Creative and Functional Ways to Transform Your Workplace with Murals

As printing technology and capabilities continue to advance, wall murals have emerged as an increasingly popular design trend in homes, offices, and public spaces. Because murals are capable of filling most any amount of space, they are a natural choice to decorate large areas that may have otherwise gone unadorned. But beyond simply filling space, […]

The Cutting Edge: Why You Should Choose PVC-Free Wallpaper

Huge wall murals are becoming a staple at offices, hospitals, restaurants, and even homes around the country. Silicon Valley startups and trendy interior design companies have been introducing the public to the amazing presence a wall mural has on the space. But are those wall murals environmentally safe? That’s the problem PVC-Free wall murals are […]

14 Myths About Wall Murals Debunked

A good wall mural is a classic decorative choice for good reason: the right mural can add a whole lot of color to any room or outdoor surface, and can completely change the look and feel of a previously boring and empty wall. But unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about modern […]

8 Awesome Dentist and Doctor’s Office Wall Mural Ideas

The idea of making a visit to a dentist or a doctor can induce anxiety in many patients. As a medical professional, you can help take away this anxiety using the environment of your office. One go-to solution is to set up office wall murals or office wall decals to put your patients at ease. […]