Construction Wall Murals

Construction wall murals are often associated with industrialized spaces. These types of wall murals heavily feature in modern buildings that emphasize modern urban design.

But, these murals are also far more versatile than this.

In fact, they differ from industrial wall murals, in that they can appear artistic, fun, or even be used in kids’ rooms.

If you are looking for something to bring a unique feel to your space, installing a construction wall mural might be the right move.

And unlike its theme, these custom picture wall murals can easily be installed if you opt for a printed mural of your favorite design like the ones offered here at Coastal Creative.

This way you can get a feel for construction without the labor hours and costs associated with it. Let’s look at our top picks for some of the best construction-themed murals out there.

Who knows, you might even find one you like.

8 Ideas for Construction Wall Murals

construction wall mural

Industrial Building Wall Murals

Many construction wall murals are similar to architecture wall murals in that they represent elements of a building, construction, and other significant architectural elements.

It is no wonder then that people seeking construction wall murals often opt for a wall mural that features an industrial building of some sort.

The theme of construction is heightened by displaying the most impressive parts of the building and it can transform a drab wall into a striking feature piece.

This mural is perfect for anyone who has a modern space with an industrial feel, such as a city loft or apartment, and for larger commercial buildings.

Photographic Wall Murals

Another theme for construction wall murals features scenes from photos. These scenes may include buildings under construction, construction workers, or construction materials.

Photographic murals are often in black and white to contribute to the artistic feel of it but colored images have become more popular among people that prefer a less modern design.

One popular example of a construction mural with a photographic theme is the famous “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper”, which is a photograph that features eleven men having lunch on a construction beam, taken in 1932.

Wall-Themed Wall Murals

ideas for construction wall murals

Some construction wall murals, unlike other murals such as wall murals for churches, take a more deliberate approach to the construction theme and attempt to mimic what a finished construction project will look like.

An example of this is wall-themed murals, which are essentially pictures of brick or stone walls that are applied over a regular wall to make it appear like the wall on the picture.

Concrete walls are also popular and provide a rustic, industrial feel.

The perfect mural if you want a change in your space without overseeing actual construction processes. Plus, it is cheaper than replacing a wall too.

Construction Equipment Wall Murals

Another option for a construction-themed mural is opting for a mural that features construction equipment.

These often feature scenes of excavators in action or other construction tools.

This is a popular option for a space that is themed around the idea of construction or for someone that wants to directly feature a physical element of construction in their space.

Kids Construction Wall Murals

ideas for construction wall mural

You probably wouldn’t have guessed that construction wall murals are one of the most popular themes for kids’ wall murals.

Many parents choose themes that feature animated construction trucks and construction workers as murals for their children’s rooms.

And why shouldn’t they? Many kids dream of building and constructing a house one day, and some even have helmets and trucks to match.

So if you are looking for a theme for a kids’ room, why not choose one of the fun construction prints out there?

Broken or Torn Wall Murals

Some wall murals are made to look like the mural is torn apart, revealing a beautiful scenery behind it.

Others are made to look like brick walls that have been broken, similarly revealing a different scene underneath.

These types of murals create a lasting impression and have a very fun element to them. Perfect for someone who wants something unique to add a sense of playfulness to their space.

“Under Construction” Wall Mural

The last wall mural is another playful take on the theme of construction and refers to murals that feature duct tape with the words “Under Construction” on it, just as one would find at an actual construction site.

This is a popular option for trendy commercial buildings and even nightclubs because it creates the illusion that a building, or part of a building, is still under construction.

City Scapes Wall Murals

construction wall mural ideas

If a single building is not enough and you want to make an even bigger impression with your construction wall mural, why not opt for a mural featuring cityscapes?

This is a fun way to bring the industrial feel of the city into your space and it can even create the illusion of having a view over the city.

Cityscape murals can feature cityscapes in the daytime or nighttime, each creating a distinct feel and mood. Be sure to decide what kind of ambiance you are after before making your final decision.


After reading this, you should realize that there is more to construction-themed wall murals than meets the eye.

From playful takes on the world of construction to iconic photographs, there is a myriad of ways to incorporate this theme into a mural.

The good thing is, that you do not have to commit to one mural forever.

In fact, it is quite easy to replace an existing wall mural if you grow tired of it. So don’t wait too long before deciding on the perfect construction wall mural for your space.

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