17 Amazing Welcome Home Signs for Military Spouses

For many military spouses and significant others, the day their partner comes home from serving an extended tour in the Marines, Air Force, Navy, or Army is one of the most highly anticipated days of their life. The same goes for the brave men and women who are serving! Because this day is so meaningful, military homecoming signs have emerged as a favorite way to make this occasion even more special and memorable.

Military families around the country have embraced welcome home signs as a way to show their loved ones how much they missed them and appreciate their sacrifice. Themes for these welcome home signs run the gamut, from romantic to patriotic, funny to poignant, reverent to dirty. For your inspiration and browsing pleasure, we’ve compiled 17 elaborate welcome home signage ideas for our men and women in uniform.

1. House Ruleswelcome home signs for soldiers

Bringing your spouse home for the first time in many months after an overseas deployment can be a bit nerve-racking. Perhaps they’ve forgotten the house rules? A sign like this, posted in the front lawn, can help jog their memory and help them feel immediately at home.


2. By the Numbers

You don’t have to be a statistician to do the math: distance + waiting + worry = a lot of missing! Let your soldier know that you’ve truly been counting the minutes.


3. Lighten the Mood

Military spouses have the hard job of keeping everything running smoothly at home while their partner is overseas. Childcare and housework are especially difficult when you’re on your own! A humorous sign like this one can help lighten the mood of this highly anticipated moment, and make for a sweet reminder of getting back into the rhythm of normal life.


4. Meeting Your Baby

Parents never forget the moment they meet their babies, but for many military parents, this day doesn’t happen as the child is born. Some of the most moving military welcome home signs are those that introduce a parent and child for the first time. A sign like this one is a clever way to commemorate this incredibly special moment.


5. You can only embarrass the ones you love

Remind your soldier that, no matter how long they’ve been gone, you still know all of their most embarrassing secrets, childhood nicknames, and weird teenage hairstyles. For returning military personell who can happily laugh at themselves, blowing up an embarrassing photo can be a heartwarming reminder that they’re back among the people that know them best.


6. Lay one on me!

If you are welcoming your military spouse home after an extended leave, chances are the very first thing you’ll want to do upon reuniting is plant a big, fat kiss on them. A sign like this one cuts right to the chase: kiss now, talk later.


7. A grand entrance

Getting your kids involved in welcoming their parent home from duty is a wonderful way to convey just how much the whole family has been waiting for this moment. Not to mention, it will make for some seriously sweet photos to remember the occasion by.


8. Who is taking care of who?

Kids are a lot of work. But parents can be too! Remind your returning spouse that your children are over the moon that you are back to share the load.


9. Pride on Wheels

Want to make sure you don’t hit traffic on your way to pick up your returning military loved one? Decorate your car and everyone will move out of your way!


10. Cheeky commands

Men and women in uniform are dealt many commands during their service. Welcome them home with an order that they will gladly obey.


11. Taking your hero home

Let your hero know how much you admire them the minute they step foot back on American soil with a military homecoming sign.


12. Child’s Play

Pranking your returning soldier with a good-natured joke can be a great reminder of the laughs that lay in store for them now that they’re back home.


13. Carry on

A play on the legendary Keep Calm and Carry On posters from wartorn England, this military welcome home sign will convey your uncontainable excitement.


14. Waiting for an Eternity

An old favorite among military welcome home signs, this classic covers all your bases: your unconditional love and support as well as your excitement to finally see your soldier again.


15. Best day ever!

This moment is truly one you will remember for a life time. Sometimes a simple sign like this one sums it up best.


16. Chalk it up to greatness

Once you’ve put the signs down and brought your loved one in uniform back home, chalk in the street or driveway can act as a second pleasant surprise and welcome home greeting.


17. Welcome Home Signs aren’t as important as the people holding them.

Military welcome home signs are a great way to greet your loved ones and show how much you missed them, but you don’t have to stress about crafting the perfect sign. Your military spouse or family member is simply going to be thrilled to be back home and to see you.