Are Wall Decals Still in Style?

At Coastal Creative, we have an easy answer to the question “are wall decals still in style?” We say the answer is a resounding 100% yes. Wall decals can elevate the decor in your home by tying together discordant elements and creating a unifying theme for a room.

Our wall decals are made of the highest quality vinyl and can stick to glass, drywall, wood, stone, and concrete. With the right design, wall decals can work in any room with any color scheme. Our colors are vibrant and deeply saturated to suit every theme.

Wall decals can be modern and trendy when used correctly and properly cared for. Our vinyl custom-made decals can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. They also have a 3-year warranty as our promise to you that they are high-quality.

What This Article Covers:

Are There Still Cool Wall Decals?

are wall decals out of style

When choosing decor for your home, you want to give yourself options. Using cool wall decals gives you endless room to have completely custom-made stick-and-peel art in your home.

So, are wall decals out of style? Not if you use them right. There are some trendy ways to use wall decals to improve the aesthetics of your home. Wall decals don’t have to be tacky. We make high-quality decals to bring a sophisticated element to your walls.

Wall decals can be a great choice of temporary decor. They go up easily and come down quickly. They can be a fun way to incorporate seasonal decor into your home that won’t leave a mark on your walls. 

Graphic Shapes

Amorphous, colored blobs are super trendy right now, especially in neutral colors. Creating a backdrop using an undefined round shape can create a focal point in a room to draw your eye or balance out a room that is too heavy on one side.

Another trend at the moment is large, color-blocked archways. These arches are often positioned behind an accent chair, a large houseplant, or a dresser. Large shapes can make a room look bigger and bring a sweet boho feel to the room.


We make completely custom vinyl wall decals from any design you send us. They can be very intricate and detailed as they are die-cut by a machine. This intricacy means you can have beautiful lettered quotes without borders or backgrounds.

If you have a favorite inspirational quote that gets you going in the morning, why not have it made into a wall decal? Stick it up in your bedroom or bathroom, so you see it first thing. Add your personal flair to any room with your favorite words.

is wall decal out of style


Flowers designs make for some of the most popular vinyl decals being made today. Oversized single flowers can add something special to any room. Large sunflowers or dandelions add a sense of whimsy to your decor. They are playful but still classy.

If you want to inject a bit of fun into your home, using big flowers can completely transform a plain white wall into a piece of art. Full wall leaf decals can also be great in the bathroom to add a forest vibe to your bath routine.

Large flower murals are a wonderful option for focal walls. You can spruce up the wall behind your TV or behind your couch. If you aren’t into framed art, why not take up the whole wall? Upload your own images on our website for unique custom decal art.

Geometric Patterns

One way to use modern wall decals is to create a set of individual geometric shapes like arrows or triangles and place them in a custom pattern all over an accent wall. Circles, Xs, and little squares all also work for minimalist wall decor.

If you don’t want to bother with measuring and placing the pieces yourself, we make large decal murals that come pre-cut and measured. All you need to do is line it up and stick it down. We can make completely custom shapes and designs for a perfect fit.

Why Choose Wall Decals?

is wall decal still in style

There are a few reasons you might choose to use premium vinyl decals in your home. If you rent your home you are probably not allowed to drill holes in the walls. A great way to still incorporate beautiful art into your living space is to use wall decals.

If you get bored with decor quickly and love to change things up, wall decals are for you. They are super easy to use and customize. You can create your own custom design using the designer on our website which has hundreds of options for fonts and images. 

Wall decals are much cheaper than traditional art or wallpaper. They are simple to install and take only minutes to remove when it’s time to make a change. You can switch up the art in your house every few months if you feel like it.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Wall Decals

  1. Using too many decals. When you overdo it with wall decals you can make a room look cluttered. When it comes to decals it’s usually best to decorate only one focal wall with an individual design, full mural, or pattern. 
  2. Not considering the size. Even the best wall decals won’t work in your home if they aren’t the right size. With our custom wall decals, you can specify exact measurements, so your design fits perfectly and looks beautiful.
  3. Buying low-quality decals. If you try to pinch pennies with wall decals you risk ending up with decals that peel off, fade quickly, and have unsaturated color. We focus on producing the highest quality decals that look new for years.
  4. Not deciding placement beforehand. If you order a decal hoping that you’ll find a spot to put it, you might end up not having the right place to put it. It could be the wrong size or the design might not work with your other home decor.

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