Daycare Wall Murals

First impressions count, and daycare wall murals can help provide that all-important excellent first impression for your daycare center.

Just like wall murals for elementary schools, daycare wall murals serve several practical purposes. The most obvious is to create a fun and interactive environment for the youngsters spending time there. 

Child-friendly murals help kids develop their imagination and help them learn. Murals can also serve the purpose of dividing the area into different sections for different activities. 

A vividly colored and cheerful mural gives your daycare a positive feel and makes it more likely that children will look forward to returning each day. 

We have jotted down some fun ideas for custom-made wall murals to inspire you if you are looking for ideas to spruce up your daycare facility. 

6+ Inspiring Ideas for Daycare Wall Murals

wall murals for daycare centers

Interior Wall Murals 

Wrap Around Murals

Transform the entire room into a wonderland by covering the walls with a fantasy land. Let the walls tell a story, Such as A trail into the woods that leads to a house of candy, A castle on a hill inhabited by a princess, or Flowers and toadstools make hiding places for elves and fairies.

A mural that is full of detail and invokes your imagination makes an excellent wall mural for a pediatrician’s office or pediatric dental office wall mural as well.

Storytelling Corner 

A corner of a room can be the perfect place to gather for storytelling and a bookshelf can form part of the tree trunk. 

A wall mural of a large tree can be fitted into a corner of a room. The trunk extends onto both walls with a brown corner bookshelf fitted neatly against it. Generous leaf branches extend on either side of the trunk onto each of the walls. Birds, flowers, or small animals can be included to add color and interest.

Art and Crafts 

If you have a dedicated area for art and craft, there is no shortage of ideas for wall murals. You could add murals that depict art materials, like large paintbrushes dripping in bright paint. A row of different color pencils is ideal for an art area too. Vary the heights of the pencils for visual interest and write the name of the color above each pencil.

A splash of colors can work too. Encourage your little artists to contribute to one large canvas. We will scan the original masterpiece and print a wall mural to your required size. An art area with a mural of children’s art will be a hit. 

daycare wall mural

Nap Area 

Most daycare facilities have quiet areas for nap time. You want to keep colors subdued in a resting place with a less busy design than in the general activity areas. 

A nap area with a tranquil underwater scene in green and blue may be fitting. Or perhaps evening colors on the wall with flocks of birds flying home to roost. If this is too much of a shift from the rest of the theme you have used, continue your theme, but tone it down and consider some sleeping animals under the trees and plants. Subtle theses like this make appropriate wall murals for baby nurseries too.

A Little of Everything

Of course, there are no rules about what mural theme you have to place where and a daycare center is a wonderful place to mix things up if you want to. 

Use a variety of nursery rhymes, for example, Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall watching the cow jump over the moon. 

Perhaps you want to incorporate a night sky, twinkling stars, and the man on the moon above a farm scene?

If you cannot decide on a set theme, there is nothing to stop you from adding a different theme to each wall. Just keep it age-appropriate so the little ones can relate to it. The possibilities are endless. You can use your walls to depict a variety of nursery rhymes or even explore outer space with an astronaut kid riding on a spaceship. 

Outdoor Space

There are no rules for mural themes on outdoor walls. But, oversize flowers, sunshine, rainbows, and large colorful critters will give your outdoor space a vibrant and fresh feel. 

A farmyard with outdoor animals can be a fun theme too. Surround the outdoor play area with wooly sheep, cows, horses, and hay. Don’t forget the chicken pecking seed from the ground and ducks in a pond. 

A farmyard theme is equally suitable for murals on preschool walls and wall murals for kindergarten.

wall mural for daycare


A jungle theme is another fabulous theme for the outdoors. Cover the walls with lush trees and monkeys hanging from the branches. Add the characters from the Jungle Book to make your mural come alive.

If your daycare is part of a religious organization a Noah’s Arc full of happy animals makes an eye-catching scene. Noah’s Ark is a perfect wall mural for a children’s church.

Cheerful exterior wall murals make your daycare stand out and more accessible for people to find. Incorporate your daycare logo into the external imagery and raise awareness of your facility.


A daycare is a place of nurturing and fun and you want your facility to look and feel warm and welcoming. Wall murals are a great way to help you achieve the look you want. In this article, we have given a few appropriate ideas to inspire you but the sky is the limit with a little imagination.

Whether you are giving your existing daycare center an upgrade or launching a new facility that you want to decorate, our professional team at Coastal Creative can help you. 

We can customize murals to your specific needs, including colors, design, and size. The great thing about our vinyl wall murals is that you can remove them without damaging the wall underneath. So if you want to make changes to the space later, it can quickly be done.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to see how we can turn your ideas into reality.

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