Creative Office Wall Murals

An office is a place that needs to be set up optimally to enhance the productivity of the employees within it, and the perfect way to achieve this is with a creative office wall mural. 

An office wall mural can be designed by an artistic staff member and can be flawlessly printed and installed by a professional wall mural company like Coastal Creative. 

We break down some ideas for creative office wall murals, as well as office wall murals to inspire creativity in the office, to help you along with the best design for your office space. 

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Creative Office Wall Murals


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An abstract creative wall mural for a corporate office is a great way to incorporate artistic influence into the office space, both for the aesthetic appeal and as an extension of brand identity if your business is more on the creative side. 

This is a broad idea, as it can be an array of colors organized in specific patterns or styles, or it can be a subtle expression of a specific idea that links to your work. 

You can pick colors that fit into the brand image, like the colors of the logo, or colors that you think fit well the interior of the office. 

Avoid dark, harsh colors as this can be distracting and does not lend well to a focused work environment. 

It is best to get a professional company to do your custom-size wall murals, as you want it all to be done flawlessly. 


A landscape commercial wall mural can be calming and brings a bit of the outdoors inside the office. 

Brighten up the space with sunrise or beach, or go for a forest or mountain landscape for a tranquil atmosphere amid a high-pressure environment. 

Try to keep the landscape light and upbeat, as this is a refreshing addition to any employee’s workspace. 


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Embracing your inner child in the workspace is an unexpected way to channel creativity and innovation. 

Using animated or cartoon images of people, places or things creates a fun and trendy twist in the office that brightens up the room and lightens the mood around the workplace. 

This works especially well in an office where creative work is being done, as it can be inspirational, and can keep employees in an innovative headspace. 

This would work as a great wall mural for a dental office, to appeal to younger visitors. 


Scenery is an aesthetically appealing type of design that is unique and enjoyable for an office. 

Pick one that is relevant to the work you do, like a brewery if you work for an alcohol company, or an old-fashioned bank if you work for a finance company. 

This is an interesting way to incorporate ‘on-the-ground’ aspects into the corporate space, to keep employees connected to their job and purpose. 

You can do this with actual imagery of the scenery, or you could get creative with an animated or artsy depiction instead. 

Scenery also works well as a wall mural for a doctor’s office, as it can brighten up the space and make patients feel at ease. 

Collage Mural

A collage is a busy yet eye-catching type of mural design that can incorporate many elements into one meshed pattern. 

This is a chance to bring in any relevant imagery and elements that link to your business, into one vast idea. 

For example, if you work in finance, you could do a collage of various currency symbols, office locations around the world, stock exchange imagery, or even the types of companies that are clients. 

Photograph Mural

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Photographs can be incorporated into a wall mural to add a personal touch and create a familiar and comfortable environment for employees. 

You can bring in photographs of significant moments in the company’s history, or bring in similar ‘on the ground’ elements from the scenery mural. 

For example, a law firm might have images of historical moments in the legal system, or court cases, to remind employees of the importance of their work and how they have reached the current stage of law.

This can also be personalized for a wall mural for your home office.


A map wall mural in an office is unusual but highly creative and trendy. 

Again, it can be a map of a place significant to the company. Perhaps the city it is situated in, the place of its origins, or a place that has inspired the concept. 

For instance, a coffee company might look to have a map of a coffee plantation in Colombia, or Ethiopia, wherever the coffee is sourced from. 

You can even add in imagery for key points, such as landmarks or office/branch locations, above its exact point on the map. 


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A city landscape as an office wall mural is an excellent way to pay homage to a city that relates to your company, or the city in which the office is situated. 

It brings the outside in but also celebrates a key city to the company’s operations. This can also be encouraging employees to appreciate and embrace the place they live in, which can also improve overall morale. 

For example, a skyline mural of New York City in a New York-based office, or an office that has headquarters in the city, would ground the location and identity of the workplace. 

Wall Murals to Inspire Creativity in the Office

Chalkboard Wall Murals

Chalkboard wall murals for an office provide the perfect foundation for creativity and brainstorming. 

Creating a wall that can be written on is a good way to encourage employees to jot down ideas, use imagery for explanations, or even just express their creativity through writing or drawing. 

This works well in team or office meetings, or group work on projects. This eliminates the need for employees to find specific rooms or areas for a broad space, as they can use it wherever they are. 

It can also be used to leave messages for colleagues. 


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Adding quotes onto a wall mural for an office is the perfect way to motivate employees with gems of wisdom. 

Browse through and find the most inspirational quotes you can, and compile them all onto the wall mural so that employees can look up from their desks at any given time and feel encouraged by one of the profound thoughts visible. 

To make it personal, you could ask each employee to provide a quote that they like best and add it to the wall with mention of them.

This not only includes the employees in the process but keeps a good remembrance of everyone who has been involved in the company at some point. 

Past Work

If your company has been in existence for many years, there might be a few notable moments that you want to display on the walls of the office. Incorporating them into a wall mural is the best way to do this. 

You can capture these with images, symbols, or writing. You could pull up images, accolades, or even testimonials to encapsulate these moments. 

This can be both nostalgic and inspirational for employees. 


A company’s history is incredibly important, as it informs the present and future of the organization, too. 

To celebrate the history that has brought you to the current point, you can add elements of the history in workplace office wall murals

This can be with imagery, quotations to descriptions, and symbols. A creative way to go about it is with timelines that sprawl across the wall to display the journey of the company and its employees – you can even leave some space to update it as more things are accomplished. 


most creative wall murals for office

Art is enjoyable to look at, but it can be interpreted in various ways and serve as inspiration for many. 

You can pick out any art piece or style that you feel would fit into the office space, whether it is a well-known piece, or an original piece (this is also a good opportunity to showcase up-and-coming artists). 

You can either focus on one art piece or do a collage of many different pieces that fit well together. 


Office wall murals are a fantastic way to brighten up an office space, inspire employees, and spark creativity. 

There are many styles and design ideas to choose from when you are deciding, but keep in mind that it should fit in with the overall aesthetic of your office. It should also be a design that inspires employees while they work and adds value to the work environment, rather than serving as a distraction. 

Get a general idea of what employees would enjoy the most when choosing the most suitable creative office wall mural ideas, and perhaps send out a few top ideas for a vote to help make the final decision. 

Ensuring that it is a mural that is favorable to the majority of the workforce is important to add to the space and spark creativity among employees.

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