Architectural Wall Murals

Architectural wall murals are customized murals that are themed around iconic architectural themes. Much like church murals, they are based on a specific theme but vary in terms of their design. 

These are the type of murals that create the illusion of staircases, pillars, and walls in the absence of them.

They can lift the interior and architectural feel of any space. they are not reserved for industrial buildings or office spaces and can be used in a large variety of settings. 

If you are looking for a mural to uplift a space, consider adding an architectural wall mural.

Not only will it create an entirely new feel but it will also make any room look like it has been remodeled by the hand of an architect at a fraction of the cost.

It can also make smaller spaces feel roomier. Or make a budget room look like a million dollars.

And if you are wondering which type of architectural wall mural to choose, look no further. Below is a breakdown of the best architectural wall mural to suit any taste.

6 Ideas for Architectural Wall Murals

architecture wall murals

Staircase Wall Murals

Staircase architectural wall murals are something you will often find on an industrial wall mural.

But, their versatility means they can be applied to many other types of themes and spaces.

Staircase wall murals often feature spiral staircases and create the illusion that there is a staircase spiraling downward. Less often, a normal staircase is featured to create the illusion of space and length.

These are statement pieces that can make any space feel larger and more inviting, due to the fact that it pulls the viewer in.

A perfect fit for someone who wants to wow visitors with a striking feature wall or create the illusion of additional space.

Window Wall Murals

Yes, sometimes people install murals that feature buildings with windows. This creates the illusion that a wall has windows in the absence of them.

Window murals can create a homey feel, or even make a room feel older or more modern depending on the type of window you choose.

Many people opt to choose a mural that features some greenery, which creates an additional layer of depth.

The perfect architectural wall mural to give a large closed-off space a more cozy feel.

architectural wall mural

Wall Themed Murals

Wall murals are architectural murals that are used to make walls appear different. If you have a drab or damaged wall, you may want to add a mural that features bricks or colored walls.

This means you can give your wall a makeover without having to invest too much money.

As a bonus, you can change it whenever you get tired of it, making it a popular option for people who take up temporary residence somewhere.

Cityscape Wall Murals

Cityscape wall murals are probably some of the most common architectural wall murals you can find.

Cityscape murals feature skylines or various different buildings, with settings ranging from a day to night.

This is a popular option for office buildings but can just as easily be used to give your home space a more modern and industrial feel.

Similar to a construction wall mural, cityscape murals lend a sense of movement and industrial design to spaces that would have otherwise lacked these elements.

The perfect addition for someone who wants to give a space a more modern or eclectic feel.

Historical Buildings Wall Murals

architecture wall mural

As the name suggests, historical wall murals feature historical buildings of various types. Some feature the windows or walls of historic buildings whilst others feature sceneries of ruins or entire buildings.

Because of this, these types of murals transform a room by placing it in an entirely different era.

Since historic architecture is hard to replicate, many people opt for historic wall murals as a way of advancing the look and feel of a building.

This is often seen in libraries and bookstores or in any building that wants to preserve history. You may have also observed these types of murals on church wall murals.

If you are thinking of bringing this into your home, be mindful of whether it will match your furniture and the overall look and feel of a room.

Even though they are less versatile, these murals still remain some of the most popular architectural wall murals on the market.

Pillar Wall Murals

architecture murals

Last, but definitely not the least, are architectural wall murals that primarily feature pillars.

These are very popular in large buildings, because of their impressive nature.

Pillar wall murals can have a more modern or a more antique feel, depending on the type of design.

But, the reason they are popular largely depends on their ability to make rooms and buildings appear larger.

You will often find these murals in the foyers of buildings to replicate their application in the real world.

Like all architectural murals, they can be applied to a residential space if the overall theme of the house allows it.

Another great option for creating the illusion of additional space and height without the headache of construction.


So, do you have your mind set on an architectural wall mural yet?

Not only can they create the illusion of space, depth, and height but they also have the ability to literally transform the architecture of an interior (or exterior) space.

Also, there are a wide variety of options to choose from which means that their application in a variety of spaces is very versatile.

It also provides flexibility in terms of committing to a certain architectural theme because they can be replaced easily.

If you are looking for a way to transform a space with a mural, why not opt for an architectural mural that can change the entire design and feel of your space?

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