Classroom Door Vinyl Decals

Classroom doors are the perfect canvas for creating an inviting and welcoming classroom. Your classroom door conveys a message to those who enter it and sets the tone for your teaching environment. 

Like custom school decals, classroom door vinyl decals are quick and cost-effective to install. Plus, custom-printed vinyl decals offer many versatile options. 

Decals are appropriate for use from preschool to high school and are a way to express creativity, convey a meaningful message or impart information.

From simple but meaningful to artistic and impressive, these ideas cover every subject, every teacher type, and every budget. 

If you are a teacher that wants to welcome your students and visitors memorably, then custom-made decals for your classroom door could be the way to make a lasting impression. 

Top 7 Vinyl Decal for Classroom Door Ideas

vinyl decal for classroom door

Teacher Name and Grade 

Perhaps school policy dictates that you can only display your name and the grade or subject you teach on your classroom door. In that case, you can print your name on vinyl decals and use an attractive font or colors to give the impression of being an approachable teacher.

Custom printed decals also allow you to use three-dimensional lettering, bringing the signage to life.

Welcome Greeting 

If you want to brighten up your classroom door but keep the decor restrained, consider a welcome greeting. You can use any number of colors. You may want a subtle look by using a single color or vibrant with multiple colors.

A welcome greeting can be simple; perhaps just a “welcome to my class” under your name. Or, if you want to make more of a statement use a saying like “welcome to my class, where learning is fun,” or something like “together everyone achieves more.

Fun Themes for primary grades 

A school can be intimidating for young kids, and a bright, fun classroom door is a great way to help them feel relaxed. 

Cartoon animals make fabulous window decals for daycare centers and sticker decals for nursery walls. But they also work well for primary school classroom walls and doors. There are many educational cartoon figures that children are familiar with, and adding decals of them in a welcoming pose is sure to put young minds at ease.

classroom door vinyl decal

Part of the Bigger Picture 

School wall decals are sometimes used to decorate school corridors or for educational themes. If appropriate, make your classroom door part of the theme. For example, if science is the theme in the passage, create a periodic table of success on your classroom door. 

A periodic table of success is laid out similarly to the scientific table of elements. The first letter of the word and sometimes one other make the symbol. For example, the symbol for the word work ethic is W, and Rs for responsible. You can add words to your table of success like supportive, reliable, creative, confident, and diligent.  

Bring Subjects To Life

The subject you teach can be an inspiration for a classroom door decal. There is almost no limit to what decals you can create using school subjects. 

You can cover a math classroom door in equations, which makes exciting math classroom wall decals too. Plus, there are many fun sayings about maths that you can add. For example, “Life is like a math equation; to get ahead, you have to know how to convert the negatives into positives.” 

For an art classroom, you can use an image of a famous painting or even a collage of several famous paintings. If you want a simple decal, a couple of large colorful paintbrushes might work.

You have the world at your feet for geographical themes. You can use a design of a globe or a map of America, or You can choose your favorite geographical landmark or satellite image of the earth.

Inspirational Quotes 

Inspirational quotations are always a good option for classroom door decals. Quotations can be relevant for grades or children that can read. Quotations can inspire learning or remind students of school values. Quotations can inspire learning or be used to remind students of school values. 

vinyl decals for classroom door

Using quotations on your classroom door can be a message for all who pass your classroom and not only for those entering your class. For example:

“Education is a powerful weapon that you can use to change the world. When you enter this classroom, you are explorers, readers, writers, mathematicians, artists, and scientists.” 

Alternatively, you can use the words important, loved, and respected.

Promote School Values 

Classroom doors are the perfect space to remind students of school values. Use clever sayings printed in eye-catching colors that relate to punctuality, inclusivity, respect, honesty, excellence, and responsibility, to name a few. 

In some instances, using only the word can be effective. Consider a graffiti-like print for high school that the kids are more likely to relate to. 

Words that depict the values of an institution can also make excellent college window decals and decals for dorm walls. Young adults can be vulnerable to peer pressure, and decals of relevant words can serve as a subtle reminder to embrace good values.


Vinyl decals are ideal for classroom doors. You can order customized decals to brighten any classroom door and make an eye-catching welcome statement.

Vinyl decals for classroom doors are easy to install and easily removable too. So, if you want to change the look of your classroom door at the end of the year or even at the end of each term, it can quickly be done. 

At Coastal Creative, we custom make any decal you need, from inspiring messages that take up little space to large format complex designs that fill your door.

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