Church Wall Decals

Members of a church seek a place of serenity and spirituality, and the wall decor can play a big part in creating this type of environment. A church wall decal is a good way to achieve this. 

There are many quotes, images, and symbols that you can work with to create the perfect wall decal for the church walls. Your choice will depend on the existing decor, wall size, and setup of the church.

In this article, We’ll look at a few ideas for church wall decals that you can use as inspiration and guidance for your own space. 

6 Ideas For Church Wall Decals

Quotes or Scriptures

wall decals for churches

In a Church setting, a powerful religious quote or scripture on a custom-made wall decal makes a good addition to the wall decor. 

Choose one, or a few, strong quotes that you feel would make a statement and catch the eyes of church members, and place them in common areas. 

Ensure it is a big enough decal so that people can read it, even at a distance, and pick a simple font. 

Quotes are versatile and can be used in many settings such as wall decals in restaurants.


For many people, churches are a space for peace and spirituality, so incorporating a calming landscape on a wall decal can take this one step further. 

This can be located in common reception areas, or in the church itself. This could also work as a vinyl decal at a wedding, or for a ceremony in a church. 

Opt for landscapes such as forests, oceans, waterfalls, lakes, or meadows, as these are likely to give the space a relaxed atmosphere. 

You can look to achieve this by putting together individual objects to make a full landscape. For example, overlapping multiple tree decals for a forest effect, or doing several mountain shapes for the finished product of a mountain range. 

Try to go for a light landscape. If the church itself is darker, then a lighter landscape can brighten up the space. 

Landscapes are generally popular decal options, often used in places like wall decals in cinemas.


wall decals for church

The church is an educational place for everyone that attends, and so it can be useful to have educational religious decals installed in certain areas of the church. 

These can be explanatory of popular verses, lists of important scriptures, must-read books, and so on. This works especially well in Sunday school areas for young churchgoers to peruse. 

Since it will be on the church walls, it is best to keep these decals simple and tidy to avoid cluttering the look of the space. 

This can also be used in any craft areas of the church, such as on-wall decals for art rooms.


Trees are major symbols in general, and in religion in particular. Using them on a wall decal can be inspirational, thought-provoking, and powerful. 

There is often a link between trees and growth, wisdom, and the life which are important tenets to keep at the foundation of faith. In religion, trees hold symbolism in the Bible. 

You can do an array of trees in a forest pattern or one large tree with extending branches across the wall. Additionally, you can add words or phrases among the trees for a double effect.  

To incorporate this on the outside, you could use trees on vinyl decals found outdoors.


If you are looking to keep the wall decor simple, then using symbols on the decals is the way to do it. 

You could opt for a big cross on the relevant wall, or others such as a crown of thorns, or a Christian star. This is a subtle way to carry the religion through, without a very big or complicated decal. 

Symbols would also work on the church exterior, as creative outdoor wall mural decals.

church wall decal


A collage is a fun, trendy way to incorporate multiple key elements of religion in an overlapping fashion to make one large decal. 

You can do this with images of symbols, religious sites, church events and members, and so on. It can either be a college of one specific category or a mixed collage of imagery from each. 

Alternatively, you can even do a collage of words or quotes. Positions in the words/sentences in unique ways and slot them into a pattern so that it is still legible, but creates an interesting overall image. 

Collages are flexible and can be used anywhere, such as on a decal on a cafe window.


To create the perfect space in a church setting for members to feel welcome and at ease, the walls need a character that can be achieved with suitable wall decals. 

There are many design options to choose from, and you can be as creative and personalized as you wish when deciding on the perfect one. 

Select designs based on the existing space, the wall sizes, and the preferences of the congregation and members of the church. If you need help making the decision, you could conduct an email or in-person survey, or use a suggestions box for ideas. 

When you have decided on the design, enlist the help of a professional wall decal company who can create and install it for you to ensure that it is of quality standard, and is durable enough to last a very long time.

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