Art Room Wall Decals

Looking for a way to make that wall in your art room stand out? Art can be expensive, but you don’t need to break the bank to make a creative feature wall.

Art room wall decals are the perfect solution. These are pleasing to the eye and can make any wall look like a high-quality art piece at a fraction of the price.

Also, you have free reign on how creative you want to be.

You can feature one large piece of art or several smaller prints. You can even create an artistic border or feature some of your own designs.

Whatever you are after, we have got you covered because, in this article, we are going to look at some of the best custom vinyl wall decals to make a feature in your art room that will stand out.

What This Article Covers:

Top 11 Ideas for Art Room Wall Decals 

art room wall decal

Watercolour Wall decals

Watercolor paintings are known for the softness and tranquil atmosphere they can provide in a space. This is why they will make the perfect addition to an art room wall. 

And nothing needs to be physically painted. You can merely choose a watercolor design of your choosing and have it printed on your wall decal. 

There are many beautiful designs to choose from online and you can even get creative with a design of your own. 

Popular watercolor designs often incorporate soft colors or botanical elements. What better way to create a calming atmosphere in your art room?

Architectural Wall decals

Architectural wall decals can also make a great feature on an art room wall. They are versatile in design and can easily be adapted to fit the overall design of the space.

If you are looking for a more industrial feel, you can incorporate architectural wall decals with steel structures and prominent features. 

If you have a more historical feel, you can feature some older buildings that resonate more closely with the art capitals of the world. 

Architecture and art go hand in hand and it can be a great way to echo the exterior of space on the inside. You can even echo the theme on eye-catching custom exterior decals to enforce this theme throughout the space.

Graffiti Wall Decals

wall decal for art room

If you want your art room to have an edgy and modern vibe, you can’t go wrong with a graffiti-theme art room decal. 

For example, if you feature graffiti on an edgy restaurant wall decal, you instantly transform an otherwise neutral wall into an eye-catching feature. As a bonus, you can create a low-key atmosphere to make your clientele feel more at home if that is what you are going for. 

Some places feature graffiti on exterior wall decals as a means to mimic the origin of graffiti and create a more modern feel. 

So, if you are looking for something that will grab the attention of guests, a graffiti wall decal may be the way to go. 

You can even include personalized features in the graffiti design to make the decal unique to you. 

Paintings Wall Decals

An art room isn’t an art room without some paintings featured on the wall. 

Instead of paying large sums of money for customized prints, you can opt to feature your favorite paintings on art room decals. 

Not only will you mimic an art room in an art gallery, but you can also ensure that your feature wall reflects the taste of your art room.

Sculptures Wall Decals

If you don’t necessarily want to feature paintings on your art room wall, you can also opt to feature some sculptures. 

Here, you can be creative in terms of design. 

Maybe you want to feature one large sculpture in your design or perhaps you want to break it up into sections and repeat it across several walls. 

You can choose a sculpture for its aesthetic because of its symbolic significance.

For example, artistic wall decals for churches often feature sculptures with a significant symbolic meaning. 

Whatever you choose, wall decals featuring sculptures can bring a touch of class and history to the space to create an impressive design feature.

Sketched Wall Decals

wall decals for art room

Many drawings can easily be featured on a wall decal. 

Plans, maps, and portrait sketches are all popular options to decorate a feature wall in a space. 

Sketches are a popular option for coffee cafe window decals that want to have a trendy design feature for passers-by to see. 

There are a wide variety of sketches to choose from, from doodles to true-to-life portraiture. This makes it easy to choose or design a sketch that can make your wall stand out.

Photo Wall Decals

Photos are also a very popular option for wall decals. 

These can take the form of personalized photos or artistic photos. 

For an art room, you may want to look at some iconic photographic images or other aesthetically pleasing photographs that can enhance the artistic feel of the space. 

Casual bar window decals may feature photos of people enjoying a drink together but a photo decal for an art room will take the form of a more artistic wall decal, featuring good photography and sound design. 

Luckily, there are a wide array of options to choose from. 

Simply curate a selection of your favorite photographs to feature on a wall or opt to feature one large photo to cover an entire wall with. 

Either way, you are sure to capture the attention of anyone who enters the space.

Paint Wall Decals

wall decal for art rooms

Of course, any art room can be complemented with a pop of color, so why not choose a design that features paint? 

These vary from designs that include paint splashes to those that get creative with interpretations of the color wheel. 

This is a great way to reinforce the theme of art throughout the space while also creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere. 

You can also opt to include some other features such as brushstrokes or color smudges to give your wall decal a more dynamic vibe.

Artists Wall Decals

Yes, nobody will frown upon an artist who chooses to feature the grand masters on their wall. 

After all, aren’t all artists inspired by those that precede them in some way or another? 

You can feature portraits of artists in a more formal design or feature a collage with all the prominent figures you want to include. 

Whatever you choose, any design featuring prominent artists will enhance your space and become an interesting and versatile design feature.

Abstract Wall Decals

You also do not need to play it safe and choose artistic decals that will please everyone. 

If you want something that will make a statement, you can opt for abstract wall art designs. These vary greatly in design but are sure to become a talking point amongst guests who enter the space.

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Period Wall Decals

Do you have a specific art era that fits the interior of your space or one that you favor? 

Well, you could choose to feature art from a specific time era on your wall to solidify this theme. 

Modernists, impressionists, and art deco art are all period-specific themes that are good options to include in your wall decal design. 

How Do Wall Decals Uplift an Art Room?

You may be thinking, why even bother with an art room decal? 

Isn’t there a better way to decorate a wall in your art room? 

Let’s look at some of how your art room decals can uplift the space and discuss why you should invest in them.

They Create a Feature Wall

Art room decals allow you to use an entire wall to create a featured eyepiece. 

This can attract people to your space and uplift the entire interior design. 

As a bonus, you will be making the best use of space that would have otherwise been under-utilized.

They Can Enhance Your Theme

best art room wall decals

There is no better way to reinforce the theme of your art room than featuring it front and center on a wall. This can tie your entire space together and create unity within the space. 

For example, decorative cinema wall decals always have theatrical flair to enhance the overall feel of the experience. 

Similarly, you can use an art room decal to reinforce the idea of art and echo the specific types of art you feature throughout the space.

They Can Be Brand-Specific

If you want to reinforce your business brand without being too obvious about it, it can be a great idea to incorporate your name or logo into an art room decal. 

Ever seen customized boutique window decals? They have a subtle way of looking great and featuring the brand of the boutique as well.

If you incorporate your brand into an art room decal, your design feature will also serve a practical purpose and you may get some increased brand awareness without even trying too hard.

Why Choose Art Room Decals?


Wall decals are an economical way to feature artwork on a wall at a fraction of the price. 

You can choose any piece of art in a high-resolution image and have it printed to be featured on your wall. 

Not only will this make a statement, but you will save a ton of money on interior design.

They Can Be Temporary

Do you easily get bored with certain designs? Or are you renting a space where you don’t have that much free reign on the design of the space? 

Decals are easy to apply and remove, which means you do not have to commit to a single design for eternity. 

This allows for even more creative freedom and perhaps, some peace of mind.

Design Freedom

best art room wall decal

Have you always wanted to create something of your own to feature in your space? With art room decals, you can submit a design of your choosing. 

This means that you can also design something yourself, which will then be printed and installed on a wall. 

Or you can get creative by mixing and matching designs from several art pieces. Decals allow for freedom in design, which means you can create something unique and personal to you.


So, do you think an art room wall decal is worth it? Well, after reading this article you should believe it.

There are so many ways to use art room decals to uplift an art room, it is almost too hard to single out one best design. 

Luckily, most rooms have various walls, so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. 

It is an art room after all, why not unleash your inner creativity and create the feature wall, or walls, of your dreams?

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