Convenience Store Window Decals

Despite the rise of online shopping, many people still use convenience stores daily. But you need to be sure that they will use yours. And the best way to do this is with attention-grabbing window decals.

Window decals are widely-used in retail stores, offices, and business premises across all industries. Their practicality and versatility are well known. But have you considered what new window decals will do for your convenience store? 

A convenience store’s advertising and marketing needs are very different from other stores. Therefore, you need the best advice about using window decals for your business. In our guide below, we give you five great tips for decals, specifically aimed at convenience store windows.

5 Tips for Convenience Store Window Decals

convenience store decals

Create an Advertising Storyboard 

Use innovative decal themes in a full-size colorful window display to market your store. Our custom perforated vinyl window decals offer increased advertising potential while retaining your privacy. See enough of the outside, while passersby on the outside see your advertisements only.

Perforated decals are also great for full-size window adverts, and your chosen theme can incorporate custom full-door decals as well.  They allow you to feature an unbroken scene across the entire front facade of your convenience store. So do something different to make a big impact. 

This “storyboard” could feature comic book-type characters with colorful graphics and blurbs. The “characters” can tell potential customers about your top products in the blurbs. Any entertaining display will grab people’s attention. But keep images relevant to your customer base and location.

Highlight Your Promotions

To increase sales, you will probably be promoting certain items at times. Ensure that all who pass by your store know about these promotions. It’s so quick and simple with our adhesive decals for storefront windows. Once the promotional period is over, remove the decal naming the product and replace it with a new one.

Design promotional signs easily with our custom-made window decals. We can reproduce any text, image, or shape that you need. You can have a different decal made up for each promotion or product launch. Advertise new services that you offer in this way, too.

The human eye quickly gets bored. The people who pass by your store daily need a reason to look at your store windows instead of others. We recommend that you keep things interesting by varying the background colors and shapes of these promotional decals. A different font for the text can also catch their eye. 

convenience store window decal

Take Note of Your Customer Base

Convenience stores, by their very nature, appeal to a wide range of customers. Many of your customers will not be regulars, and are just “passing through”. But you may also find that you build a regular customer base, depending on your location.

In certain areas, convenience stores are popular with particular population demographics. Are you situated somewhere where a lot of college kids hang out? Are you right in the heart of a bustling city? Or is your location more suburban? You can cater to your market with our custom decals for businesses and convenience stores.

Is your store frequented mostly by business people at lunchtime or on their way to and from work?  In such a case, you may prefer a more polished look for your convenience storefront displays. You can achieve this with colored frosted glass decals custom-made to your requirements. 

Keep Your Decals Looking Good

Regularly inspect and update all your signage to keep things looking modern and fresh. Our window and door decals last for over three years when used indoors. They can also be used outdoors and can last up to three years outside in ideal conditions.

Ensure that your window decals stay vibrant and serve you well by keeping them clean. You don’t need to use specialized products to clean them. A regular clean rag dipped in tepid water will do the job. And replace those decals that no longer look their best.

Every business, no matter the industry, will update its furnishings and signage from time to time. Even company decals for walls and windows get updated to stay looking current. It should be no different for a convenience store. So keep your customers interested by updating your look in step with new trends.

Display Essential Info

Decals are not just for entertainment and marketing. They fulfill a more vital role too, by displaying the name of your convenience store and other important information. 

Display your store manager’s name, security policy, business hours, and contact details too. This essential information should be in more than one place so that all your customers see it. So aside from front window banner decals or door signs, also display this in back window business decals.

And don’t neglect the marketing potential of the back of the store, either. Well-placed can draw attention to products that customers might ordinarily miss. Do this and you will increase product awareness and your sales as well. 

convenience shop window decal


Isn’t it good to know that you can address virtually all your convenience store signage needs in one place? Use convenience store window decals wisely, and you will market your business, increase sales, and keep customers coming back for more.

Our tips for using decals in your convenience store will help you to get the most out of your windows. The rest is up to you, so contact us today to discuss your signage decal needs for your store. We make designing custom decals for your convenience store, convenient.

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