Back Window Business Decals

If you want to advertise your business to catch someone’s attention and have them remember your branding, back window business decals are the way to do it. 

Back window business decals are an effective marketing solution, being visible to those passing by or sitting behind you in traffic or at a traffic light. Your advertisement is front and center, and hard to miss. 

There are various ways to implement this, such as frosted window decals, in various design types, so we look at creative ideas for rear window business decals so that your branding can hit the roads. 

7 Ideas for Rear Window Business Decals

Name and Logo

back window business decal

If you are trying to get the key information about your business to someone in the shortest possible time, the most effective way to do so is to keep it simple with just your business name and logo on your custom vinyl window decal

A clutter-free focus on the name of your business is a smart move, as some people generally only glance at a rear window decal when passing by. This would be an easy way to make an impression and have them remember your business’ name. 

If you want to add an extra element to it, place your contact number or email address under the name so that they can get a hold of you from there. 

The simplicity of this design makes it suitable for front door window decals, too. 

Brand Imagery 

Text-only marketing might not be your style, so why not add some brand-relevant imagery to your rear business window decal

Bring in an image of something that links to what you offer, alongside the basic details of your business such as the name, contact details, slogan, etc. 

For example, this could be a bucket and mop for a cleaning service, a tree for a tree felling service, or a leaky pipe for a plumbing service. If your business logo communicates your services well, this would work too. 

Whatever you choose, try to keep it simple and clear. This also works as an office glass decal, as it fits well into the branding of the business. 

Realistic Image Effect 

When someone is sitting in traffic, you may be able to get them to do a double-take with a realistic image effect on your rear window decal. 

This would be an image that looks like something or someone peeking through the rear window, and on closer inspection, is just a decal. 

This would work well if relevant, such as a dog peeking through the back seats for a pet grooming service, or a few eerie faces gazing through for a Halloween costume business. 

Another example could be the soapy sud effect on the window, with a portion cleaned away, for a car wash business. 

This type of design fits well as a window decal for a storefront too, to encourage passers-by to stop and go in. 

Question and Solution

rear window business decals

To effectively market your business, you need to appeal to potential customers and emphasize why they may need to acquire your product or services, and a simple question might do the trick. 

Keep the design simple with a question that prompts the person looking at the decal to think about whether they need something, or need something done for them. 

For instance, asking “Tired of sitting in traffic? Let us do the driving for you” would be an excellent way to advertise an e-hailing business or a new line of transport. 

This would be accompanied by the business name and details, to encourage action from the viewer. 

This also works as a wall decal for your business, as a quick and to-the-point way of solving someone’s problem or need. 


If your business has a person associated with the brand, then it is generally wise to include them on a rear window decal. 

This would work well if you work with a well-known brand ambassador, or if the owner of the business is a public figure in the community, as this will draw attention to the advertisement. 

In the case of a brand ambassador, include their name and a short quote from them about the business alongside their image. 

A design like this would go well on a wall decal for commercial use, to promote the brand using the well-known figure. 


When it comes to advertising, people love animals. This means they are always a great choice for any window decal. 

Try to work them into your brand in a relevant way, rather than just randomly adding them in. 

They might come naturally for a pet-related service or an animal sanctuary, but you could use cartoon animal imagery for a nursery or pre-school, or a dog for a pet-friendly restaurant. 


rear window business decal

A person having a busy day, who is sitting in traffic, would likely appreciate a bit of comic relief on their way to their destination. A humorous take on the window decal would provide this. 

You could include a simple, one-line joke or pun, and/or funny imagery that would induce a chuckle or two from cars passing by. 

For example, “I used to have a handle on life, but then it broke” would be comedy gold for a car repair service to advertise their business. 

This is a unique way of marketing, and people are more likely to remember you. 


Back window business decals are an effective form of advertising, as they have high visibility and garner many eyes on the road. 

If done right, you will see the significant success that will show in a rising number of inquiries for your goods or services. You have to be creative with your design, and pick something that is going to stand out and catch the eye of the viewer long enough for them to remember the name of your business, and what you offer. 

Just pick a suitable style, such as a perforated vinyl window decal, and go from there.

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