Classroom Wall Decals

Are you a teacher who loves to create fun themes for your classroom to encourage student participation? In that case, our classroom wall decals are sure to impress you. 

There are endless options for classroom vinyl decals. You can apply them to your classroom door as a welcome greeting to your students or stick a decal to the front of your desk with an encouraging quote.

Decals are suitable for any grade; from playful kindergarten stickers to large vinyl college decals, Plus, Custom removable wall decals are ideal for a quick and easy change of themes. So if the purpose of your classroom changes, your decor can too. 

8 of the Best Customized Classroom Wall Decal Ideas

Colorful Cartoon Characters

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Bright, colorful decals are a big hit with young children and make some of the best wall decals for nursery. Cartoon theme decals are great for primary school classrooms and make fun window decals for daycare centers.

Oversize cartoon figures that kids are familiar with and relate to can make a classroom feel like a fun and welcoming place. Most kids are familiar with educational cartoon TV shows. Bringing the fun into the classroom with familiar figures holding numbers or the alphabet will encourage early learning. 

Animal World Map 

An animal world map is ideal for a geography classroom and a fantastic way to teach kids about the location of different countries and the animals that inhabit them. Define each continent in a different color and add the continent name in bold print. Graphics and colors make learning easier for visual learners.

Make each continent a different color and fill it with animals that inhabit the area. For example bison, bears, and alligators for North America, lions and hippos for Africa, and kangaroos and koalas in Australia. Make use of the oceans too and fill them with an interesting variety of sea creatures. 

Paint Splash Decals

Paint splash decals are a fun idea for an art classroom, they are a perfect way to brighten up any classroom. They are versatile in that they can be a variety of sizes and many different colors. Plus they are easy to peel off and reposition if you want to create a bright focal point on a different wall.

Add inspiring text to each one. Phrases like, believe in yourself and think positively are suitable classroom wall decals. You can group them in one area or you can dot them around the classroom to encourage the students.

Geometric Shapes

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Geometric shapes are a fun and educational way to brighten up a math class. Make your shapes multipurpose. Using a different color for each shape is a useful way for little kids to remember their colors. Inside each shape print the name of the color and the name of the shape clearly – a great way to learn shapes, colors, and words in one.

Add the name of each shape in bold lettering in the center of it. This way the kids learn what the shape is and also how to spell the word. Geometric shapes can also make useful math classroom wall decals.

Welcome Message

A welcome message makes an excellent vinyl decal for a classroom door, especially at the beginning of the school year. It can feel intimidating to walk into a new classroom with a new teacher. A vinyl decal on the classroom door is a perfect way to add a welcome message to students entering your classroom. Because vinyl decals are easy to remove, you can change your welcome greeting from term to term.

Add a short message under a decal of your name to give kids a positive first impression when they enter the room. Something along the lines of,  

“You are unique, special, and wonderful.

I look forward to my lessons with you.”

Map of the USA Teaching Tool

Something we all learn as Americans are the name of our states and where in the United States they are. It can be a challenge to memorize all of them, but you can use a colorful map of the USA to help. 

Use various colors to make each state stand out and add a printed name of the state and its capital. A colorful and educational decal of a large USA map can be used in geography or history class. 

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Think Before You Speak Decal

The classroom environment is perfect for learning tolerance and learning to embrace diversity. Wall decals can be excellent reminders of values you would like the kids to embrace. Middle school is a time when kids are most self-aware and trying to fit in. It is also the time that bullying peaks. 

There are loads of inspiring quotes to use, for example, using the word “Think” to teach kids to think before they say something. Each letter stands for a word. Print THINK vertically in eye-catching colors, and next to each letter, add the appropriate phrase. T – is it true, H -is it honest, I – is it inspiring, N- is it nice, K – is it kind.

Academic Wall Quote

There are loads of inspiring quotes that are suitable for an academic environment. We can make any custom quote you want, or you can use a famous quotation to motivate your class. 

Quotes can be a constant reminder of some of life’s valuable lessons. 

Plus, decals can easily be peeled off and changed to keep the inspiration fresh. Inspiring quotes also work well as removable wall decals for dorm rooms.

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Wall decals are perfect to display school values, inspirational quotes, educational material, or even your school badge. 

We have listed a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, but there are almost endless options for school wall decals. 

Not only will our high-quality wall decals add a splash of color to your classroom, but visual learners will also benefit from colorful educational displays.

Whether you have your design ready to print or want to bounce some ideas off our experts, our professional team at  Coastal Creative is ready to help.

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