Cafe Wall Murals

Designing an atmosphere for your cafe creates a good first impression and significantly influences a cafe’s overall appeal. First impressions set the stage for your patrons’ experience. Comfortable and inviting environments encourage people to stay longer.

Many elements contribute to the overall appeal of any cafe, including lighting and music, but it’s the decor that makes the most significant impact. 

The color schemes, pictures, and accessories you use all make an impression on your customers. Interesting wall murals can contribute to the overall ambiance. A mural can also be a conversation starter or work of art to enjoy while waiting for your refreshments.

Wall murals for restaurants, cafes, and pubs wall murals can also double up as an excellent selfie background. Plus, if you host events, it’s advantageous to have wall murals for parties.

The sky’s the limit for ideas for a cafe wall mural, but we’ve listed nine trendy ideas below if you are feeling a bit low on inspiration. 

9 Ideas for Cafe Wall Murals

Consider your unique brand before you jump in and invest in a mural. While there are hundreds of fabulous ideas for decorating your space, your cafe will be memorable if it has a strong brand reflected in your decor. 

What is your cafe’s concept? Who is your clientele, and what ambiance do you want to achieve?

Industrial Chic

café wall mural

Many abandoned warehouses and industrial spaces have transformed into some of the trendiest cafes and restaurants. So, it’s no wonder that industrial-style themes are a potential drawcard for cafe wall murals. 

An industrial theme works well in cafes with exposed architecture, uneven brick walls, cement walls, and exposed ceilings. You can add an oversize image of the inside of a derelict industrial building with large glass windows at the end for a 3D effect.  

If a splash of color is what you want, customize your mural to include exciting graffiti.

Vintage Vibe

Choose your historical era. Vintage themes have numerous possibilities. If you want to create a romantic setting, think Victorian era complete with floral wall murals. 

Many vintage themes can make a striking wedding wall mural too.

Alternatively, for a  livelier atmosphere, think of the 1930s jive scene. Step it up more with 60’s images of dance halls and rock ‘n roll for an upbeat club wall mural

Show Time

Are you a fan of the big screen or stage shows? There are endless possibilities for movie theater wall murals. Large format wall murals featuring iconic movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean or 3D Hollywood film sets can create some movie magic in your cafe. 

Perhaps you want to reproduce a TV show set throughout your cafe – think of Friends. The more popular the TV show, the more likely your wall mural and the star-studded theme will be a hit.

If you don’t have space for a large format wall mural, movie posters on our durable and reusable vinyl boards are a great alternative.

Cultural Cafes

Wall Murals for Cafe

Cultural themes are easy to run with and can create the perfect ambiance for customers dreaming of a destination holiday. 

People are drawn to having new experiences, and with the variety of cultures and countries worldwide, this theme allows you to present something unique.

Wall murals of Moroccan marketplaces and tapestries of quaint winding side streets and stone houses of Provence are sure to capture the imagination of your customers. Cultural themes work well for hotel wall murals too.

Stamps of the World 

If you cannot decide on a destination but still want a travel theme, how about a wall full of postage stamps from around the globe? Snail mail is almost a thing of the past, and postage stamps will create an eye-catching and nostalgic conversation piece. 

Rustic Rural 

Possibly one of the most laid-back themes is the rustic look. If you’re aiming for something easy-going and casual, you can’t go wrong with natural raw materials and wood elements. 

Murals of stone walls and timber planks from a rural farm scene with a rusting tractor are appropriate here. An old farmhouse or wood cabin not used for a long time will give you an authentically rustic look, but don’t get too shabby – you still want your cafe to look hygienic.

 A rustic theme can also be an excellent look for bar wall murals.

Brilliant Boho

Conjure up images of gypsies. Typical boho is associated with artistic nomadic travelers. Because of their nomadic lifestyle, gypsies embraced different cultural elements from places they went to and created their own eclectic and free-spirited identity. 

The gypsy culture is a well-loved theme and appeals to the youthful new age generation. 

Because the theme is diverse, there is no shortage of ideas for custom wall murals. For a serene look, consider large dream catchers and feathers in muted tones. Or, if you prefer a color explosion instead, paisley prints and jewel-colored mandalas are the way to go

Art Cafe

café wall murals

Art theme cafes have become very popular in recent years. Many cafes have wall space dedicated to art for sale. Some even include ceramics and other art forms. 

Art is another theme that offers loads of ideas. You can go with a specific artist theme – Picasso for an out-of-the-box modern look or perhaps a wall mural of Monet’s water lilies if you want a look exuding timeless creativity and serenity. 

Different colored brush strokes and splashes of paint can work if you want an abstract look. For those who like to change the look from time to time or move things around – custom-printed wall murals could be right up your creative alley. 

Indoor Garden 

In the middle of a busy city, a calm green space might be the perfect place for a little respite from the bustle. 

Turn your cafe into an indoor garden with a large greenhouse wall mural or a hanging garden. You can expand on the garden theme and create a tropical paradise for your patrons. 

A cool jungle-style cafe with a large-scale wall mural of palm trees and lush leaves can be the perfect look for those wanting to cool down in a city with a hot climate


An interesting theme in your cafe can boost your business tremendously. 

Using wall murals to emphasize your theme will make your space attractive, and inviting, and will contribute to a strong brand image. 

Using creative cafe wall murals can make excellent backdrops for selfies and get you free exposure on social media when patrons share their photos featuring your cafe.

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