5 Fun Foam Board Printing Ideas for Events

When it comes to throwing a party for your business, you may rack your brain trying to determine ways to really interest your guests. After all, you want something that will be fun and exciting, but it also shouldn’t be something that is overly expensive and costs a fortune to create. Luckily, one of the best ways to entertain your guests and also keep costs down is to consider relying on foam board printouts. There are a variety of different uses for foam board printouts, but here are five ideas that your guests will surely be entertained by.


1. Create Life Size Cuts Outs For Movie Premiers

If you are in the entertainment industry, or if you are simply having a movie party for your business, then it might not be feasible to try and have a guest appearance by someone in the film. Not only are they going to charge you an appearance fee, but most Hollywood stars will request being put in a nice hotel and having other amenities during their visit.


life sized celebrity cut out


Instead of relying on a Hollywood star in real life, you can make a foam board printout of their image. By doing so, you can even print out as many of the actors or actresses that you want. You can also take the time to dress them as you see fit, whether that’s in formal attire or casual beachwear, the choice is up to you. Either way, you can be that your guests will get a good laugh out of the fact that you have a large cut out of the movie stars and they are at your party. Chances are they’ll also line up to take photos with the cut outs, and your party will be seen all over the internet as the social gathering of the year.


2. Life Size Stand Ins For Corporate Events

Everyone loves life size stand ins that allows for them to stick their face through a hole and take photos with. These foam board printing images are as large as your average person, with just a place that people can stick their face in to take photos with. Corporate events can be monotonous and time consuming. In most cases, the people there may not even want to be in attendance because it takes away from things they could otherwise be doing. However, by brining life size stand ins to the party, there is certainly much more fun to be had.


3. Prize Wheels For Corporate Picnics


A corporate picnic is a great idea to get everyone out of formal clothes and into a more personal setting. However, those picnics need to have more than just great food and nice weather if they are going to be considered successful. With prize wheels at corporate picnics, employees will be able to take their spin with a chance to win great prices. Alongside the prize wheel can also be foam board signs that inform the employees of the rules and what they can win. If you are looking for some good ideas, consider giving them a paid afternoon off work or even foam core posters that let everyone know that they won something great.


4. Themed Parties

Having a themed is another great idea that can maximize foam board printing. If you are looking for some ideas for the theme, consider making the party a safari. With foam core posters, your company can have animal printouts and stick them all around the room. Not only will this make your event much more festive, but the overall price to do so will be much less than what it would be to use more elaborate decorations.


5. Life Size Games

Finally, you can bet that your employees will love a party that has life-sized games. What better way to reminisce over your childhood than with a giant sized game board with playing pieces that are made of foam board printouts. In addition, you can use foam board signs as a way to tell players the rules and what they win.Adding a bit of spice to a corporate party can go a long way.


Is he stealing that sign?


Instead of pulling out the checkbook and paying for extravagant guests or party designs, consider how foam board printing can make your party a financially feasible hit. If you’re a little bit creative, and willing to put a little of thought and elbow grease into it up front, you can create a magical party.