Boutique Window Decals

Boutique windows are perhaps one of the most important features of any boutique space. It is no wonder then that so much effort goes into decorating boutique windows and making them look appealing.

If you’re looking for something that can make your boutique window stand out, a boutique window decal may be just the thing for you.

Window decals are one of the most popular ways to customize a window. This is because custom-window vinyl decals make it easy to decorate a window with a design of your choosing.

Luckily, we have compiled a list of the most popular boutique window decals so that you can easily navigate through your options and easily choose your favorite.

9 Ideas for Boutique Window Decals

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Practical Window Decals

If you want something plain and simple, you can choose one of two options for your window decals. These are simple, and elegant and should enhance your overall image and brand.

Name Window Decals

It‘s all in the name. So why not feature your name front and center on a window decal?

This is a great way to save on signage it ensures that your window decal is serving a practical purpose as well.

There are many ways to do this. If you want to create some privacy from the outside world, you can feature your name in print on a large perforated vinyl window decal.

Or, if you want something sleek and minimalistic, you choose to have frosted vinyl window decals instead.

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Logo Window Decals

If you want something less literal than the name on your window, but you still want to represent your brand, you can opt for a logo window decal.

This is also a very popular option for customized outside wall decals because it can liven up the exterior of your space while also featuring your brand.

Decorative Window Decals

If you want to feature a window decal that can make a statement, opt for one of the following decorative window decal options. These can be featured on the interior or exterior window.

Store-Themed Window Decals

If you want to decorate your window, and tie it into the theme of your boutique, choose a window decal with a design that mimics the theme of your store.

For example, a bridal boutique may choose to feature themed wedding vinyl decals, whereas a swimwear store may feature a beach design.

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Botanical or Nature Inspired Window Decals

Botanical window decals are some of the most featured window decals on the market.

This is because of their versatility, which is probably why you can find them on anything from edgy restaurant wall decals to theatrical cinema wall decals.

You can include designs with large flowers or trees.

Another popular option is creating the idea of vine plants trailing from the top to the bottom of the window, mimicking the growth of real vine plants.

Mannequins Window Decals

Mannequins are always featured in a shop window that sells clothes so it may be wise to include a window decal that features mannequins.

You can feature designs where mannequins wear some of the clothes and items that your boutique sells much like you would with real mannequins. 

This is a great way to incorporate mannequins if you don’t have any in your shop window. Also, they alert people about the nature of the store as well.

Framed Window Decals

If you feature clothes and accessories in your window and do not wish to cover that up with a window decal, you can opt for a frame window decal.

This will create a frame around your window exhibit without interfering with it. It can also draw the eye to what is inside the window, which will only be good for business.

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Artistic Window Decals

Believe it or not, art-inspired decals are not limited to artistic church wall decals.

In fact, they are often used to liven up the design of general businesses to give them a more classy feel.

And you can have creative freedom regarding what type of art you want to feature whether that is roman statues, other sculptures, or even famous paintings.

Like most decorative art room wall decals, any art-inspired decal will instantly give your window a facelift and give it a more luxurious feel.

Marketing Window Decals

These are window decals that will attract new customers so be sure to place them on a window where passers-by can see them. A sure-fire way to attract new customers to your shop.

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Invitation Window Decals

Have you ever noticed a beer special on an outside bar window decal and had the urge to go inside? That’s because that serves as an invitation that makes you want to enter the space.

Similarly, you can opt for an inviting window decal that will entice customers to come inside.

For example, “come inside and ask about our lay-by options” is sure to attract potential clients. Or you can take a less literal approach and include a phrase such as “the best clothes for every season inside”.

Products Offered Window Decals

Exterior cafe window decals love to feature their most popular coffees, specials, or menu on their windows as a means of attracting customers when they walk past.

These featured custom exterior decals can easily tie in with the theme of your space, give your window a bit of a facelift and serve as a marketing strategy.

So, why not opt for a similar window decal for a boutique space? You can feature some of your products on offer or advertise other services such as custom fittings or tailor services.

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There are so many ways to use boutique window decals to your advantage. They can enhance your brand image, attract customers or merely make your window look a lot better.

It is no wonder these have become a popular way of utilizing window space. You can have the freedom to include a design of your choosing and use it to your full advantage.

Plus, it is a budget-friendly option too.

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