Best Wall Decals

If you’re looking for unique, easy-to-use home decor, we have a list of the 8 best wall decals to use around the house. At Coastal Creative, we make custom premium vinyl decals that you can use anywhere in your home. They’re easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

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the best wall decals

A fun bubble wall is one of the most popular wall decals to use in bathrooms. Our decals are water-resistant, so they can be used in the wettest room in the house. We can create individual bubble decals, so you can arrange them however you’d like.

Place them behind your mirror to create an exciting accent wall. Position them behind your toilet to make your guests giggle. Just because it’s the bathroom, doesn’t mean it has to be boring and all white.

It’s simple to order through our website. You can easily upload your own design or create one using our custom design tool. We have a wide variety of shapes, icons, and clip art to choose from to make your decals work with your design style.


best wall decal

If you are looking for modern removable wall decals to use in your kid’s room, confetti is fun and easy to apply. Single strips can be placed at random to create the illusion of falling confetti. There doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason with a design like this.

Place them behind the bed to create a fun feature wall or put them on the door to show off your child’s personality. Involve the kids and invite them to plan out the design with you on our website. Sprucing up the bedroom can be an enjoyable family project.

Measurement Conversions

One of the best wall decals to have in your kitchen is a list of common measurement conversions. You can stick them to the fridge or the wall behind your counters. This is not only cute but also useful. Our decals are durable, so they will last in your busy kitchen.

If you love baking but hate doing conversions, this decal can simplify your life. How many grams are there in a cup? Never wonder again. All you have to do is a glance at your handy measurement decal. 

Create a design with the measurements you use the most to make your time in the kitchen as uncomplicated as possible.

the best wall decals

Growth Ruler

One of the best wall decals to have in each of your kid’s rooms is a growth ruler. This is an adorable way to keep track of your child’s growth in their first few years. It’s a fun activity for the whole family to gather around and see how much the kids have grown.

It’s easy to include your exact specifications on our website. If you prefer to speak with someone directly, you can request a quote and someone will contact you. If you have a complicated project we will do everything in our power to help you every step of the way.


Some of the most popular vinyl decals for the home are quotes. If you’ve ever wanted your own version of “in this house we…” now is the time to make a custom version for your living room. 

It’s super easy to use our custom decal designer to pick the perfect font for your favorite quote. We have hundreds to choose from. Our decals are die-cut, so they can be very detailed with no weird borders or white edges.

the best wall decal


Pieces of art are great classic wall decals to have around the house. At Coastal Creative, we make custom size wall murals to fit any wall perfectly. We can custom create large pieces of art to suit your color scheme and design style to a tee.

A big trend currently is to have oversized flowers in key locations around the house. Giant dandelions sticking out from behind the couch can take a boring room from drab to fab in a few minutes. 

Our designs are pre-measured and made to fit, so you can simply stick them on and carry on with your life, enjoying your new custom piece of art.

Photo Frames

The best wall decal to have if you’re renting your home is photo frames. If you aren’t allowed to drill holes into your wall to hang art, create your own sticky frames. Design custom frames sized to perfection that can be easily applied anywhere in your home.

With our custom decals, it’s easy to create the ultimate gallery wall in your passage. To make things even easier, upload your photos directly to have beautiful images that you can stick directly on the wall.


most popular wall decals

If your kids want cool wall art decals in their rooms, animals are always a hit. Giant cartoon safari animals or massive dinosaurs liven up any drab, plain room. Theme the entire room and create custom decals to match.

Pick a Jurassic Park theme and upload some huge T-Rex designs to our easy-to-use custom design vinyl decal page on our website. Add a clutch of dinosaur eggs to really pull the theme together.

Why Coastal Creative?

We offer completely custom, high-quality vinyl wall decals to spruce up your home. If you’re looking for the ultimate temporary piece of art for your walls, we can provide it. From tiny text to full wall murals, if you can dream it, we can do it.

Our vinyl decals stick to glass, drywall, wood, stone, and concrete. They are super sticky and versatile. If you’re unsure if your surface will work, call us, and we’ll let you know. 

With a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, you know you’ll want a change long before the decals stop sticking. Our decals are quick and easy to apply and take only a few minutes to remove. They leave no marks or residue. It will be like they were never there.

Our custom decals are super easy to care for. They can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and require no soap or harsh chemicals to look their best.

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