The Ultimate Guide to Interior Office Signs

Building signage is of course incredibly important in helping customers and clients find you and establishing trust in your business. But once they’ve walked through the door, your office interior can have a huge impact on customers’ perception of the quality of service. Treat your logo right with a sleek and professional lobby or reception […]

Removable Decor for Commercial Spaces (that Won’t Cost You Your Deposit)

Physical location is super important for small businesses. Where your business sets up shop and how the space looks are crucial to attracting and retaining clients, customers, and the right employees. Designing a retail or office space that is inviting, comfortable, and on-brand isn’t just about looking good, it’s about your business making its mark. […]

How Your Office Walls Can Make or Break Workplace Productivity

The following is a guest post from Chris Falk.  If your office walls are painted dull gray — the cold color of warships, concrete and cubicles, it may be time for a makeover. “In the last four to five years, we’ve all been focusing on sustainability and the impact technology has in an office,” says […]

[Infographic] 8 Elements of Experiential Design that Make a Powerful Impact

  Augmented reality is already here, and you can use it now. Instead of flat, two-dimensional exhibits and installations, experiential graphic design transforms the space surrounding the visitor into something remarkable. Their reality is truly augmented for a sliver of time. What is Experiential Design? Experiential graphic design means creating displays and environments that put […]

Using Media Backdrops to Create Excellent Visual Content

This is an exciting age where anybody with a craft and an internet connection can start an online business. Crafters, bloggers, vloggers, salvagers, and endless other creatives take to the web to market their goods and talents. In this sea of options online, it should surprise no one to hear that the key to standing […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Experiential Design

Experiential design is a multi-disciplinary approach to creating an interactive environment, product, service, or event. The field involves building a memorable experience associated with a place or product, whether virtual or physical. Drawing from a wide range of expertise, from linguistics to architecture, from storytelling to hazard analytics, experiential design is an innovative way to […]

Creative and Functional Ways to Transform Your Workplace with Murals

As printing technology and capabilities continue to advance, wall murals have emerged as an increasingly popular design trend in homes, offices, and public spaces. Because murals are capable of filling most any amount of space, they are a natural choice to decorate large areas that may have otherwise gone unadorned. But beyond simply filling space, […]

Design Wars: How Tech Giants Have Elevated Design [Plus Infographic]

It used to be the case that Apple ruled the design world. No one could even touch them. It was part of their DNA from the time Steve Jobs took his calligraphy class in college, when he learned the importance of the details. “Because I had dropped out and didn’t have to take the normal classes, […]

6 Expert San Diego Designers Predict 2016 Interior Design Trends

With 2016 just around the corner, we reached out to some of the top interior designers in San Diego to get their take on what we can expect in 2016. While hot trends come and go every year, some designs remain timeless. Our experts have a wide range of experience across the interior design world, each […]

Breaking Down the Design Trends 2016 Infographic

In late 2014 we published the Design Trends 2015 infographic, and it received thunderous applause and a standing ovation, even named one of the best infographics of 2015 by Hubspot. For 2016 we continued our research and found our best predictions for 2016 design trends. It’s one of our favorite projects and today we dive […]