22 Foam Core Printing Ideas for Businesses

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Signs are everywhere in daily life, and there’s such a huge variety of materials and messages that most people don’t notice. One material that needs almost no introduction is the foam board. Often referred to as ‘foamcore’, ‘foam core’, or a foam core poster board, it is a workhorse for businesses.

Many affectionately remember it as the presentation board they used in their science fair project in elementary school. But it’s actually a very serious material that millions of businesses throughout the world use daily.

For temporary uses, it’s lightweight, versatile, and easy to print on. This versatile product fits a multitude of needs for tons of different company.

Here is a sampling of ideas for using this material to promote and support your business:

1. As a High-Quality Presentation Board

One of the most widespread uses for foam core printing pertains to effective business presentations. Utilizing this light weight, yet sturdy background contributes to a highly effective, professional display. PowerPoint remains the go to for company presentations, but physical presentation materials still stand out – for that you’ll want a foam core board.


2. At a Trade Show Event, with Company Graphics

Display your company graphics and logo indoors using light weight foam core prints. You can even cut around the logo, allowing it to be suspended from the ceiling, to dominate a display area! Cut out letters, cut any shape you want with the foam board – the weirder the better.


3. Indoor Business Conference Sign

A significant advantage of foam core signs involves the ability to command attention using these displays from across a room. This material provides an excellent surface for an indoor business conference sign that will earn attention.


4. As a Hanging Sign Inside a Bookstore

This material provides an excellent display vehicle for directing customers to product aisles. Light in weight, yet versatile, the sign may serve its purpose for years until replacement becomes necessary. Since it’s so portable, you when you rearrange the sections of your store that so many stores seem to do constantly, it’s no issue to move around.


5. Event Registration Sign for Conference

Choose foam core signs to clearly designate the registration sign-in area for a conference, seminar or continuing professional education class. This material does not weigh much, displays well and permits ready transportation from one location to another. It’s much classier than using a Sharpie on a sheet of printer paper, and can stay strong and proud if there’s any wind.


6. Sales Signage at a Retail Store

Does your business have sales often? I can think of a few discount stores that never not have most of the store on sale. Attractive over-sized foam board signs can effectively promote a retail sale without costing a lot of overhead. This cost savings can be passed on to the customer or go into your vacation fund.


7. As a Key Holder Board for Valet Service

Many valet services cover foam core boards in fabric and then pierce them with sturdy pins to create a light weight peg board to hold customer car keys temporarily. It’s a clever way to do it, especially for temporary or special event valet service setups.


8. To Block Window Light

Similarly, a painted foam core board can provide a great way to block out sunlight entering a room during audiovisual presentations. This may be an excellent tool for mobile sales people to carry with them. As a roaming salesperson you’ve gotta have the right tools to close the million dollar deal, don’t let terrible sunlight kill the deal.


9. Inexpensive Ticket Board for Auctioneers

Painted foam core boards can be used to construct inexpensive repositories for bidding tickets submitted during auctions. Light weight and flexible, this material can help keep the auction back office staff organized while the auction proceeds.


10. Temporary Valences for Windows

Perhaps your company relies heavily upon professionally decorated model home or kitchen decor settings? For trade show purposes, you can create an excellent window valence by covering a light weight foam core board in fabric!


11. Desktop Picture Holder

Use hollowed-out sections of foam core board to display pictures on your desk top. You can paint or decorate the visible frame. Whether you’re impressing clients in your office, or just love being surrounded by picture of loved ones to motivate you, it’s a clever use for foam board.


12. Theatrical Set Prop Cut Outs

Art directors depend upon foam core board to design a variety of inexpensive, yet attractive, stage props for theatrical productions. Do you require an ornate Nineteenth Century chandelier for your next dramatic production? A foam core cutout might pose the perfect stage solution!


13. Build Custom Storage Units

Foam core board can be used to create custom supply organizers for whatever project you’re working on. Whether it be an art supplies organizer, business supplies, or for something larger. What’s even cooler is that you can custom print your design right onto it.

foam board storage unit
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14. On Mannequin Frames

Many retail stores use foam core boards attached to wire frames to display clothing items more effectively. A T-Shirt or a skirt or even wigs attract more interest when shoppers can view these items displayed more fully. Taking it a step further, you can custom print faces or other designs directly onto the board.


15. To Hold Locksmith Inventory

Traveling locksmiths appreciate the versatility of foam core boards used to line van interior work spaces. Firm pins can be inserted into the board to retain lighter weight, frequently used inventory items and customer tickets in a visible location.


16. Frame For Maps with Pinned Locations

To effectively display your company’s offices on maps during trade shows or other public presentations, consider attaching a map to the surface of a foam core board. You can place visible colored pins at various points to visually demonstrate a company’s business operations and capabilities.


17. Trade Show Cut Out Figures

You can enliven trade show displays with life size (or larger) cut out figures made from foam core board. Whether it be of your company CEO, a political figure, or celebrity eye-candy – foam board trade show cut outs instantly draw attention at the show.


18. Storage Shelf Lining

Many people add foam core liners to storage shelves. This can assist transporting some items between trade shows, for example. It prevents damage to important equipment and tools.


19. Office Art Show Displays

A large foam core board covered with fabric can provide the perfect display surface for handing light weight art work or posters during a charity auction or other public display.


20. Use to Wind Bolts of Fabric

Fabric retailers love foam core boards! They can wrap bolts of cloth around this study, yet light weight and inexpensive material. Customers can examine the fabric before purchase.


21. To Reinforce Shipped Packages

When you mail unusually sized inventories, consider reinforcing the interiors of the boxes with small pieces of cut foam core board if necessary. Often cardboard is used for this, but in some scenarios foam boards should be used.


22. Miniature Model Displays

Foam core boards provide an excellent way to display miniature or mockup models at trade shows. You can custom print onto the boards any design you need to bring to life to sell your message.

Photo Credit: juhansonin via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: juhansonin via Compfight cc


The uses for foam core prints and foam board signs seem very broad indeed. This versatile, light weight item can perform an array of business tasks. Use it for advertising and display, for shipping purposes, or for storing inventories…it can fill many purposes and remains highly affordable, too!

See the possibilities you can create with custom foam board prints.