5 Out of the Box Trade Show Ideas

When it comes to trade show exhibits, you need to impress your potential customer so they’ll make a purchase as quickly as possible. Great trade show ideas can be hard to follow through with unless you know your goal, your target audience and what they really want. Here are some trade show booth ideas that will put you on track to success!


1. Give Away Prizes

Some sellers think that if they have a ton of brochures and information at their booth, they’ll get the customers they want. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. You have to give people a reason to listen to you. One way to get them there is to host games and give out prizes. Have the attendees fill out a card with their name and email address. This is also an easy way to build your marketing list with great contacts. Tell them to put it in the designated fish bowl and pull out a card every 30 minutes. Give out prizes that center around your business. They can be clothing items, headphones, books or even cash.


1 - Out of the Box Trade Show


2. Show, Don’t Tell

Many business people don’t utilize their time with potential customers enough. They talk about their product, show pictures and give out needless information. To use trade show exhibits for what they really are, it’s important to show the potential customer how the product or service is going to improve their lives. Set up a demo of your work and encourage people to use what you have. Pass out samples of your food. Ask the audience to come up and try your product. Getting others involved in your presentation will encourage onlookers to see what you’re selling.


2 - Out of the Box Trade Show


3. Be Absolutely Authentic

Not all presenters understand how to make their mark on their potential customers. They may use demonstrations or posters to do their business marketing, but they don’t use themselves enough. Some worry that they don’t have the personality to loudly announce their product in the trade show space. One of the best ways to get people to be interested in your product or service is to present yourself in a genuine manner. The more connections you make with people who feel you’re an authentic person to do with business with, the more likely they are to trust you and tell their friends about your company.


3 - Out of the Box Trade Show


4. Present Your Ideal Future

This trade show is the space for you to present the future that you want your potential customers to have. With your product, you can show them how their lives will be better. Take your booth to the next level and create an area that feels futuristic to them. If you’re in the beauty and fashion business, create a visual game that they can use to try out new clothes, new makeup or a new hairstyle easily. Make it incredibly easy to buy your products once they’ve decided what they like.


4 - Out of the Box Trade Show


5. Make Your Social Media Stream About Your Customers

Trade show ideas should center around your customer. You always want to make it about them. Create apps that attendees will want to download and ask their friends to download with them. Instead of using social media to constantly promote your product, tweet and mention what attendants are saying at your trade show booth. Give away swag to a prize winner, take a picture of them and post it on your social media stream. They’re more likely to share it with their friends and family online.


5 - Out of the Box Trade Show


With unique presentations and great marketing tactics, you’re guaranteed to have a captivated audience surrounding your exhibit. Figure out what trade show booth ideas work best for your venue and your target market. Using trade show booth ideas like these, you can boost sales, gain attention and propel your business forward.