Classic Wall Decals

Finding classic wall decals can be difficult in a world ruled by trends. Buying premade decals can leave you feeling limited which can be frustrating when you are trying to decorate your home. You may be renting and therefore cannot drill holes or damage the paint. 

This gives you very few options, which is where our custom wall decals come in. At Coastal Creative, we offer completely tailor-made wall decals, made to your exact specifications. You have the freedom to set the tone for the wall decor you use in your home.

We work on a case-by-case basis, interacting directly with you throughout the entire process. We’re able to work on special requests and provide fine-tuned customization to all our customers. Each and every customer enjoys the full benefits of working with us.

How to Use Classic Wall Decals in Your Home

classic wall decals

There are so many ways to use custom vinyl wall decals in your home. Our high-quality decals bring something special to your sanctuary. Show off your unique personality in your house without committing to anything permanent.

From start to finish, Coastal Creative will be 100% involved in the process of creating your perfect decals. We pride ourselves on professionalism and attention to detail. We only use top-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Our easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove wall decals allow endless options for creativity, but here are our top 8 recommendations for classic ways to use custom-made wall decals in the home. From boho chic to Halloween, we have you covered.

Sketched Shapes

Modern wall decals often incorporate geometric shapes, but if you’re looking for something more rustic and Bohemian, try rough, sketched circles or squares. The imperfect nature of the sketched shape brings relaxed vibes into your house.

Basic shapes have a simplistic, minimalist appearance which looks good in any room. They can be bold and colorful or neutral and understated. Experiment with our custom decal designer and see which designs speak to you.

You can get the shapes individually printed and place them randomly using your own layout. You can also create a pattern of shapes, and we can print it as a pre-measured large mural that you can easily peel and stick.

Oversized Flowers

classic wall decal

Large flowers have always been a popular vinyl decal choice. Both classic and trendy, the full flower wall is gorgeous. Massive single flowers can also look really beautiful around the house. Black flower silhouettes are also an option if you prefer a minimal look.

These oversized flower designs are very easy to achieve by uploading your own high-resolution flower images to our custom decal designer on our website. Input your exact measurements and rest assured knowing your custom decal will fit perfectly.

Landscape Murals

Landscapes are a wonderful addition to any home with a large blank wall. Beautiful sunsets or serene forests. The options are limitless. Landscape decals are a great way to bring the outside into your home without the clean-up.

Our premium vinyl decals work well in any home. They stick to glass, drywall, wood, stone, and concrete to work on any surface in your house. They are easy to clean with only a damp cloth. We assure quality with our 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

We can create opaque full-wall mural decals that cover your wall completely. Not only that, but we also make silhouettes on a clear background, so the paint on the wall becomes the background.


classic style wall decal

Tree decals are beautiful and timeless. They provide a sense of zen to the space and can look super realistic if you use a high-quality image. Having a custom-designed family tree decal in the living room is a sweet way to always see your family.

You can also use family tree decals to teach kids about their family members. Design your decal with a frame on each branch for photos of your loved ones, so you can always see them even if you live far apart.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are a classic decal choice for a child’s bedroom. They are cute and fun even in neutral colors. You can use gold or silver dots for some added glamour in a teenager’s room. Put the dots on the walls, on their closet doors, or on the roof.

Used in other parts of the home, polka dots can inject some whimsy into your home. If you prefer a playful style to your decor, incorporating a polka dot accent wall can look stunning with the style of the rest of your home.

Custom Name Decals

The best wall decals for kids are fun and unique. For something really special, help your child design their own name decal for their bedroom door. Each kid can have their own special font and cute clip art. Our custom decal designer has hundreds of options.

It can be a fun family activity to design the decals together, and they can help you stick them to their door. If they are old enough you can let them take the lead.

classic style wall decals

Seasonal Decor

If you really enjoy decorating for the holidays, one cute way to utilize wall decals is in your seasonal decor. Bats for Halloween, snowflakes for Christmas. Wall decals are temporary and can be removed quickly without damaging the paint beneath them.

You can choose a design from our selection of clip art and graphics, or you can upload your own custom design for the ultimate personalized decor. We have hundreds of choices for beautiful fonts and a color mixer, so you can fully customize your decal.


Maps make awesome wall decals. They can be classy and elegant in your bedroom or living room. They can also be used to track where you travel in the world. Another use is in a child’s bedroom for a pirate theme or to teach them their countries.

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