Daycare Window Decals

Daycare window decals, like any classroom wall decal, can instantly uplift a space and make it more inviting.

In fact, window decals have the benefit over wall decals, that they can actually cover entire windows and create some privacy within a space. This is the reason for school window decals and college window decals recent rise in popularity.

Window decals are versatile and aesthetically pleasing and they can easily be removed or replaced. So, if you want to add a design element to a daycare space, a daycare window decal may be your very best option.

If you are unsure where to start, don’t worry, because we have outlined some of our top ideas in this article.

Simply choose your favorite idea, download or create a design for it and submit it for printing. Before long, your daycare’s window will be transformed into a beautiful decorative feature.

6 Ideas for Window Decals for Daycare Centers

daycare window decals

Name & Logo Window Decal

For any type of business, windows are a great place to feature your business name and information so that people are aware of what is going on inside. And daycares are no different. 

One of the simplest ways to decorate your daycare’s window with a decal is to have your name and logo printed on it. 

This will ensure that people know exactly where you are and can even serve as a form of advertising for passers-by. 

You can opt for a small simplistic design with a clear background that will allow people to see inside, which is the most common option for custom window vinyl decals

Or you can opt for a frosted glass decal or perforated vinyl window decal, which can create some privacy.

Informational Window Decal

Another great way to make your daycare stand out to people potential parents and passers-by is to create an informational window decal. 

Like the name and logo decal, this type of window decal can alert people to some or other fact about business. 

For example, you can print out a list of the services offered at the daycare or the operating hours. 

You can also include details such as the contact number and website to make it easy for people to contact you when they notice your window decal. 

If you get creative with your design and colors, this type of window decal has the dual purpose of providing information and making your space stand out.

Animal Themed Window Decal

window decals for daycare centers

Like nursery wall decals, daycare window decals provide an opportunity to decorate a space with something that children can enjoy. 

In this regard, any animal-themed decal is a good option for daycare.

And there are so many options to choose from. For example, some decals featuring animals include monkeys swinging from trees, which creates a fun element. 

Other animal-themed decals have a more minimalistic design and feature sleeping animals to create a more relaxing and serene environment. 

If your daycare has an animal-themed name, be sure to include something in your design that echoes that. 

With animal-themed designs, the opportunities are endless, which makes it a great option for a daycare window.

Nature-Themed Window Decal

If you are looking for a way to incorporate natural elements without featuring animals, try including a window decal featuring plants or flowers. 

This is a good way of incorporating natural elements into a space. If the daycare is in a building without much of an outside view, this can be a good way of bringing nature indoors, which is also why it is a popular option for other classroom door vinyl decals

The good thing about a more botanical decal is that it is easy to print a large design that can cover the entirety of a window. 

This can create the illusion of view where there is none and create a sense of calm in the space.

Photo Window Decal

daycare window decal

Window decals featuring photos are also a trendy option for those looking to cover and decorate their windows. 

For example, photos are popular on dorm room wall decals because they bring a sense of personalization to an otherwise neutral space. 

So, if you are looking to leave your stamp on a window, opt to include some relevant photos there. 

You can feature former daycare students or photos from fun activities you offer. Not only will this make your window decal more personal and unique but it can also lift the mood and bring a sense of vibrancy to the space.

Educational Window Decal

If you want to cover your windows with a decorative element but also want it to serve a practical purpose, you can opt for an educational window decal. 

This can become something that students can refer to as they learn. For example, you may feature math symbols or numbers such as those featured in math classroom wall decals. 

Because the kids in the daycare are still young, you may want to keep it as simple as possible. Other educational options include featuring the alphabet or the most basic shapes. 

There are some fun designs out there that are sure to spark kids’ interest and fit the overall theme of your daycare as well.

window decals for daycare center


So, it is evident that there is a wide array of window decals for a daycare center. 

From something that can provide information to people outside to decals that can enhance the space inside, there is a decal to suit your needs. 

If you are looking for that something extra to add to your daycare space, opt for a window decal. 

It will turn your window into a piece of art and sometimes even has the purpose of being informational, educational, or screening off the interior of the daycare from the people outside.

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