 

Luckily, some wall decal designs feature photo frames, allowing you to attach photos, as and where you see fit. 

Custom photo wall decals give your wall design a personal feel and also allow it to serve a practical purpose. 

Fill the frames on your wall decal with pictures from home or your more recent college moments to ensure that you are surrounded with good memories all day long.

Patterned Wall Decal

If you want to decorate a larger portion of your wall and don’t want to feature a single, big object, a patterned decal may be the way to go. 

Patterned decals often feature repetitive patterns of shapes, flowers, or other elements against a neutral background to allow you to easily apply a pattern to your wall.


Found your favorite dorm room wall decal idea yet? There are so many options, you are sure to find something that suits your taste. 

Wall decals can change the feel of your dorm room and make it uniquely yours, instantly. 

Whether you feature fancy artwork or photos from home, you will be well remembered for having the savviest dorm room if you opt for a dorm room wall decal.

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