Commercial Wall Decals

In the commercial business world, there are many different sectors – retail, services, and even the hospitality industry. They may not seem to have much in common. But one thing they do have in common is the need for professional signage and marketing. This is where commercial wall decals come in. 

Whether you have recently acquired a commercial space, or are looking for ways to update your look, we can help. Our customizable decals will enhance the business premises of any commercial enterprise. To illustrate how incredibly versatile our decals are, we put together 5 top ideas for commercial wall decals.

5 Ideas for Commercial Wall Decals

commercial wall decals

Depict Your Company’s Goals

Depending on which sector of commerce you are engaged in, your company culture will differ. But in any business, the employees are happier and more productive if they feel comfortable in their work surroundings. Introduce custom photo wall decals in the common rooms that promote a sense of calm.

This idea will also translate well into decals for windows and doors in staff canteens and restrooms, if applicable. Any bare space is an opportunity to make staff feel at home. But take care not to overdo it, or it may seem a bit overwhelming. So choose images that are in line with your service or product. 

At a travel company, images of exotic destinations would be perfect. For a landscaping service, prevent staff boredom and promote your ideas with photographic images of trees, flowers, birds, or natural images.

Community Pride

Our commercial window decals are perfectly suited to promoting your values and ethics, too. Engage with your customers and the community at large with messages or images that promote unison while still respecting diversity. This means that when entering and leaving your business, everyone knows they made the right choice.

Your staff may be of different backgrounds and cultures, and will also appreciate this theme. Do you have glass sliding doors leading on to different departments? This idea works well for those business glass door decals too. 

While this idea is perfect for charitable organizations, it can also be implemented in commercial businesses in multi-cultural metropolitan areas. No matter if you are providing an accounting service or selling tech, we can make custom decals tailored to your needs. If you have a slogan or catchphrase, turn it into a decal. Promote your brand, and your community spirit, with decals that make a difference.

commercial wall decal

Stand out Among the Rest

Unlike storefront window decals, the focus of commercial wall decals is not to grab the attention of passers-by. The aim is to establish authority and promote your business. A more sophisticated approach is called for. Promote brand awareness through the use of decals that show your emblem, or insignia. 

This can be in the form of a row of smaller decals at regular intervals along the side walls.  But there may be several commercial businesses in your area selling the same product or providing the same service. What sets you apart from the rest? That is what you need to embody, right there on the foyer walls. Even if the difference is in your tasteful decor and sophisticated signage. 

Decide on a theme that works for your industry, and design your various decals around that theme. Too many colors, fonts, and images can confuse visiting clients so choose one overriding theme to pull the whole look together. Certain typesets work best with certain types of imagery, for example. 

Inspire Creativity in Your Work Environment

A calm and clutter-free workspace will do wonders for alleviating work stress. But sometimes, even more than a sense of calm, you need some inspiration. And this can be introduced with the skillful application of custom wall decals for your office.

Inspirational quotes by business icons or mindfulness coaches can be useful here. But don’t overlook powerful imagery as a source of tension relief. With our personalized business wall decals, you can create the workspace that you need.

Of course, this is easily done on walls of glass. But you can use our adhesive vinyl decals on ordinary walls too. Virtually any smooth surface is ideal for displaying these decals. And if properly applied and cared for, they will last for years.

Employ the Psychology of Color

wall decals for commercial space

Do you receive client visits at your business premises? You probably have a dedicated reception area where they can sit and wait. This is the ideal spot for a few sparingly but strategically placed decals. Our decals are available in a myriad of colors.

But certain colors have a distinct effect on people. In your reception, keep your waiting clients calm with cool colors like blue or green for a calming effect, or neutrals for a down-to-earth vibe. Or use the effect that colors have to direct attention to certain areas. 

This is demonstrated by fast-food restaurants, where bright colors are used to make customers order quickly and leave soon. Every surface is a potential marketing space, so integrate this theme into your rear window business decals too. 


We answer the need for professional commercial wall decals that you can rely on. Our products offer the practicality of traditional signage with the innovation and versatility of adhesive decals. They are not just an effective marketing tool, but also enhance your work environment in countless ways. 

And the only limit is your imagination. The ideas above are just a sample of what you can do with our customizable decals for windows, doors, and walls. So give us a call to make the most of your commercial business walls, today.

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