7 Ways to Use Custom Foam Board Signs in the Office and Beyond

Foam board prints are portable, sturdy, and lightweight, making them the perfect material for a wide variety of projects and presentations. Free standing or wall mounted,  matte or laminated, the versatility of foam core allows for a myriad of uses. If your business is in need of some reusable signage for an event, custom foam board signs can be a great asset for your team to have on site. But the functionality of foam core doesn’t end when you close up shop for the day. In addition to being incredibly easy to store, foam boards lend themselves to tons of creative recycling projects. Here are seven different ways to use custom foam board signs for your business and beyond: 


Conferences & Fairs

Don’t let attendees pass by your booth without ever knowing who you are. Foam board prints are an eye catching way to get your brand noticed in a sea of other businesses. You may be looking to hire new employees, network, or sell your products or services, and foam board prints can make a big difference for you in garnering attention. If this is the kind of event where attendees will be taking pictures, a custom foam board sign printed with your business logo may even make a cameo in photos shared on social media. And, when placed near entry ways and high-traffic areas of a conference, foam board prints can also help organize the event itself by displaying important information for conference-goers.


Foam Core Prints for Conferences and Events



Price Lists & Charts

If you can keep your customers from having to ask, you’ve saved everyone time and dramatically improved your customer experience. Especially for mobile vendors at events, printing your price list on foam core can save you from having to answer the same questions over and over. Display your product options and features in a concise and easy-to-read way on a custom foam board sign to help streamline your customers’ decision making. By the time it’s their turn to order, they’ll have usually made up their mind, keeping the line from being held up and helping you put your products in the hands of customers faster.  And after the event has ended, you can pack up your signage and use it again next time.


Foam Core Prints for Food Truck Menus



Motivation & Celebration

Mark and display collective progress toward an objective to ensure that everyone is keeping the end goal in mind. Foam board prints can make for an inspiring display when you’re raising money for a cause, trying to break a record, or keep a running count of successes. And once everyone has knocked that goal out of the park, foam core is a great way to show off your team spirit and celebrate the people who made the achievement possible.


Foam Board Prints for Fundraising Events



Lectures & Presentations

Projectors and computer hook ups aren’t always available, but foam board prints make for a portable visual aid that can be set up most anywhere, even outdoors. Summarizing main points and key metrics on foam core means that you can easily set up a lecture or presentation, even if you don’t know what materials are on hand for use. Set up a whole series of foam boards and all of a sudden you have a portable exhibit. Foam core is an excellent material for displaying school history and science projects 


Foam Board Print for a Science Fair



Decoration & Set Design

Because foam board can be printed in many sizes with high definition, it can be used to fill those more oddly shaped or hard to reach spaces. Foam board prints make for stunning, relatively inexpensive wall murals, where they can be trimmed to fit most any dimensions. Printed with colorful and eye-catching graphics, foam board wall murals can character to any office space. 


A wall mural at Twenty20's office in LA .
A wall mural at Twenty20’s office in LA .


But the decorative possibilities don’t end with murals. The ability to cut foam board into most any shape can make for striking 3D imagery when cut outs are placed at different depths. Why lug around heavy wooden props that are impossible to store and take ages to paint? Foam core is relatively quick to print, easy to arrange, and lies flat for storage. Plus, they can be printed to achieve a neat photographic visual effect. Check out this striking and intricate theatrical set we built from foam boards for a production at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego


Foam Core Theatrical Set at the Old Globe Theater



Aisle Markers

Foam board prints look great hanging from the ceiling in your business, and can help guide customers and employees to products they’re looking for without taking up valuable retail space on the floor. Afraid that your ceiling isn’t strong enough to support a series of signs? Not to worry, foam board is an incredibly light weight material, especially considering how sturdy it is. Even a drop ceiling could support hundreds of foam core signs without any strain. 


Foam Board Aisle Markers in a Bookstore



Reuse & Recycle

Foam boards that have served their intended purposes need not be destined for the trash can. The lightweight versatility of foam core can make for some fun and resourceful upcycling. Use it to insulate drafty windows, or as a sunshade in your car. Cut leftover foam board into squares or circles to create some custom coasters. Painted or papered over, foam board can be cut to fit into the lining of a bookshelf to add a pop of color. Pieced together and wrapped in fabric, you have a set of multi-purpose storage boxes. The possibilities are endless when you’re willing to get a little crafty. If you’re a fan of DIY, saving a few pieces of used foam board will surely come in handy the next time you’re embarking on a home improvement project. 


Foam Board Prints Cut into Coasters



Starting to get some ideas for how you might use custom foam board signs? We’re happy to help you plan, design, print, and ship the perfect foam board for your needs. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation and quote!