Bar Wall Murals

Bar wall murals may be more important than you’d think. There are tons of different bars, from high-end hotel bars to more relaxed sports bars – but each of them is set apart by one thing: their decor. One of the best ways to set your bar apart from the crowd is to make sure that your decor and artwork can wow your customers. 

The easiest way to elevate your bar’s look is to incorporate custom vinyl wall murals and create a unique and interesting look that will draw the crowds in. This budget-friendly method is easy to install and remove, and can give your bar a much-needed facelift in just a few minutes! 

7 Ideas for Bar Wall Murals

Keep It Classic

wall mural for bar

Bars are used as a place to relax and unwind, and your wall murals should reflect that. Classic styles like two-toned walls, raw brick textures, and simple designs are great ways to reflect the relaxed atmosphere that a bar should bring. Many wine bars and winery wall murals use images of exposed brick to create a rustic feel, and patrons typically respond positively to this simplistic idea. 

This idea is best used for high-end bars, and can also work well for hotel and fine-dining bar areas that are attached to these establishments. Hotel wall murals typically use relaxing imagery and scenes to create an atmosphere and relaxation, and will typically use muted color palettes. 

More demure colors also work well for bars to give a more sleek appearance and perpetuate the idea of a more sophisticated establishment. 

Showcase Your Menu

Like many wall murals for restaurants, some bars choose to have their menu printed on their wall murals. This can be used as a backsplash behind a bar, or on the walls where it is more visible to patrons. 

You may have also noticed that many café wall murals utilize this idea to promote and showcase certain drinks or food items that they serve. This idea works well for bars that have a number of speciality in-house drinks, or run certain specials or offerings throughout the day like Happy Hour discounts. 

Go Bold

pub wall mural

Casual bars and more relaxed venues can utilize more color in their wall murals to give their establishment a more trendy and stylish look. Much like club wall murals, these designs are often fun and printed in bold, vivid colors. Bold imagery and colors often appeal to patrons that are looking for a more modern aesthetic to enjoy with their peers and friends. 

Similarly, if your bar has a specific theme, then you can use symbols and images associated with this theme. 

Much like movie theater wall murals that use striking imagery of popular characters from movies and popular media, themed bars can use characters and other symbols that relate to their theme. For example, a tropical-themed bar can use bright and colorful designs of large, lush plants to project its theme.

Inspire Fun

Bars are a great place to have fun and let your hair down. Whether your patrons are having a drink with friends or enjoying a night out, your bar should encourage them to have a good time. Big, bright images that relay a certain theme are a great way to do this. 

Much like wall murals for parties, bar wall murals can inspire your patrons to enjoy themselves while at your establishment. This is important for leaving a lasting positive impression and keeping new and regular clients coming back. 

Collaborate With Local Artists

In the same way that bars often play host to local bands and other artists like comedians, your bar is a great place to showcase local art. This will help you to have a one-of-a-kind look to your establishment, with a unique vibe and feel for your patrons to enjoy. 

Collaborating with local artists is also an interesting way to generate more interest in your business, and can help to foster relationships with more customers. 

Make Your Walls Interactive

With the boom of social media, having an interesting wall mural can be a fantastic way to market your business and generate business. 

Wall murals with pop culture references, well-known phrases, characters, imagery, and unique artwork can inspire patrons to photograph your walls. These photographs are more likely to be posted on social media and can help to promote your business through word-of-mouth. 

Match Your Decor

wall murals for bars

Bar wall murals should ideally match the decor and furniture within the establishment. If you have sleek, stylish furniture, then you should aim to have a sleek and stylish wall mural. These wall murals may have simple color palettes with chic patterns and designs. 

Similarly, bright furniture and decor can be matched and enhanced with a funky geometric wall mural or a mural with a bold color palette and larger-than-life graphics. 

To design the best wall mural for your bar, you should take your existing decor and furniture into account to make sure that you can create a cohesive theme. 


Bar wall murals can have a huge impact on the overall environment and feel of the establishment. Whether patrons are celebrating at a high-end bar, having a relaxed drink at a more casual bar, or watching the game at a sports bar, decor can make or break their impression! With our ideas on how to elevate your bar wall murals, you’ll have the most popular bar in town! 

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