Nursery Wall Decals
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 20, 2022

If you have a little one on the way or have some experience decorating a nursery, you may know how difficult it can be to find the right decor at the right price. For this reason, nursery wall decals have become a popular option for taking your nursery to the next level, while staying on a budget. This is because wall decals are one of the easiest ways to take a wall from drab to beautiful. If you have ever seen window decals for daycare centers, you would know that the opportunities to be creative when it comes to children-themed interiors are endless. So where do you start? How do you know which type of decal design will be most suitable for your interior nursery space? Luckily, you have come to the right place as we are going to break down the best nursery wall decal designs below. What This Article Covers:

12 Of the Best Customized Nursery Wall Decal Ideas

wall art decals for nursery

Name Wall Decals

There is a lot of thought that goes into a little one’s name.  Before the baby arrives, this is on every parent’s mind. It is no wonder then that many parents like to welcome their newcomer to a new nursery by including their name on the wall. Not only will this tailor the space to your newborn but it can also inform the theme of the room.  For example, if you have a newborn named “Rose” you can create a floral theme for the nursery. Or, you can take a less literal approach by using the color yellow for names with meaning related to “light”.  You can also get creative with the font and you can even choose a font that includes pictures that suit the theme of your room. You can choose to feature the name in large print or smaller print on a banner. This is one of the most popular options for decorating a nursery wall and for good reason: it is sure to make you feel right at home when you bring the baby to the nursery for the first time.

Alphabet Wall Decals

One of the most popular custom school decals, for primary schools or kindergarten, is an alphabet wall decal. And for some parents, this is a fun way to make the nursery wall a bit more educational. But educational decals do not necessarily mean it has to be boring. There are millions of ways to spruce up an alphabet wall decal to suit the theme of the room or to make it appear more aesthetically pleasing and fun. For example, you can opt to create the letter out of animals, making your wall decal nature-inspired and educational. You can also choose to use a font to make it stand out against a more bright background, such as a bubble font. As an alternative, you can camouflage the alphabet letters into a more busy background and make a game out of it when your child is old enough to appreciate it. With all these options to choose from, it is no wonder that alphabet wall decals enjoy so much popularity still today.

Nature Inspired Wall Decals

large wall decals for nursery If you want something a little more versatile than an animal-themed decal, you can choose a design with a more botanical feel.  This will still give the room a more serene and calm feel without directly featuring certain animals in print.  For a girls’ room, you can consider a wall decal that features trailing vine plants and flowers. For a boys’ room, something like a cactus-themed wall decal may be more appropriate. But, this is not set in stone.  Because nature-inspired wall decals have the benefit of easily transitioning from a girls’ to a boys’ room.  And, if you choose a versatile design that personally appeals to you, you can always opt to keep the nursery wall decal for future use, even if you use the room for another purpose.

Dinosaur Wall Decals

Yes, most kids love dinosaurs. And they are not just for boys! Dinosaurs can be a fun design for all kids to enjoy. There are many fun ways to incorporate a dinosaur design into a dinosaur wall decal, making it one of the most popular nursery wall decorations out there. You can opt to feature a real-life design or a sketched dinosaur Alternatively, you can get a colored dinosaur print against a neutral background.  And who knows, it might get dad’s approval too!

Animal-Themed Wall Decals

stick on wall decals for nursery Animal-themed wall decals are more common than you may think.  We are not talking about real-life animals printed in 3D but rather animal designs that are quirky and more graphically appealing.  One popular option is including animals swinging from branches or trees, such as monkeys or pandas, or an image that features a variety of animals.  This type of wall decal allows you to get creative with the theme of your room and allows for flexibility in the design.  As a bonus, this is a suitable nursery wall decal for a girls’ or boys’ nursery.

Music-Themed Wall Decals

It is a known fact that two parents who enjoy music will try to introduce it to their children at an early age. Some moms even play specific music to their babies while pregnant.  And what better way to introduce the wonder of music than with music-themed wall decals? You can use a design that features instruments or a range of various musical notes or keys. Or you can get the sheet music for one of your favorite songs and use that as a nursery wall decal. Not only will this give the room a fun feel, but it can also serve as an educational tool in your child’s later years.

Moon, Sun, and Stars Wall Decals

wall decal stickers for nursery Of course, a list featuring the best nursery wall decals is not complete without mentioning wall decals that feature the sky. Here, most parents opt for a decal that features the moon and the stars, which can create a peaceful even during the daytime. Other decals feature the sun, often portrayed as smiling, to create a more vibrant feel. You can also choose a design that features some clouds to more closely mimic the sky. This is a great way to create the feel of an outside space, which is especially significant considering a large amount of time your newborn will spend indoors.

Black and White Wall Decals

If you are in the market for something a little more understated, you can’t go wrong with a black and white wall decal. Black and white decals may include a simple design in grayscale or even something that looks like it was roughly sketched.  For example, popular stenciled black and white designs often include simple flowers, bird cages, or trees.  These types of decals reflect a more minimalist style and are perfect if that is the type of feel you want from the nursery. The good thing about black and white design is also that it has a timeless quality to it, so you won’t necessarily get the urge to replace it as soon as some of the other more stark wall decals. This is the perfect option for parents who are looking for simplicity in design.

Rainbow Wall Decals

nursery wall decals and stickers Nursery wall decals featuring rainbows are also very common. This is probably because rainbows signify hope and let’s face it, they just look great in any kids’ room. Rainbows can provide a fun and bright feel to an otherwise understated room or take a brighter design to the next level. This wall decal is sure to put you and the baby in a good mood whenever you look at it. As a bonus, this has the double feature of becoming a teaching moment on the colors of a rainbow.

Glow in the Dark Wall Decals

Glow-in-the-dark decals have featured on everything from vinyl college decals to decals used in clubs. But, this doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun and appropriate option for a nursery wall. It can be soothing for children or babies to sleep with a night light and glow-in-the-dark decal designs provide that extra bit of nighttime light to put their little minds at ease. Of course, the more popular option would be to feature the moon and stars to mimic the night sky but many people opt for a design that can be used in the daylight and glow at night, which means designs can range from animals to rainbows or names.

Height Chart Wall Decals

Every baby and kid needs a height chart in the house. Most parents opt to mark their children’s growth with a pencil on a wall, but some parents opt for a more formalized height chart that can be placed on a wall. So, why not use a wall decal to add a height chart? There are many fun designs you can use to make the height chart part of the larger theme of your room. They don’t have to be boring. In fact, these are commonly used as classroom door vinyl decals by teachers as a way to measure their students’ height. If you like the sound of measuring your child’s height as they grow older, you can opt to include a height chart in your wall decal design or choose one of the many available designs out there.

Can You Change Your Wall Decal Theme?

decals for walls for nursery One of the reasons custom removable wall decals increasing in popularity is because it is easy to apply and remove. And here at Coastal Creative, you have free reign over your design. You can submit something entirely created by you or search for an existing design to submit that suits your taste and needs. And, the good news is, that you don’t have to commit to one design forever. As your child grows older, you can opt to replace your nursery wall decal with something more educational, like something that resembles classroom wall decals or math classroom decals. Today, it is even common to find removable wall decals for dorm rooms in colleges. So, don’t worry about making a permanent commitment just yet, you can always change up your wall decal as your and your kid’s needs change.


You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to design options for nursery wall decals. As an added benefit, many of these designs are versatile enough to be appropriate for girls’ or boys’ rooms and they can remain appropriate even as your age child grows older. If you haven’t decided how to spruce up that nursery wall yet, a wall decal might be just the thing for you. And with so many great options and designs to choose from, what are you waiting for? Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:

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Window Banner Decals
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 19, 2022

If you own a business that uses physical space, a good way to draw people in is with window banner decals. They’re a great way to get creative with branding.  The windows of a store or building can be used to your advantage, by selecting designs that are used on a banner decal as a way to promote your services or products or to simply add to the overall look and feel of the brand.  We look at some ideas for window banner decal designs, and what would suit your business. 

9 Ideas for Window Banner Decals

banner decals for window

Name and Details

If you want to keep it as simple as possible, you can’t go wrong with just the name and contact details of your business on a frosted glass window decal.   You can add on the phone number, email address, opening hours, and any other means of contact for potential customers. This works especially well if someone walks past outside of opening hours, and wants to make a note of how they can contact you.  If you are adding these contact details, ensure that these lines of communication are operational. If a potential customer calls a number that does not go through, they are unlikely to consider your business again. 


If you offer a range of services, use a custom-made window banner decal to showcase these to people walking by.  For example, if you run a beauty salon, you can dot one- or two-word descriptions along the banner for a quick read and overview of what you offer, such as manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, etc.  For window decals in a convenience store, you can list the types of items that are sold.  This will easily inform someone of whether you offer what they need, before going in. 


Any successful business needs a catchy slogan that will get the attention of a passerby, and make the brand memorable and recognizable.  Get creative, and pick one that is short, clear, and catchy. If you already have one, you can go ahead and display it along your custom perforated window decal banner. Those passing by will stop to read what it says, and possibly visit your business thereafter.  The slogan works well when incorporated onto an office wall decal, as it reiterates the business's mission to employees. 


window banner decal A logo is another key part of any business, as it becomes the trademark for your brand identity.  With a well-designed logo, you can advertise far and wide to imprint the image on the brains of viewers so that your brand becomes known and recognizable amongst the community.  Incorporating this into your storefront window decal banner is key, as it makes it clear what business is in that particular space, and is more likely to draw people in. Furthermore, it makes the brand and service look more professional and trustworthy.  This would work well as both a window and door decal, to reinforce the brand image. 


If you have a business that is running some form of promotion, why not use your window banner decal to advertise this?  Use it to communicate any sales or budget-friendly promotions that you are running, so that people walking by are encouraged to come in and browse, or find out more.  Include the crucial details of the promotion, such as a 50% sale or a buy one, get one free offer, clearly on the banner in bold writing.  You should also include any caveats, such as the dates on which the promotion is valid, ‘while stocks last, terms and conditions, etc.  Use this custom large window decal to stand out to people walking by. 


banner decal for window If you are going for something creative and aesthetically appealing, an attractive pattern is a great way to do so.  You can run this pattern along your window banner decal, as a way to dress up your window and attract those passing by.  Pick a pattern that fits in well with the overall look and feel of your business. For example, you may want to go for a trendy marble or geometric pattern for a clothing or beauty store, or a simple square pattern for an accounting or law firm.  You can carry the patterns over onto a custom door decal for your business so that it is consistent on a storefront or building. 


To stop someone in their tracks, and get them to pay attention to your window banner decal, you should make it interactive.  You can be creative with this. Perhaps incorporate a trendy image or design that will prompt people to take pictures in front of it, such as an outline of an Instagram post format. Or include a puzzle or riddle that gets people involved in a thinking process.  Whatever you choose, keep it relevant. The social media design would work well for most businesses, but the puzzle or riddle might be specifically suited to a learning center or a bookstore.  This works just as well within the store, as a wall decal for commercial use.


For a simple yet picturesque design, a form of landscape on the window banner decal is an excellent way to go.  For example, you can do a simple outline of a forest that sprawls across the banner, which would work well as a general design for any business or a more-on-the-nose reference for a paper or printing service.  A city skyline design might work well for a business where the city used is a big part of the brand’s origin, identity, or location.  Other landscape options include an ocean, lake, mountain range, meadow, farm, and so on. 


banner decals for car's window To add a bit more creativity to just text, you can incorporate imagery into your window banner decal.  Bring in images of people, places, or objects that you feel fit in well with your brain aesthetic and product/service offerings. These may be images of pets for a pet grooming salon, animated animals or Disney characters for a children’s hairdresser, or music notes for an instrument store.  You can feature images alone if it is clear enough in its messaging, or combine them with wording that describes the services or products the business offers.  Images also work well as custom business wall decals, to bring some life onto the walls of a business space. 


There are many ways to use a window banner decal to promote or enhance your space and business. what you choose will depend on your particular goods or services, and what your business needs are.  It is best to commission the services of a professional decal installer so that you are left with a flawless and professional finish on your windows.  Identify whether your business needs more advertising, or if you want to use the decals for aesthetic purposes, and then choose a relevant design that fits well with what you offer. Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:

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Back Window Business Decals
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 19, 2022

If you want to advertise your business to catch someone’s attention and have them remember your branding, back window business decals are the way to do it.  Back window business decals are an effective marketing solution, being visible to those passing by or sitting behind you in traffic or at a traffic light. Your advertisement is front and center, and hard to miss.  There are various ways to implement this, such as frosted window decals, in various design types, so we look at creative ideas for rear window business decals so that your branding can hit the roads. 

7 Ideas for Rear Window Business Decals

Name and Logo

back window business decal If you are trying to get the key information about your business to someone in the shortest possible time, the most effective way to do so is to keep it simple with just your business name and logo on your custom vinyl window decal A clutter-free focus on the name of your business is a smart move, as some people generally only glance at a rear window decal when passing by. This would be an easy way to make an impression and have them remember your business’ name.  If you want to add an extra element to it, place your contact number or email address under the name so that they can get a hold of you from there.  The simplicity of this design makes it suitable for front door window decals, too. 

Brand Imagery 

Text-only marketing might not be your style, so why not add some brand-relevant imagery to your rear business window decal Bring in an image of something that links to what you offer, alongside the basic details of your business such as the name, contact details, slogan, etc.  For example, this could be a bucket and mop for a cleaning service, a tree for a tree felling service, or a leaky pipe for a plumbing service. If your business logo communicates your services well, this would work too.  Whatever you choose, try to keep it simple and clear. This also works as an office glass decal, as it fits well into the branding of the business. 

Realistic Image Effect 

When someone is sitting in traffic, you may be able to get them to do a double-take with a realistic image effect on your rear window decal.  This would be an image that looks like something or someone peeking through the rear window, and on closer inspection, is just a decal.  This would work well if relevant, such as a dog peeking through the back seats for a pet grooming service, or a few eerie faces gazing through for a Halloween costume business.  Another example could be the soapy sud effect on the window, with a portion cleaned away, for a car wash business.  This type of design fits well as a window decal for a storefront too, to encourage passers-by to stop and go in. 

Question and Solution

rear window business decals To effectively market your business, you need to appeal to potential customers and emphasize why they may need to acquire your product or services, and a simple question might do the trick.  Keep the design simple with a question that prompts the person looking at the decal to think about whether they need something, or need something done for them.  For instance, asking “Tired of sitting in traffic? Let us do the driving for you” would be an excellent way to advertise an e-hailing business or a new line of transport.  This would be accompanied by the business name and details, to encourage action from the viewer.  This also works as a wall decal for your business, as a quick and to-the-point way of solving someone’s problem or need. 


If your business has a person associated with the brand, then it is generally wise to include them on a rear window decal.  This would work well if you work with a well-known brand ambassador, or if the owner of the business is a public figure in the community, as this will draw attention to the advertisement.  In the case of a brand ambassador, include their name and a short quote from them about the business alongside their image.  A design like this would go well on a wall decal for commercial use, to promote the brand using the well-known figure. 


When it comes to advertising, people love animals. This means they are always a great choice for any window decal.  Try to work them into your brand in a relevant way, rather than just randomly adding them in.  They might come naturally for a pet-related service or an animal sanctuary, but you could use cartoon animal imagery for a nursery or pre-school, or a dog for a pet-friendly restaurant. 


rear window business decal A person having a busy day, who is sitting in traffic, would likely appreciate a bit of comic relief on their way to their destination. A humorous take on the window decal would provide this.  You could include a simple, one-line joke or pun, and/or funny imagery that would induce a chuckle or two from cars passing by.  For example, “I used to have a handle on life, but then it broke” would be comedy gold for a car repair service to advertise their business.  This is a unique way of marketing, and people are more likely to remember you. 


Back window business decals are an effective form of advertising, as they have high visibility and garner many eyes on the road.  If done right, you will see the significant success that will show in a rising number of inquiries for your goods or services. You have to be creative with your design, and pick something that is going to stand out and catch the eye of the viewer long enough for them to remember the name of your business, and what you offer.  Just pick a suitable style, such as a perforated vinyl window decal, and go from there. Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:
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Convenience Store Window Decals
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 19, 2022

Despite the rise of online shopping, many people still use convenience stores daily. But you need to be sure that they will use yours. And the best way to do this is with attention-grabbing window decals. Window decals are widely-used in retail stores, offices, and business premises across all industries. Their practicality and versatility are well known. But have you considered what new window decals will do for your convenience store?  A convenience store's advertising and marketing needs are very different from other stores. Therefore, you need the best advice about using window decals for your business. In our guide below, we give you five great tips for decals, specifically aimed at convenience store windows.

5 Tips for Convenience Store Window Decals

convenience store decals

Create an Advertising Storyboard 

Use innovative decal themes in a full-size colorful window display to market your store. Our custom perforated vinyl window decals offer increased advertising potential while retaining your privacy. See enough of the outside, while passersby on the outside see your advertisements only. Perforated decals are also great for full-size window adverts, and your chosen theme can incorporate custom full-door decals as well.  They allow you to feature an unbroken scene across the entire front facade of your convenience store. So do something different to make a big impact.  This “storyboard” could feature comic book-type characters with colorful graphics and blurbs. The “characters” can tell potential customers about your top products in the blurbs. Any entertaining display will grab people's attention. But keep images relevant to your customer base and location.

Highlight Your Promotions

To increase sales, you will probably be promoting certain items at times. Ensure that all who pass by your store know about these promotions. It's so quick and simple with our adhesive decals for storefront windows. Once the promotional period is over, remove the decal naming the product and replace it with a new one. Design promotional signs easily with our custom-made window decals. We can reproduce any text, image, or shape that you need. You can have a different decal made up for each promotion or product launch. Advertise new services that you offer in this way, too. The human eye quickly gets bored. The people who pass by your store daily need a reason to look at your store windows instead of others. We recommend that you keep things interesting by varying the background colors and shapes of these promotional decals. A different font for the text can also catch their eye.  convenience store window decal

Take Note of Your Customer Base

Convenience stores, by their very nature, appeal to a wide range of customers. Many of your customers will not be regulars, and are just “passing through”. But you may also find that you build a regular customer base, depending on your location. In certain areas, convenience stores are popular with particular population demographics. Are you situated somewhere where a lot of college kids hang out? Are you right in the heart of a bustling city? Or is your location more suburban? You can cater to your market with our custom decals for businesses and convenience stores. Is your store frequented mostly by business people at lunchtime or on their way to and from work?  In such a case, you may prefer a more polished look for your convenience storefront displays. You can achieve this with colored frosted glass decals custom-made to your requirements. 

Keep Your Decals Looking Good

Regularly inspect and update all your signage to keep things looking modern and fresh. Our window and door decals last for over three years when used indoors. They can also be used outdoors and can last up to three years outside in ideal conditions. Ensure that your window decals stay vibrant and serve you well by keeping them clean. You don't need to use specialized products to clean them. A regular clean rag dipped in tepid water will do the job. And replace those decals that no longer look their best. Every business, no matter the industry, will update its furnishings and signage from time to time. Even company decals for walls and windows get updated to stay looking current. It should be no different for a convenience store. So keep your customers interested by updating your look in step with new trends.

Display Essential Info

Decals are not just for entertainment and marketing. They fulfill a more vital role too, by displaying the name of your convenience store and other important information.  Display your store manager’s name, security policy, business hours, and contact details too. This essential information should be in more than one place so that all your customers see it. So aside from front window banner decals or door signs, also display this in back window business decals. And don’t neglect the marketing potential of the back of the store, either. Well-placed can draw attention to products that customers might ordinarily miss. Do this and you will increase product awareness and your sales as well.  convenience shop window decal


Isn’t it good to know that you can address virtually all your convenience store signage needs in one place? Use convenience store window decals wisely, and you will market your business, increase sales, and keep customers coming back for more. Our tips for using decals in your convenience store will help you to get the most out of your windows. The rest is up to you, so contact us today to discuss your signage decal needs for your store. We make designing custom decals for your convenience store, convenient. Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:

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Storefront Window Decals
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 19, 2022

As a store owner, you know that your existing regular customer base is your bread and butter. But like any other business, you are always looking for ways to gain new customers so that you can grow your store.  An engaging window display is one of the most effective ways to encourage more foot traffic. And this includes using attractive storefront window decals. They are quick and easy to install and will make a huge impact in next to no time. They can also be customized to your store’s particular needs.  But how do you know which style is the right one for your store? In this guide, we look at 5 top style ideas for custom storefront window decals. 

5 Ideas for Store Front Window Decals

window decals for store front

Etched Glass Images 

Etched glass will always give a sophisticated edge to any store, particularly a high-end boutique or beauty salon. And our frosted vinyl window graphics will give you the look in a fraction of the time.  These can be used to display your store name, or slogan if you have one. But why stop there? Beautiful imagery will look even more alluring in a frosted decal. This can work just as well in a florist, where you can be creative with floral or fern images.  Your front windows are very important advertising tools. But remember, the rear window can also be a fantastic marketing space. So liven up this area with some business decals for the back windows. Any blank space can be turned into a work of art with this versatile product. 

Full-Window Artworks

One of the advantages of a big sign or display in the window is that it also offers a modicum of privacy. Full-size and colorful abstract art images will call all passers-by to your art supply store. But unlike a true work of art, they will transform your windows almost instantly.  These sticker decals are made of the very best adhesive vinyl, colored with top-quality UV inks. And with over 50 colors to choose from, there’s no limit to your artistic expression. But if you think large vinyl window decals will obscure your view of the outside, think again. With our perforated window signs, you can enjoy privacy and security without sacrificing style. Micro punctures allow you to keep an eye on the outside while shielding you from unwanted scrutiny on the inside. But don’t worry, they don’t reduce the strength or longevity of your decals. window decal for store front

Celebrate Your New Collection

Are you in retail, preparing for your new seasonal line of clothing? If your store’s product line changes seasonally, you may need to change your signage and marketing materials more often. This can be beautifully achieved with seasonal window banner decals Showcase your new fall collection with full-color images of one or two of your new collections of clothing., along with stunning fall leaf decals in warm, earthy shades. Or signal summer with images of beach shells interspersed with high-resolution images of your summer fashions. And don’t just liven up the windows in this way. You can have matching ones made as business glass door decals too. This will pull the whole look together, so there is no disconnect between the windows and other displays. 

Be Festive

Do you need some inspiration for your high-end toy store window during the festive season? Ditch the boring tinsel and streamers for a sophisticated look. Using festive themes from popular children’s books or movies as your inspiration, create some custom murals for the holiday season. Children will not be able to resist the colorful festive displays in your front windows. They’ll be begging their parents to come inside your store. This means your festive decorations double up as effective marketing as well. But the holiday season is a time for cheering up your stuff too. So make up some festive window decals for the office too. You can continue this theme for your office wall art decals if you wish. It will also boost employee morale at a time when the extended retail hours may be taking their toll.

Logo Displays

No matter what retail sector you are in, you can create any look you desire with our custom-made window decals. If you have a logo for your business, this can be translated into a beautiful and durable decal.  store front window decal If you do not have a logo, consider creating one to represent your brand. Or select images for your decals that relate to your industry. For example, paw prints for the window of a pet store, or combs and scissors for a hair salon.  We manufacture custom wall decals for businesses too. So you can continue the design all along your store, but to avoid looking too complicated, opt for a smaller version at intervals.  Storefront window decals can adhere to virtually any smooth surface. You can use them on any wall-mounted mirrors too. 


A beautiful storefront will go a long way to enhancing your customer appeal. Storefront window decals make this so much easier. And armed with these style tips, we know that you will want to invest in these practical and versatile decals right away.  So contact us today and we will help you recreate any of the looks above. Or discuss your vision with us, and we will make it a reality with our custom decals. Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:

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Office Window Decals
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 19, 2022

Window decals are much more than just a pretty addition to your office. They serve functional purposes too and can be used in ways that you might never have imagined. Making use of custom window decals in your office can take your business one step above the rest. They are a great way to increase traffic and interest around your business and are fantastic to catch the attention of passersby. In this article, we will be discussing exactly what those functions are, and giving you some great ideas on how to use window decals in your office space. 

8 Ideas for Office Window Decals

window decal for office

Use Window Decals to Create Brand Identity

Window decals are a great way to create your brand identity, and make sure that people know what your business is about.  For example, if you own an animal welfare business, having commercial wall and window decals displaying animal pictures will help give people an idea of what your business is about.  Particularly if the window decals are specific to the animals that you work with. It obviously won’t give people the full picture of what you do, but it will make them know that you work with animals in some way.  And, those people who are interested in animals, will very likely try and find out more about your business. 

Use Office Window Decals to Create Privacy

Office window decals are a great way to create privacy within the office, especially if your office is largely made out of glass.  Frosted giant window decals, in the form of geometric shapes or patterns, help to create privacy in your office space without blocking everyone out completely.  Frosted glass window decals block people from staring into your office, but it is also not like a huge solid wall that will make it feel as if you are trying to shut everyone out.  Frosted wall decals also look very professional and can add another dimension to your office. storefront decals window

Advertise Specials with Office Window Decals 

Use window decals in the form of banners to advertise any specials that your company or office may be having.  Having loud and attractive window decals advertising specials is a great way to bring traction to your business. It catches people’s attention and gets them interested in the special.  Most people can’t resist a special, they just need to be made aware of it. And using window banner decals is a great way to do so. 

Create Window Decal Games to Promote Engagement

By turning your window decal into a game, you can make it fun and engaging. This will draw a lot more attraction to your decal and make people take note of it.  Too often, people just walk past window decals without taking note of what they say. By making your custom full door and window decals into an interesting game, people will take note of it.  It is unique, and they will want to know what business has created such a different way of advertising. It will make people want to get involved and increase traction for your business. 

Add a Hint of Festivity to Your Office with Window Decals

office window decal Almost everyone loves the holiday times. It adds so much happiness and festivity when businesses join in the celebrations, too.  Since window decals are quick and simple to install and remove, it is very easy to put up some stick-on decals for glass windows according to the season and holiday that is being celebrated.  Even though it seems like a little thing, people are attracted to gestures like this, and it can make a big impression on customers. 

Use QR Codes to Increase Traffic to Your Business

With the need to emphasize social distancing that we have experienced in the last few years, QR codes have significantly increased in popularity.  Using QR codes on your custom vinyl window decals is a great way to draw the attention of passersby. Humans are naturally curious creatures, so the QR codes are bound to draw in curiosity. And, since it is so easy to access QR codes these days, you will be very likely to draw people in.  The QR code can be a link to your business’ website, a pop-up with a message that you’d like to give to your clients or an in-store coupon.  If you state that it is a coupon, you are much more likely to get people’s attention, and it will very likely increase the traffic to your business. 

Use Window Decals for Sun Control

Window decals can have a very functional use in the office, too. Custom perforated window decals can be used for sun control.  window decals for office If your office building is made largely of glass, sun rays, glare, and heat can become a big issue. To combat this, you can use window decals.  The best thing is that you can combine your business’ logo with this method of sun control.  Instead of just placing solid window decals across the windows of your office, use this opportunity to incorporate your logo or a symbol that your business is known for.  This will help solve the problem of heat and glare in your office, but will also have the bonus of some extra advertising. 


Office window decals are a great way to advertise your business, create a bit of privacy, or add a bit of decor to your office.  They are extremely multi-functional, and an absolute breeze to use. Since they are easy to remove, they are a dream for renters, as they will not be a permanent addition to your space.  Window decals for the office are definitely something that should be explored. Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:

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Wall Decals for the Office
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 19, 2022

Wall decals are a great way to bring life to a room, especially a dull office space. They can be functional, motivating, or simply just make a room look better. Easy to install and remove, they’re great for any office space.  The best thing about them is that you can get custom decals for business spaces made by a professional wall decal company, and you can tailor them to suit your office’s look and need.  In this article, we will be discussing wall decals for the office. This includes both commercial offices, as well as home offices.  We will be giving you wall decal ideas for each one, and will hopefully help you find the best ideas for at-home wall decals and wall decals for commercial use What This Article Covers:

Large Wall Decals for the Office

wall decals for home office

Motivational Wall Decals

A great idea for wall decals in the office would be motivational quotes. Motivational quotes are great to have in an office because they can provide employees with that little bit of extra inspiration that they feel they’re lacking.  The best part is that you can make it look like a beautiful piece of art, too. By choosing a decorative type of font, and adding a few simplistic pictures to go with it, you can turn this wall decal into an artwork in itself.

Wall Decals to Add Privacy 

Frosted window and door decals are a great way to add privacy to an office without making it feel cut off completely. But this can work great for glass partitions or walls within an office as well. Office glass decals are a fantastic way to create privacy in a classy manner that still makes you feel part of the office space. This can be done by designing the decals in geometric shapes and having them printed as frosted vinyl. These wall decals will serve a functional purpose, but will also look appealing in the process. 

Wall Decals to Show Office Times

Wall decals are a great way to put your office times on the show. By customizing your wall decal, you can choose an interesting font to avoid making it look bland and boring, too.  Having a decal with your office times stuck on the front window or door will look a lot more professional than what a big poster would.  Having your office hours visible by the entrance of your office, be it the door or window, will deter people from bothering you out of office hours, or continuously asking what your office hours are.  Window decals used in storefronts and office fronts will make you look more professional and organized. It will make your office look a bit busier and not so empty or bland, which is better for first appearances. wall decals for the office 

Use Wall Decals as Artwork

Wall decals don’t always need to serve a functional purpose, they can also just be used to make your office space look beautiful and inviting.  Having different designs of wall decals on your office walls will make your office look better, and not look as boring as it might with empty walls.  Wall decals are also a great alternative to paintings and posters. This is because you can design them yourself, and they are cheaper. They also look more professional and can help to really bring a room together. 

Wall Decals for Your Home Office

Use Wall Decals to Add Some Scenery to Your Home Office

Although these are still different from wall murals, you get some fairly large wall decals that can add a bit of nature to your home office.  For example, you can customize your wall decals to be of trees, mountains, the sea, or any piece of nature that you would like.  This is great for nature lovers who are stuck in their home office all day. These decals add a sense of peace to your office and can help you to feel more calm and happy in your office. 

Use Wall Decals to Motivate You 

Just as motivational wall decals are great to have in a commercial office setting, they are just as beneficial, if not even more so, to have in a home office.  When you are working from home in your home office, finding motivation can get even more challenging than what it can in the office. This is because you are completely alone and can’t use your co-workers to motivate you.  Having wall decals in the form of motivational quotes stuck up pin your home office can help to combat this.  Ideas of some motivational quotes that you could use include “The best preparation for good work tomorrow, is to do good work today”, or “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you”. There are so many different motivational quotes out there. Find one that resonates with you and that will push you to work harder.  large wall decals for office

Use Wall Decals Instead of Picture Frames

Having a whole bunch of picture frames hung in your office can make it look quite cluttered and messy. This is the worst thing for productivity, as it is very difficult to focus when you are working in a messy area.  So, if you are wanting to make your office look more fun and interesting, why not think about using wall decals instead?  Wall decals are great because they can be customized, and they can also fill the whole wall without looking overcrowded or untidy. They are a great way to add some extra flair and aesthetics to your home office. 

Chalkboard Wall Decals

Having a chalkboard wall decal is ideal for your home office, and with our custom wall decals, your home office can be turned into an engaging and functional space. The first reason a chalkboard wall decal is so great is that it will allow you to make to-do lists and keep track of the tasks you need to do, both work-related and around the house.  It can also be used for brainstorming and jotting down work-related ideas as they pop into your head. Having a chalkboard wall decal can be beneficial if you have a little one. Children can be difficult to keep entertained sometimes, especially if you have things that you need to do.  A chalkboard wall decal will keep your little one entertained for hours while you attend to important work that you need to get done.  wall decals for work office


Wall decals can serve numerous purposes. While they largely tie a room together and make it look more visually appealing, they can also serve very functional purposes too.  This is why they are great for commercial and home offices. If you use them for their functional purpose, there is the added benefit of them adding a bit of fun and beauty to your office.  Most people spend a large portion of their life in their offices, so why not use some custom-printed vinyl decals to make it a peaceful and inviting space that is enjoyable to work in. Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:

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Custom Door Decals for Business
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 19, 2022

If you’re a business owner or manager, you might be overlooking doors as an amazing way to decorate and advertise your business. Doors are severely under-utilized spaces that can be used to keep people informed about your business or help you establish your brand.   Maximize the power of this underemployed space with 6 new ideas for custom door decals for business. Once you do, you will be one step closer to customizing your business to fit your unique brand. 

6 Ideas for Custom Door Decals for Business

vinyl door decals for business

Business Logo

We know you’ve probably heard this a million times but the simplest and easily most effective custom door decal is your business logo.  Whether you choose to use it inside or outside, it’s a great way to utilize the space and make sure everyone who visits your office or your store knows exactly who they are working with.  Business logos can work great on the doors leading outside your store or office. If you share building space with other shops or offices and have a communal lobby, stamp a massive logo on your door.  The same applies to shops in malls. You can use your door and eye-catching store window decals to stand out from other businesses with eye-catching designs.  If you share an alley with other businesses and have a door with glass, add a rear window decal of your business logo. It will make for easier deliveries and prevent people from mistaking your backdoor for some other place. A business logo decal can also stay up year-round. It’s a great way to use advertisement space and personalize your store or office without having to stretch your budget. 

Front Door Product Display

Product displays don’t have to be limited to large window decals. You can Use your door space to advertise your store and the products you have to offer.  The front door display space can also be used to show a price list. This will work well if you offer a smaller batch of services that has a set price list, like a spa or nail salon.  A product display on a front door works especially well if you have a store with limited window space. If you don’t have a lot of space to grab attention with a decal at the front of your store, you can use perforated window graphics on your door. This will allow you to see who is entering your store while still showing high-quality product displays.  custom vinyl door decals If you do have more space, you can also combine a door product display with window banner decals to create an impressive display of your product range.  If you have a store, you can also showcase your products in a promotional display with commercial decals on the walls. Use your brand colors, high-quality product images, and a catchy slogan to draw in consumers. 

Themed Door

If you have a door with a nonporous surface, you can add a decal to it and create a completely different aesthetic.  If you have a glass door, but you want it to look like wood, you can easily change it with decals. These decals can last a long time and with the right designer will look as realistic as you want them to.  They can also work great as a short-term solution for a promotion or seasonal project. If you need a quick change-up during the Halloween season that will match the spooky season, you can do so with decals. We suggest Matching your doors with wall decals for your businesses to create a completely immersive experience. 

Business Door Design

A business door design can be used to showcase your business in a fun and creative way.  For example, if you own a flower shop, liven up your door with flower decals. Your door can feature flowers that are real, animated, and every color of the rainbow. With a good designer, you will be able to create a playful and creative design. If you aren’t selling any physical products but offer services, you can still decorate your door with a fun design.  For instance, if you offer IT services, create a design that mimics lines of code or use the iconic green Matrix digital rain. There are many of these designs available on image sites like Shutterstock, where you can purchase them and use them legally.  

Frosted Glass

business glass door decals Frosted window decals are one of the best decals for glass doors and an easy way to enhance and elevate the look of your office or store with an air of luxury.  Frosted glass decals can be used as decals for glass office walls as well as front and back doors for privacy and to block light. With Coastal Creative, you can print high-quality, long-lasting frosted window decals that mimic frosted or etched glass. 

Quirky Saying

A quirky saying is a perfect way to showcase your business personality, use your window space, and draw attention. As mentioned above, the text doesn’t need to be boring. Be creative with the process.  For example, If you are running a coffee shop that values humor and wants to cater to a younger generation, this is the perfect opportunity to create a custom vinyl window decal of a coffee-related joke or meme. It’s a great way to grab attention and encourage consumers to visit your store. It’s a refreshing take on advertisements that will be appreciated by consumers that will fit your target demographic. 


Custom door decals are an under-utilized creative space. With decals, you can create a door that is informative, an advertisement, or even just a fun add-on for the festive season.  Design, create, and inspire with Coastal Creative. Partner with us for decals that will work perfectly for long-term and short-term projects.  Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:

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Custom Wall Decals for Business
By coastaladmin2022 / Jul 19, 2022

If you’re looking for a way to liven up a business wall, then it might be time to consider adding decals. Custom decals can work on any nonporous surface, and offer infinite design options.  With Coastal Creative, you can create unique custom wall decals for your business that reinforces your company's mission, increases productivity, and enhances employee satisfaction. Below, we’ll present to you our top ideas for custom office wall decals and some ways to spruce up large factory walls.  What This Article Covers:

Custom Office Wall Decals

custom wall decals for office

Business Infographic

Culture is super important for the smooth functioning of any company. With wall decals, you can include the mission statement, the business attitude, and what is expected of employees.  They can be used on every nonporous surface in your office, especially on spots that are visible to employees and visitors. They don’t have to be limited to just indoors but can also work great as office window decals. You can also create an infographic on business practices. Sustainable and ethical business practices are very important to prospective consumers and partners. If you’re wanting to go the window route, you can Make sure they know where you stand, with the use of decals at the front of your store. With a perforated window sign, you can also create privacy inside your business, showcase your business mission, and how you are giving back to the community and the environment. 

Motivation & Productivity Quotes

There is no denying that most people struggle to get through the work day. While quotes might sound a little cliche, there is no doubt that when used right they can make a difference. The type of quotes you choose should be consistent with your company culture. If yours is one that values humor, create decals that are funny and motivational. If your business has a more competitive spirit, use it to motivate employees with quotes on productivity.  These quotes also don’t have to be limited to basic text displays. With a good designer, it will be easy to create really amazing quotes that convey their message through words, font, and maybe even art. 

Frosted Partitioning

custom wall decal for business If you have any glass-walled boardrooms or offices, consider adding frosted glass decals to them. Frosted glass, which can also be made to look like etched glass, is a great way to give your office some privacy and create a more elegant look.  You can also add a minimal design to the decal. Add your business logo and combine this with glass door decals to completely revamp your office space. 

Large Custom Wall Decals for Factories

Factories are often left to their drab existence without an ounce of customization. Sometimes a business will add their name somewhere on their building but other than that, most follow the same formula; long lines of gray buildings.  That’s why you should be utilizing all available space to add some custom decals. With so much available space, you can really go wild and create a truly unique and stand-out factory building. This will not only be great for marketing but also boost employee morale. 

Business Logo

We all know the old “go big or go home” saying. It rings especially true when you have as much available space as a factory offers. Decals, while predominantly used on glass, can be used on any nonporous surface - which you might find a lot of in and around your factory.  Go big with your logo and add them to any interior or exterior walls. They also look great on exterior glass roofs, where you can add window graphics Don’t stop there. Add your business logo as rear window decals on your heavy machinery to differentiate yourself from the others on the industrial lot. Just make sure the decal doesn't obstruct the operator's view. 

Business Information

Just as a business logo decal can be great to advertise your business from far away, a decal showing your business information - contact details, operating hours, services - can have a massive impact on your reach.  Showcase your business info with decals and add commercial decals next to it to market your brand and your services.  To many, big signage is a sign of success and confidence. It’s a great opportunity to advertise your business information.  custom die cut vinyl wall decals

Safety Protocols

Factories will often house dangerous machinery or have spaces that can be health hazards. Many employees might not always be thinking about safety procedures or become a little complacent or distracted.  To avoid as many mistakes that could potentially be very dangerous, use decals to remind employees and visitors of safety protocols.  Decals can also be used to map out your factory and show zones that might be dangerous, hazardous, or just plain off-limits.  These safety protocols don’t have to be boring or break the style of your interior. You can work with a designer to create decals that fit your look and draw attention. 

Art Pieces

Factories and art aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence and that’s why it’s such a great idea. As mentioned before, factories offer a lot of space.  And while you can create murals, you can also use decals on nonporous walls to create art pieces that fit with your factory. By putting decals on your walls alongside some window banner decals, you can create unique wraparound art for your factory.   The contrast of using art pieces with your factory can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. You will draw the attention of potential customers and partners as well as improve the mood of your employees.  large custom wall decals factories


Decals can be a great way to customize windows, glass walls, and other nonporous surfaces in your offices, stores, or factories. The customization possibilities are endless and can be used as motivation, advertisement, or purely decoration.  Whichever you choose, don’t forget to partner with Coastal Creative for all your decal printing needs. Did you enjoy reading our blog? Then consider checking other guides:

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