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Do you want to use the best wall murals to transform any room in your home or office? We’ve got great ideas to spark your creativity.

Decorating with wall murals in the home and the office is quickly becoming a go-to. It’s a great way to complement the personality of any space. 

It transforms a plain office lobby into a space that clients want to admire. It will also allow you to turn your home into a reflection of your personality. 

Now, we know that there are tons of options and designs out there. It makes choosing one mural a bit difficult. But, who said that you needed to stick to only one option? 

We’ve compiled a quick guide to some of the best wall murals to inspire you. But remember, the only limit here is your own imagination. 

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The Best Wall Mural Ideas

best wall mural

The best wall murals are fantastic at creating a statement in any room. And it’s now easier than ever to have custom murals created for your home and offices. 

Custom wall murals are a perfect way to bring a space to life. If you go for the best, wall mural installation will be easy. 

This is because our vinyl wall murals have simple steps when it comes to installing them. And, when the time is right, removing the wall murals is easy, too.

Yes, painted murals are gorgeous, but they’re a bit of a hassle too. They’re much easier to mess up than our vinyl-printed murals.

And besides, our prints are high-quality and we use fade-resistant UV inks. It’s impossible to tell the difference between our printed murals and those painted on a wall. 

Because our murals are customizable, you can choose the pattern, texture, and finish. This makes each piece unique.

You can also add a high-gloss lamination to your mural. This will extend its lifespan and it’s ideal for outdoor murals. 

Let’s have a look at the types of wall murals that have stood the test of time.


Floral designs can be dark and gothic or light and romantic, and everything in between. There’s a huge range of options to choose from. 

‘Floral’ doesn’t have to be wholly feminine either. 

Who doesn’t love a dark, brooding interior? When done right, they are striking and exciting, offering an unmatched atmosphere. Picking moody floral designs for light-filled rooms is a great way to add drama.

If your tastes are lighter, there are bright designs like a field of wildflowers. Are you feeling more dramatic? Try a forest nightscape with a starry sky. 

The possibilities are endless. 


From repetitive patterns to different shapes broken up by coloring, geometric designs are incredibly versatile.

Mixing patterns with light pastels can soften the look of large walls. This would give an office lobby the gentle division it needs. 

Office spaces don’t need to be serious and dull. Many tech companies enjoy adding splashes of color to their office walls. 

What better way to do this than with geometric wall murals? 


best wall mural wallpaper

Tropical murals will instantly transport you to a calmer space. They have the power to put you back on your favorite beach without a care in the world. 

These are especially great in work areas or a games room, where they can add a fun touch.  

Beach murals would be great for an office waiting room. But, jungle murals add a touch of levity to any space.

Tropical designs don’t need to be bright sunny skies, either. 

A mural of a beach at sunset would be perfect for the bedroom. Or, you could try deep green tropical plants on a black backdrop. 


This is a look that we love, and it works for your home and office alike. 

A full marble mural will add a touch of class to any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. These are beautiful to look at, and they don’t cost nearly as much as the real thing.

You don’t have to stick to plain black, grey, or white either. These designs come in a range of colors and styles. 

Do you know those stunning geode rock crystals that have become so popular? They make for some of the best wall murals, both bold and elegant. 

There are even designs that sparkle! They don’t look tacky, either, and are rather enchanting. The sparkling texture complements the vibrant color swirls. 

It makes for a mural that is elegant and, somehow, fun too.

Marble designs are probably the best wall murals for a bathroom. But, be sure to take a look at our article on how to protect a wall mural. You don’t want to inadvertently damage your beautiful wall art.


Is there anything more classic than black and white wall art? 

best wall mural wallpapers

Embracing monochrome will add a sophisticated, yet minimalist, feel to any room. The layering of shades on top of each other can also create depth and warmth.

The best part? You can turn nearly any wall mural into a monochrome design. And really, most art looks great in monochrome. 

Monochrome murals are great for any room too, whether at home or in an office. They can be dramatic or understated, depending on your preferences. 

Cityscapes are especially great for monochrome wall murals. They look great in office lobbies, especially for white-collar businesses. 

3D illusions and wall-size photo murals look amazing in monochrome too. This is why this type of mural is so diverse. 


Landscapes are some of the most dramatic wall murals. But, that’s what makes them so great. 

From green woodlands to an arctic expanse, these murals draw you into another world. They’re fantastic at adding depth and mood, especially in larger living rooms. 

Landscapes are some of the best wall murals for a living room. Of course, this depends on your personal tastes. 

Enchanting forest scapes are a popular choice for living rooms. They tend to add a dramatic flair to the space. 

If you’re looking for something for your bedroom, a moonlit landscape is both romantic and edgy.

There are landscape murals to suit any preference. There are bold forests, mountain vistas, and even abstract landscapes. 

Fairytale Landscape

What better way to lull the little ones to sleep than with a beautiful fairytale wall mural?

Using soft pastel tones will help create a calm, peaceful environment. But, bright and fun themes will delight their inquisitive minds. 

You can even have the mural glow in the dark. It will be more enchanting than a regular nightlight. 

Pick your child’s favorite fairytale, and turn it into a wall mural. Just remember that kids grow fast. 

Vinyl-printed murals can last up to 5-years or longer when installed indoors. You’ll want to pick something that you won’t need to replace in a year or two. 

No one said that adults can’t have fairytale wall murals too. The best wall murals for bedrooms don’t need to be moody and dramatic. 

There are plenty of fairytale and fantasy designs for adults. As we said above, the only limit is your imagination. 

Besides, fairytale murals can be pretty romantic. Doesn’t that make it perfect for a bedroom?


the best wall mural wallpapers

Collecting art can be a pricey and time-consuming endeavor. Creating beautiful artistic statements with murals is a great option.  

Until you get your favorite pieces, why not experiment with murals? 

And let’s not forget about those priceless museum pieces. Wouldn’t it be great to have a copy of one of those on your walls? 

Art makes for the best removable wall murals, too. If you decide it’ll look better in a different room, then simply move it. 

Abstract Art

Large abstract pieces are colorful, inspiring, and fun. And, they are an amazing way to create a statement in any room. 

They often use bold colors, structure, and composition – making them great feature pieces. 

Abstract art is almost always fun, which makes them great for a kid’s room too. Toddlers are especially fond of vibrant colors.

This type of art can take other forms too – it doesn’t have to be swirls and blocks of color. Landscapes and portraits can be abstract too. 

Classical Art

Using classical paintings as inspiration will give you a timeless wall mural.

These pieces of art have already stood the test of time. You won’t need to change the mural as the seasons and fashions change.

And really, is anything more beautiful and classic than Von Gogh’s Starry Night? Or maybe you’d prefer something dramatic like Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee? 

Wherever your tastes lie, you can add your favorite (and expensive) classical art to a custom mural. 

Street Art

the best wall mural wallpaper

When people hear ‘street art’, they usually think of graffiti. But, street art is so much more than that. 

Street art uses bold typography, colors, and lines, and has unmistakable energy. It’s an easy way to create an edgy, alternative theme in workspaces, lofts, or even a game room.

If you’re looking for the best wall murals for your business, this is a great option. It’s a popular choice for creative businesses like graphic design firms. 

Street art is incredibly diverse too. Themes range from fun and quirky to representations of moral ethics. Honestly, street artists don’t get nearly as much hype as they should. 


Searching for the best wall murals can be tough. You want something that will add personality and atmosphere to the space. 

The type of mural you choose depends on the vibe you want. It’s a bit easier for homes than it is for an office space. 

Your home is your personal space. You can go as bold or understated as you want. No one will question your choices. 

But, when it comes to office space, the mural needs to line up with your brand. That’s why our custom murals are so great. 

Best Wall Murals (FAQs)

How do you choose a wall mural?

The right wall mural will depend on your particular needs. First, you need to consider the where and the why.

Is it going in a bedroom? An office? Are you using it for your business? Do you want it to be something relaxing to look at? Or more of a fun, wow-factor?

This will affect the type of design you’ll end up going for. Once you have the where and the way down, you can start brainstorming ideas to fit your needs. Or, you can pick an idea from our list.

Do wall murals make a room look bigger?

Yes, they often do. This is especially true when you’re going for some sort of landscape design. Murals will make the room seem like it keeps on going for longer than it does in reality. They can open up a room and make it feel larger and more spacious.

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