Children’s Hospital Wall Murals

Hospitals aren’t always the most relaxing places to be – young children can find them very stressful! Adding in children’s hospital wall murals can create a more peaceful atmosphere.  

Do you want to create unique and beautiful art that can easily be installed? If so – using a wall mural is an easy and cost-effective option. 

Designing custom-size wall murals is simple with Coastal Creative. This process can be completed online or with the help of our professional printing team. 

5 Ideas for Children’s Hospital Wall Murals

childrens hospital wall murals

Create a Safe Space

When you walk into a hospital, you probably feel tense – and you aren’t alone! This is especially true for young patients who may feel frightened when in a medical setting. 

For this reason, many health professionals use art in their buildings. You may have noticed the wall murals in a pediatrician’s office or a kid’s dental office wall mural

These murals serve a specific purpose. Art is known to help ease stress in hospital patients. It’s easy for children to become distressed in a clinical environment. So, wall murals are commonplace in many children’s hospitals. 

Wall murals in hospital settings can create a safe space for children. This is done through certain imagery and designs that children can easily recognize. 

Association is an important factor in creating a more calm and relaxed atmosphere. How can you use this to create a safe space using a wall mural? Well, you might want to consider using a design that a child can identify with. 

Popular children’s characters like Winnie The Pooh or Mickey Mouse are a great addition to children’s hospital wall murals. If you want a specific theme for babies or young children, you can gather a lot of inspiration from nursery wall murals as well!

Children also respond particularly well to animals and animal-related themes. Think about images of jungles, aquatic environments, farms, or domestic animals. These will bring a little bit of fun and playfulness into your hospital wings. 

Incorporate Different Themes

Another great way to use wall murals is to group them by theme. For example, one of your wards may have a fairytale theme. In the foyer, you may have images of princesses, castles, and other mythical creatures. 

You can also extend this theme into the patients’ rooms. Each room could be modeled after a fairytale, such as Little Red Riding Hood or Jack and the Beanstalk. 

We love the idea of having unique themes in various areas of the hospital. Themes can create a sense of intrigue and adventure for younger patients. This can help to soothe them as they are moved around the hospital for procedures or surgeries. Instead of focusing on the stressful situation at hand, children can admire the art. 

Incorporating different themes is by no means a new idea. In fact, schools use different wall murals for classrooms that tie imagery in with certain subjects. For example, a biology classroom may have a mural of animals and plants. 

Themes are also prevalent in daycare wall murals to help separate groups. For example, a class of children may be referred to as ‘the butterfly class’.

wall murals for childrens hospital

Choose Bright, Bold Colors

Children love bright colors. So, when you’re designing children’s hospital wall murals, you may want to incorporate some loud, vivid colors. 

You can apply this to almost any design you want. From fun geometric designs to cartoon characters, galaxies to oceans! The options really are endless. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a bold and imaginative color palette. 

Most murals for preschool walls use this technique as well. While many of them have simplistic designs like parks or nature, they use pops of color to bring their designs to life. 

Use Your Words

Murals don’t always have to include imagery. It has become popular to use murals to spread positive messages. In some school wall murals, you may notice inspirational quotes or phrases like “Don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

You can use your mural to display quotes, words, or phrases that young patients may recognize or easily associate with. 

You can also use your murals to help communicate specific information to patients and visitors. You can use it to give them directions, label specific areas, or number room doors within the wards. This is an easy way to spruce up your hospital wings while simultaneously providing helpful information!

Don’t Forget About the Staff

Working as a doctor or nurse can be extremely taxing. Don’t forget to inject some life and color into your staff’s designated areas. These areas could include break rooms or locker rooms. 

Adding some murals to these spaces can help your teams relax and unwind during their downtime. It can also keep them positive and motivated during their shifts. 

For these murals, consider calming scenes like an ocean view, forest, or beach. These scenes can help to create a more soothing atmosphere. You don’t just need to use images, either. You can incorporate some motivational quotes or phrases into these murals. This is a great way to boost morale in the hospital working environment! 

wall murals for children's hospital


Creating a relaxing atmosphere inside a children’s hospital can be tough. One of the easiest ways to do this is to incorporate art into the space. A wall mural – or multiple wall murals – can inject some life back into an otherwise sterile environment. 

Wall murals can serve different purposes in a hospital. For children’s hospital wall murals, consider making use of popular TV characters, or engaging scenery. Remember that young patients are more responsive to bright colors and imagery. 

Wall murals can also be informative for patients, staff, and visitors. This art can be used in designated staff areas to help them relax and unwind during their shift.

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