5 Versatile Uses for Foam Core Boards from Trade Shows to Restaurants

Do you remember those science fair experiments that we all had to do in school? 1/4 the glass did something with volcanoes, 1/4 did some type of food growing mold experiment, and the rest of the kids did everything else. But 100% of us had to actually write about the experiment – which was the boring part – and create a presentation poster.

If you went the cheap route you might get those $0.79 large posters from the grocery store, but if you were a kid that knew how to do it you went for the sturdy foam boards that could take anything you threw on it. See – you’ve already had great experience with one version of a foam core board.


But now that you’re an adult and need to use real person materials, how do you know what you can even use foam core boards for? Let’s explore some of the most popular uses:


1. Business Presentations

Sure there’s PowerPoint presentations to do the bulk of business presentations, but some people like to keep it classy with physical presentation pieces. If you’re at a more traditional board meeting that doesn’t have the set up for your high tech presentation, you can still present your double-digit growth numbers with confidence. Grab your printed charts, make sure they’re right side up, and be the hero at your presentation.

Business luncheons or events might have sponsors for tables, in which case you can print out medium sizes foam core signs with the sponsor company’s name printed. Make the sign a little bigger and a little better looking and you can sell the sponsorship placements for a bit more the next year. There are scores of other business events where clear messaging is critical.


2. In-Store Displays

There’s a whole variety of uses for foam core prints in retail stores. If the store is displaying seasonal sales and needs some signage to last a few months, these foam core poster boards are handy and can last a full season if taken care of properly. If you’ve got the liquor company putting up a tequila display for Cinco de Mayo, you can supplement their display with a foam core cutout print of a Mexican tavern to get your customers in the mood.


If you’re the type of retail store that often puts on events, like a cookware shop, then you’ll definitely want some printed foam core signs to direct the customers straight to the back for the cooking demo.

A grocery store can use a bunch of small foam core prints to show case seasonal produce or on-sale items. The possibilities are limitless.


3. Event Signs

Since foam core prints are not meant for extended use (that’s Dibond), they are the perfect fit for events that last only a few days or a few weeks. Imagine you’re giving a presentation at the local Marriott hotel about the pros and cons of public speaking. You’ve got your attendee list all ready to go, your assistant is at the front desk checking people in, you’ve got the coffee in the back of the room, but no one can find you. You’ve given the room location to the attendees but there are six other business meetings at the same time and you’re stuck int he back room. You could have solved this with some preparation.

Print out some beautiful foam core event signs, grab some easels, and set those suckers up around the hotel and direct your guests right to your wonderful presentation. Make sure you get some big blue arrows on those bad boys and you’ll never have an empty audience again.


4. Restaurant Displays

Restaurants put on events, they have parties, they do special craft beer pairing dinners, they like to have fun. Restaurant owners with experience know how crazy busy and popular restaurants get when you have multiple events, so once again bring in the big guns. Use foam core signs for special birthday parties, wedding receptions, sports banquets, whatever the people want. Create calm, serenity, and order in your restaurant with well done foam core restaurant displays.


5. Trade Show Foam Core Signs

If you want small signs to use as table toppers at trade shows, foam core prints are perfect for this. They are sturdy and rigid and will take the beating that many dirty trade show attendee hands might cause to them. With a small easel for the table top and you’re little sign, this thing will stand up straight and tall. Foam core boards are especially applicable for trade shows that might take place outside with wind, or near drafty hallways when compared to paper.

You might also want larger poster boards to display company information or educational material at a trade show. Large foam core prints are perfect for this when displayed on a larger easel. Put this in the walkway on the trade show floor and visitors can’t miss it. Make the board as large as you can within reason and it will draw attention and applause from visitors.