Bar Window Decals

The local bar is a place to unwind, socialize and enjoy an evening out, making it a core part of any community or city. To create an inviting atmosphere, you need to consider the external appearance and bar window decals. 

Window decals can be customized to align with the needs and personality of an establishment, so you can choose what you think will best suit your bar. 

We look at some ideas for bar window decals, to help you decide what would work best in front of your space. 

8 Ideas for Bar Window Decals

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The most important element to have displayed in the front of a bar is the name of the place, so that people who are looking for the bar find it easily, and those who are not can familiarize themselves with your business. 

Your bar should have a distinctive name that is designed together with a logo for a memorable title, and that can be on a window decal out front. If you have a slogan attached, you can include that in it, too. 

This is a versatile design that should be incorporated in any store business, such as on a cinema wall decal.

Key Items

Every bar has its drawcard, such as local beer, burgers, specialty wines, cocktails, barbecue deals, and so on. If there is something that keeps the patrons coming back time and time again, you should wear it loud and proud with bar window decals. 

The first way to do this is with keywords printed on decals that dot your windows, naming the items you are popular for and that will convince people to come in. 

Alternatively, you can do it more subtly with images that illustrate the items, such as pictures of a pint of beer, or martini glasses. 

If your bar or something on your menu has been won or been nominated for an award, like the best ribs in the city, make sure to state that on the bar window. 

Showcasing key menu items also work well on wall decals in restaurants.


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After the name of the bar, potential customers will want to know details about the place to decide and plan their visit. 

Use a window decal to display your opening days, opening hours, contact number, email address, website, social media handles, and so on. This is convenient for those wanting to make a booking, check out your menu and reviews, or come back when you are open. 

Be sure to mention if you close on public holidays, to avoid disappointed customers waiting outside. Details are always key, whether on a bar, restaurant, or decal in a boutique window.

Saying or Quote

A bar can be more of a casual hangout spot, and to make patrons feel welcome and at home, you could lighten the mood with a few quotes or sayings about bars, drinks, or food.

One-liners such as “Drink up” or “Hold my beer”, famous quotes about bar culture, or short jokes will all prompt those passing by to stop and read, and they will be more likely to come into the bar. 

These also work well as vinyl decals at a wedding, or in the bar area of reception. 


If you want to keep your windows simple, you can opt for a simple, aesthetic pattern that decorates the outside without being too cluttered. 

For a simple look, there is always a perforated vinyl window decal.

Choose something that blends well with the overall look and feel of your bar. For example, a bar that is more colorful and playful could have a twirly or floral pattern, while a modern bar may go for a minimalistic, geometric pattern. 

You can also do a frosted glass decal for a solid effect, and/or for privacy purposes.

ideas for bar window decals


To tie into a theme that you may have within your bar, incorporate a landscape or scenery onto the window decal. 

If your bar has a connection to nature or the outdoors, you can do a line of trees or an ocean landscape along the window. Alternatively, you could even channel the spirit of a city or place with a distinctive skyline or an outline of a building or area. 


Sometimes a bar can be mistaken for a restaurant, and those in search of a watering hole may pass it by. Why not make it clear that it is not a decal in a restaurant window with a few unmistakable symbols? 

You can incorporate one or two simple images, such as a beer glass or a wine bottle, onto the design of the decal. To make it even more creative, do a pattern of symbols along the length of the decal. 

This could be incorporated into any distinctive business, such as paint brushes and easels on a wall decal in an art room.

Welcome Message

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To achieve a warm environment that welcomes people in and makes them want to come back again and again, the message needs to be clear before someone has even walked through the door. With an inviting welcome message, you can start right. 

Use a decal that displays a short and sweet message to those outside that convinces them to come in. 

This can be a simple “Come on in!”, or an inclusive “Grab a beer and become part of the family”. You could even work in a joke or a pun to make it memorable, such as “Every hour is happy hour”. 

Be creative and make it personal, for a truly encouraging statement to bring people into your bar. 


To run a truly successful bar, you want to be a place where people feel welcome and at ease, and that impression begins with the exterior. This makes the right bar vinyl decal outdoors a priceless addition. 

Enlist the services of a professional window decal company to create and install the perfect window custom decal, and you’re sure to see results.

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