Custom Wall Decals for Business

If you’re looking for a way to liven up a business wall, then it might be time to consider adding decals. Custom decals can work on any nonporous surface, and offer infinite design options. 

With Coastal Creative, you can create unique custom wall decals for your business that reinforces your company’s mission, increases productivity, and enhances employee satisfaction.

Below, we’ll present to you our top ideas for custom office wall decals and some ways to spruce up large factory walls. 

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Custom Office Wall Decals

custom wall decals for office

Business Infographic

Culture is super important for the smooth functioning of any company. With wall decals, you can include the mission statement, the business attitude, and what is expected of employees. 

They can be used on every nonporous surface in your office, especially on spots that are visible to employees and visitors. They don’t have to be limited to just indoors but can also work great as office window decals.

You can also create an infographic on business practices. Sustainable and ethical business practices are very important to prospective consumers and partners. If you’re wanting to go the window route, you can Make sure they know where you stand, with the use of decals at the front of your store.

With a perforated window sign, you can also create privacy inside your business, showcase your business mission, and how you are giving back to the community and the environment. 

Motivation & Productivity Quotes

There is no denying that most people struggle to get through the work day. While quotes might sound a little cliche, there is no doubt that when used right they can make a difference.

The type of quotes you choose should be consistent with your company culture. If yours is one that values humor, create decals that are funny and motivational. If your business has a more competitive spirit, use it to motivate employees with quotes on productivity. 

These quotes also don’t have to be limited to basic text displays. With a good designer, it will be easy to create really amazing quotes that convey their message through words, font, and maybe even art. 

Frosted Partitioning

custom wall decal for business

If you have any glass-walled boardrooms or offices, consider adding frosted glass decals to them. Frosted glass, which can also be made to look like etched glass, is a great way to give your office some privacy and create a more elegant look. 

You can also add a minimal design to the decal. Add your business logo and combine this with glass door decals to completely revamp your office space. 

Large Custom Wall Decals for Factories

Factories are often left to their drab existence without an ounce of customization. Sometimes a business will add their name somewhere on their building but other than that, most follow the same formula; long lines of gray buildings. 

That’s why you should be utilizing all available space to add some custom decals. With so much available space, you can really go wild and create a truly unique and stand-out factory building. This will not only be great for marketing but also boost employee morale. 

Business Logo

We all know the old “go big or go home” saying. It rings especially true when you have as much available space as a factory offers. Decals, while predominantly used on glass, can be used on any nonporous surface – which you might find a lot of in and around your factory. 

Go big with your logo and add them to any interior or exterior walls. They also look great on exterior glass roofs, where you can add window graphics

Don’t stop there. Add your business logo as rear window decals on your heavy machinery to differentiate yourself from the others on the industrial lot. Just make sure the decal doesn’t obstruct the operator’s view. 

Business Information

Just as a business logo decal can be great to advertise your business from far away, a decal showing your business information – contact details, operating hours, services – can have a massive impact on your reach. 

Showcase your business info with decals and add commercial decals next to it to market your brand and your services. 

To many, big signage is a sign of success and confidence. It’s a great opportunity to advertise your business information. 

custom die cut vinyl wall decals

Safety Protocols

Factories will often house dangerous machinery or have spaces that can be health hazards. Many employees might not always be thinking about safety procedures or become a little complacent or distracted. 

To avoid as many mistakes that could potentially be very dangerous, use decals to remind employees and visitors of safety protocols. 

Decals can also be used to map out your factory and show zones that might be dangerous, hazardous, or just plain off-limits. 

These safety protocols don’t have to be boring or break the style of your interior. You can work with a designer to create decals that fit your look and draw attention. 

Art Pieces

Factories and art aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence and that’s why it’s such a great idea. As mentioned before, factories offer a lot of space. 

And while you can create murals, you can also use decals on nonporous walls to create art pieces that fit with your factory. By putting decals on your walls alongside some window banner decals, you can create unique wraparound art for your factory.  

The contrast of using art pieces with your factory can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. You will draw the attention of potential customers and partners as well as improve the mood of your employees. 

large custom wall decals factories


Decals can be a great way to customize windows, glass walls, and other nonporous surfaces in your offices, stores, or factories. The customization possibilities are endless and can be used as motivation, advertisement, or purely decoration. 

Whichever you choose, don’t forget to partner with Coastal Creative for all your decal printing needs.

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