8 Awesome Dentist and Doctor’s Office Wall Mural Ideas

The idea of making a visit to a dentist or a doctor can induce anxiety in many patients. As a medical professional, you can help take away this anxiety using the environment of your office. One go-to solution is to set up office wall murals or office wall decals to put your patients at ease. Murals not only create the perception that the office is non threatening, they also help create a positive impression of your practice. Here are some great office wall mural ideas to consider.

1. Sun Setting on an Empty Pristine Beach

sunset wall mural
Image via Pinterest


This is a classic view that everyone is familiar with as almost everyone has been to the beach. The sun setting creates a relaxing setting which can help patients with anxiety about the appointment. Adding to that, a pristine and clean beach brings out the feeling of comfort, spaciousness and security.


2. Children’s Cartoon Murals

A cartoon mural is the perfect way to frame the office as a fun atmosphere and is especially great if many of the patients are children. Using well known characters such as Sponge Bob Square Pants can remind children of their favorite TV shows and help them forget the idea of a frightening doctor’s visit. Best of all, you can use office wall decals if you want to preserve your walls.


3. Warm Family Photo

A family photo mural can help make patients feel like they are in a safe environment, especially if the office is a family practice. This is one of the more commonly used wall decals for doctor’s offices. It invokes feelings of safety, security, love, warmth and trust. These are all feelings that embody what a family is, reminding patients that they are in good hands.


4. Cute Animals Background

cartoon animal wall mural
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There’s nothing more disarming than a cute puppy with an irresistible face. You can use the “awww” factor to completely change the moods of waiting patients. This is one of the better wall decals for dentist offices because it quickly relieves anxiety about the incoming painful dental session.


5. Nature Painting

Humans have a natural connection with nature, so going with a nature mural is an obvious choice for many practices. A beautiful depiction of nature can create a serene and tranquil feeling, easing the patient’s nerves. Colors of green and blue work really well in this type of mural, so feel free to go with one that uses them liberally.


6. Contemporary High Art

Sometimes it’s all about creating the right perception. This is one of the better wall decals for doctors offices for practices that want to create the perception of professionalism and class. This kind of mural can be the perfect fit for cosmetic surgery practices where patients have high expectations from the surgeon’s services.


7. Marine Life Mural

marine life wall mural
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One of the most astonishing wonders for people is the deep blue sea. A mural of marine life in the ocean can bring out feelings of curiosity and fascination. It’s a great alternative to the green, lush painting of nature that was recommended just earlier.


8. Fun Event

Hot Air Balloon Wall Mural
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A picture of hot air balloons ascending to the sky, a colorful parade, or even children playing in a playground are all fun events that disarm patients. These can easily be set up with wall decals for a dentist office if you want to customize the look and feel of the mural.

These are some of the best office wall mural ideas that you can choose from. It’s a good idea to go with office wall decals rather than a hand painting or an expensive blown photo if you think that you may change the mural in the future. Whatever your decision is, make sure you go with office wall murals that best fit the environment and feeling you want to create for your patients, and help the type of patients you regularly see.