Best Removable Wall Murals

Are you considering using a wall mural to make a statement in your home? Modern wall murals can range from realistic to abstract and are a fantastic way to create a statement in any room. 

Read our guide to the best removable wall murals, below. We explain what our durable custom wall murals are made of, and what they can do for your home. And we included several exciting and inspirational ideas for every room in the house.  

What This Article Covers:

What Are The Best Removable Wall Murals Made Of?

best peel and stick wall murals

Murals add color, depth, texture, and atmosphere. And we make it even easier to include custom wall murals in your home. 

We print our vinyl murals with fade-resistant UV inks and our expertly skilled designers will make your favorite designs come to life. Our removable wall murals are made from adhesive vinyl, which makes them durable yet quick and easy to apply. 

Ideas For The Best Peel And Stick Wall Murals

These are our top ideas for the best wall murals.

Ocean Themes For The Family Room

Murals with an ocean or sealife theme, like dolphins and blue waters, are relaxing to look at when you unwind after a long day. Your family room should be a place of leisure and relaxation. The use of calming blues and natural images further enhance this mood. 

It can also work very well in most bedrooms or even the bathroom. If blue seems too cool for your environment, try a collection of seashell and conch images in light colors for a lighter effect. 

Tropical Themes For The Outside Walls

There’s no need for an island getaway vacation with this mural. Tropical themes like beaches and palm trees in wall-size photo murals will bring a bit of island style right into your home. Think of sunset oranges, sandy beiges, watery blues, and leafy greens. 

Use a vacation snapshot or holiday picture postcard as your inspiration. You’ll feel as though you’re on your favorite beach without leaving your property. This would work well in any entertainment area of your home but can be the perfect theme for your outdoor spaces such as a patio.

Marble-Effect In The Bathroom

Get the beauty of veined marble without the hefty price tag. A marble-effect wall-size mural will add an instant touch of drama and sophistication to any room. 

The downside of real marble tiles, aside from the expense, is that they can make a bathroom seem cold. But that won’t be the case with a marble look wall mural. Choose one area to highlight, and you’ll instantly make your bathroom look more luxurious.

For a more realistic look, choose neutral tones to complement any decor style you already have in your bathroom. For instant elegance and style, you could also use this mural in your kitchen. Of course, neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Go for colors like taupe or any other color in a muted shade.

Monochromatic Color Schemes In The Sitting Room

what is the best removable wall mural

A monochromatic look will add a stylish but minimalist feel to any room. The layering of different shades of the same hue over each other creates depth and mood. This can add interest without feeling cluttered,  perfect for smaller living rooms, sitting rooms, or bedrooms where you want to keep things simple.

Any color can be used in this way, with multiple shades of that one color creating all the contrast you want. But darker shades and bolder hues may not be best as a lot of the contrast will be lost. Shades of blue, green, turquoise, and teal will create a harmonious look. And these colors are very popular right now.

Landscapes And Nature Scenes In The Living Room

From lush green woodlands through to an icy arctic expanse, natural landscape murals draw the viewer into another world altogether. These are some of the best wall murals for living room and guest bedroom walls, too.

As with any very specific theme, align the images you choose with your interests and your decor scheme. Take your surrounding furniture styles and colors into consideration. And choose an image that you will not tire of looking at every day.

Renowned Artworks For The Home Office/Study

best removable wall mural

Collecting art can be a rewarding but expensive hobby. But you can recreate beautiful artistic statements with custom wall murals. Select images of your most cherished works of art, and see them brought to life on your walls. You can have the Mona Lisa smiling down at you without having to go to the Louvre.  

Using images of classical paintings, frescoes and sculptures will give your home office or study a touch of class. These artworks have already stood the test of time. So you probably won’t feel the need to change the mural as the seasons and fashions change.

Abstract And Colorful In The Kitchen

Large abstract designs in bold colors pieces are colorful, inspiring, and fun. They will create a statement in any room in the house. But because they rely on vibrant colors, and large freeform shapes, they can often dominate a space.

They are well suited to larger kitchens that need a bit of excitement. A kitchen is an energetic place, full of lively activity. And this style echoes that energy. Depending on your color scheme in the kitchen, choose colors that stand out like reds, oranges, and yellows that bring warmth and life to the kitchen.

Metallics In The Dining Room 

Golds and silvers and bronzes will add high drama but also an undeniable touch of elegance to any room. Murals in metallic colors will add mood as well as give your walls the illusion of greater texture. 

This look can be a bit overpowering if you are going for a wall-size mural. But one area where this heightened sense of drama can be appreciated is the dining room. 

A strategically placed mutual encompassing a triune of metallic shades will liven up any dinner. And if you like to host dinner parties in your home, it is sure to become a talking point at your next get-together. 

Black & White Photographic Prints In The Master Bedroom

the best removable wall mural

Do you adore the look of mid-century photographic prints?  Be whisked away to the past and live out your retro dreams by decorating with wall murals that resemble vintage photographs. The beauty of this is that it will not clash with any colors or styles already present in the room.

Personalize it by using black and white renditions of you and your partner together. This will create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom that is still gender-neutral.

For a large bedroom with a bare wall, opt for a wall-size photo mural. For big open walls, we print multiple decals that are then carefully assembled for a seamless mural. 

Faux Suede And Leather Textures In The Walk-In Closet

Using a mural that resembles a fabric immediately brings texture to any wall in your home. It can be used in walk-in closets, master bedrooms, or studies to soften walls and make rooms warmer.

A high-end approach to this is to mimic suede and leather textures. A mock croc leather look, for example, in white, tan, or a rich warm brown will uplift the look of your walk-in closet with some designer style. But without the designer price.

Vibrant Cartoons In Toddlers’ Playrooms

Toddlers love cartoons, and for that matter so do many adults. They will add an element of fun to any area of the home but will be especially appreciated if you have toddlers in the house.

Cartoons tend to use bright, primary colors. The boldest shades of red, yellow, and blue often feature in cartoon character images. Very large murals in such bright colors may overexcite young children at bedtime. So choose smaller murals, or if you want to go for something larger, confine it to the playroom. 

Geometric Designs For Teens’ Rooms

The Best Removable Wall Murals

Repetitive patterns, angular shapes, and other geometric designs are striking and energizing. But such a high-energy look may be best appreciated in a teenager’s bedroom, or the games room. Of course, it could also work in other high-energy areas such as the kitchen, if that works with your kitchen decor.

Geometric designs work best in black on white or vice versa, with only a touch of bright color to add interest. Black and white alone, however, will create ample contrast and interest. However, this may not be the ideal look for rooms where you wish to create a calmer effect. 

Delicate Florals For Girls’ Bedrooms

Who doesn’t love a fresh and pretty floral design? Floral designs in soft pastel pinks and mint greens are an attractive yet not overpowering choice, and thus one of the best wall murals for bedroom walls. 

As red and green are complementary colors, this would be an excellent color choice and would be best represented with images of roses in bloom. This is a popular theme that is feminine but classically timeless.

Classic Patterns In The Guest Bedroom

Because your guest bedroom will be subject to multiple users over time, you need to cater to more general tastes. An ideal way to do this is to choose classic patterns. Checkered designs, houndstooth, plaid, paisley, or stripes are all traditional patterns that look fantastic in neutrals.

A feature wall could receive this traditional treatment, in a look that mimics wallpaper but without the long-term commitment. What if your guest bedroom may need to be pressed into service as a nursery for a new baby? Simply swap out the existing murals for something else. 

Of course, our vinyl wall murals are very long-lasting. And proper care of them by keeping them free from dust, or requesting extra lamination at the outset, keeps them looking good for longer.  

Fairies, Butterflies, And Toadstools In The Nursery

For a dreamlike quality in a baby’s nursery, this can be a wonderful choice. It is wise to stick to rounded shapes, curved lines, and soft colors or pastels for a baby’s room. This will prevent your baby from being too restless. 

Any images of little woodland creatures, baby animals such as bunnies, or even birds are ideal for use in babies’ nurseries. But remember to keep the colors light to promote tranquility. Your baby wants to be cocooned in soft, restful colors that delight but do not overly excite him/her. 

But as babies grow, so does their sense of curiosity and wonder. And you may want to add new images or change the look entirely. That’s what’s so great about our peel and stick wall murals. Updating the look of your nursery is effortless.

Graphics In The Hobby Room

the best peel and stick wall murals

Using graphics, whether they are bold or muted, can create beautiful statement pieces that will fill a room and draw the eye. Because this can be a highly charged look, it is best confined to areas like your hobby room.

Graphics tend to look their best in bold black, white, and bright colors. Yet another reason to keep this theme for areas where higher levels of energy are required and encouraged.

But you can go as big and bold as you like. And don’t forget, murals are not just for large expanses. Even a small room will get a welcome facelift with a funky and fresh wall mural.

Street Art Style In Neons In The Games Room

Street art uses bold typography, colors, and lines and has unmistakable energy. Also known as graffiti, it is a modern art form all of its own. It’s an easy way to create an edgy, alternative theme in games rooms. But many teenagers may also find this look appealing for their rooms.

It is generally presented in neon colors and this can look stunning against an otherwise bare white wall. It is, however, not recommended for rooms where you want the atmosphere to be quiet and peaceful. Rather keep the neons in high-energy areas, and away from babies’ nurseries or living rooms.

Inspirational Quotes For Businesses

Of course, removable wall murals are not only a great addition to your home decor, but they are also suitable for your business premises. Inspire your staff with motivational quotes from respected business leaders and life coaches, or have one made up to display your own company slogan and motto. 

This will make your work environment a more enjoyable place and can have a positive impact on office productivity. Your office color scheme does not have to be affected if you choose black or navy blue text on a white background. But to lighten the tone and inject a bit of fun into their workday, opt for a font that is attractive.

Be sure to go for lettering that is large enough to be seen by all who enter the office space, but not too large, or it may be overpowering and distracting. Depending on the type of work you are engaged in, images of your products or the type of service you provide can also be included.  

What Are The Benefits Of Decorating With Removable Wall Murals?

There are several benefits to using our removable custom wall murals for your decorating needs. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

They Are Practical, Versatile, And Durable

the best peel off wall murals

Removable vinyl wall mural installation couldn’t be easier. As they have an adhesive backing, it is simply a case of peel and stick. Unlike a mural painted onto your wall, they are fast to apply, and far more easily exchanged for a different one.

Our removable wall murals are designed to be applied to non-porous surfaces. They can also be used against wood, concrete, and stone. This makes them perfect for use inside your home or business, but also tough enough for any outside walls.

When correctly applied and cared for, removable wall murals can last for up to two years outdoors and up to five years indoors. You can also request additional lamination to further prolong the lifespan of your removable wall murals. And when you feel like a change, removing wall murals is just as easy as applying them. 

They Camouflage Problem Walls In Rented Homes

Removable wall murals put your stamp on your surroundings, even if you are renting or only need a short-term solution. They can be removed easily and without damaging your walls. This is great news for those of you who are renting and looking for short-term decorating options. 

When walls are uneven or unsightly, wall-size murals can hide these flaws.  They hide these imperfections and give your room a fresh, new look at the same time. We can provide you with what you need, from filling in a small nook to covering a large expanse. But the types of wall murals you choose may depend on the condition of your walls. 

Textured walls risk tearing the vinyl and weakening the adhesive of your wall mural. If you are not sure whether your wall surface is suitable for a mural, or how to reuse wall murals, call us for advice.

They Offer Freedom Of Choice Over Colors, Patterns, And Design

Murals can completely transform a space. They can create atmosphere, add depth and texture, and draw your attention to a focal point of interest. 

Wall murals function in much the same way as wallpaper. But the difference between wallpaper and wall murals is that our murals are fully customizable. So you have the freedom to choose your own colors, patterns, and textures. 

Vibrant murals can inject some life into even the smallest or dullest of rooms, and also highlight the focal point in a room. By choosing a dramatic theme that has strong imagery, you immediately create interest and dramatic flair.

In Conclusion

Removable wall murals offer a quick and easy way to completely transform a room. They are completely customizable, versatile, and durable, yet they don’t have to be permanent. And compared to some alternatives, they can be quite affordable. 

Custom wall murals immediately add texture, depth, warmth, and atmosphere to any room in your house. We deliver and install custom wall murals throughout San Diego and South Orange County, and ship them to you anywhere in the US. So contact us today, and together we will make your house a home.  

Best Removable Wall Murals FAQs

How do I clean my removable wall murals?

the best stick and peel wall murals

Keeping your wall murals clean and free from dust will help them to last longer and keep them from looking faded over time. Regularly dust your wall mural, including around the edges. This is to prevent dust and debris from getting under it and compromising the adhesion. 

Use dampened cloths and lightly scrub to remove dirt from the surface. But avoid harsh or abrasive chemicals containing alcohol, bleach, citrus additives, or ammonia. These substances can erode the inks and the material used to make your mural. Mild soapy water is best for the job. 

Can I use removable wall murals in hot or cold environments?

Our wall murals can withstand a very wide range of environments. They tolerate being exposed to temperatures from -20°F right through to +150°F. Therefore they will be fine in any room of your home. 

That being said, weather conditions for outdoor murals will affect the longevity of outdoor murals. If used on an exterior wall, request our extra lamination service to help your mural better withstand the weather.

How will I know what size my removable wall mural needs to be?

Our wall murals can be made to order, in any size or shape you require. Whether you need a small mural for a neglected nook or wall-size murals for large expanses.  

And if you are not confident about getting the measurements done correctly, we can assist you. Our experts will not only come out to take any necessary accurate measurements but can install your murals once they are ready.

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